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HR Nightmare

When rookie HR Officer Abella Danger tries to lay off prop builder Ramon Nomar, the shit hits the fan. Roman takes his severance out of Abella’s ass as she struggles in Ramon’s crazy bondage props. This update includes: Anal sex, heavy bondage and sexual humiliation, heavy domination, labia clamps.
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Two for One in Ultra4K

Sleep is fitful and only possible after the exhaustion of constant shifting around and adjusting the stones that are my bed. It feels like my body has been covered in blows – the rocks are bruising me. Its getting colder. The sun is lower; It beams through a window and illuminates the details of what hovers above me. I am one of those web bound carcasses. As it darkens, the chirps and squishes begin — shadowy flutters of darting fantoms swirl above me. They seem to be attracted by my presence — often diving at me and bombing me with their droppings.

The smell grows fouler by the day; my toilet is my bed. In the beginning he would come and stand over me; staring, pissing, playing with himself. Today, when he brought me the slop, he was wearing a gas mask.

The everyday chores of the grounds are much more interesting as I allow my mind to wander to that creature entombed in my barn. It is less distracting of late because of the stink, and I now must face the task of cleaning it. I have prepared a platform based on the designs I have seen at the county fair; A grooming table that holds her wrist and ankles so she is on all fours.

For days I have been content with just knowing that it was stored there. To compensate and motivate the chore of cleaning it, I want to take it to another level.
I am going to bifurcate her — two for one. At the head I will have her do makeup. The cock sucking will have a classier feel. At the tail, a machine will soften and swell her gash for my cock.

Something is up; he’s standing over me holding the black head bag and that terrible pole that locks around my neck. He orders me to role over onto my stomach — I know this drill, so I put my hands behind my back immediately. (Reaching through the grate he locks the shackles together.) He slides the bag on my head, yanks the chain tight and locks it.

I hear the muffled sound of the grate scraping on the concrete. He yanks me out of the hole by my neck. The concrete scraps my skin as I struggle to gain my footing. This is the worst — he pushes me forward by that pole. It is a stifling fright — I cannot see where I am stepping. He seems to delight in letting me trip or briskly walking me into obstacles.

I’m now on all fours locked at the wrist and ankles. It must be a table or platform of some kind. He pulls the hood off my head — the purpose of this position is suddenly clear. A bucket of soapy water and a hose are lying on the floor. Im sure he will make what is to come as horrible as possible. I can’t help but sigh with great relief as this vile stench is about to be washed from me.
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Bondage porn legend Lorelei is bound to a fucking post, brutally fucked and left wet and dripping.

Today of all day there are no words. Enjoy our porn and our site while you still can.

Lorelei is amazing, that’s all I have…
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Miss Honey Barefeet

Come here footboy, I know you can’t take your eyes off of my new strappy high heels. They are so fucking sexy, aren’t they? They make my legs look so hot! I know how desperately you want to touch them and kiss them and worship them. But for now, just stare at them, they’re new and I don’t want your gross mouth near them! Just stare and jerk your cock. I know they make you so hard.

My legs in these shoes just scramble your brain. You can’t stop jerking to them. Just stare loser. Look at my delicious painted toes just peeking out of my heels, making you so weak and so horny. You’re so weak and so silly with your foot fetish addiction. I love taking advantage of you and mindfucking you with my legs and feet. Just look at them. Do you think you’re worthy of worshiping these heels?

Maybe I’ll let you lick my toes as long as you don’t get your tongue near my new high heels. They’re way more valuable to me than you are loser. Go on, kiss my toes while you jerk your cock. That’s fucking ecstasy for you. My shoes are so delicious, they taste good to your brain even without licking them. I think maybe I’ll let you lick the soles, you can’t really mess those up. Would you like that?

It’s a privilege to worship these heels. I’m being so generous letting you lick the soles. You could stare at my feet and heels all day and night, it’s never enough for a foot freak like you. My feet are so precious and these heels are so powerful, they make you so weak. Give in to my heels loser. You need these heels in your life. These heels are your weakness, they’re your destruction. I love the power I have over you, having you right at my feet where you belong. So weak and so horny. You’re already so addicted, you’re so weak you don’t even realize what I’m doing to your mind with just my feet. Let my feet take over your weak, submissive brain. You will keep coming back and begging to serve my feet because it’s never enough for a foot boy like you.
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Lea Lexis Presents Her Futuristic Medical Fetish Dungeon

The gorgeous Lea Lexis turns Rick Fantana into her little bitch all bound and humiliated on a gynecological chair in her futuristic medical fetish dungeon! This pathetic man slave screams for corporal punishment, intense tit torment, and extreme cock and ball suffering. Lea takes a spiked roller to his delicate body which immediately gets the precum flowing for her pleasure. After squeezing his pathetic testicles again, she smothers him with her pussy face sitting. Next his asshole needs some work, after a butt plug is removed she rams a metal rod straight up his ass. This gets his sad cock rock hard and he is ready for some deep strap-on pegging which causes his eyes to bulge out of his head before he is allowed to release his huge load all over his own face. Pathetic.
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One of the most brutal handjobs ever. Before she jerks him off with her gloved hands she kicked him several times brutal in the balls… She whips his huge cock and he shoots tremendous amounts of sperm in her direction while she is whipping the cock… For that he get punished again by brutal ball kicking.
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That little thing? It’s mine. While stroking it to spurt may have once been the slave’s main purpose in life, it now exists simply for my amusement. And it never gets to squirt without entertaining me first. Otherwise it’s kept under lock and key until I’m ready to play with it. Shoving thick stainless rods deep down that canal is one of my most favorite ways to use what’s mine. I make it beg to get let out of its cage, then I make it beg me to fuck its small hole until it truly feels owned from deep inisde. When I finally allow it release it gets to lick up all of its mess and go back in its cage for whoever knows how long!
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