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For our “slave tryouts” we sometimes test a slave’s endurance by making him hold a bell between his teeth. If we hear that fucking bell getting rung at ANY point when he is being whipped, he gets beat HARDER. With me (Princess Bella) directing the action, and one of our other Princesses running the camera, Princess Ashley whips this wannabe loser mercilessly- and every single time that whip cracks across his back we all hear ring of that little bell between his teeth. WTF??? This slave is soooo stupid. Doesn’t he know how to stay still if he is commanded to do so by his Superiors?

Well, we have an assortment of whips to break him with- and they go from “easy” to downright “destructive”. And of course, eventually I couldn’t resist the urge to step out from behind the camera to lay a few cracks across its back to show Chanel how its really done. You wouldn’t believe how we lay waste to his back. We weren’t even sure if this slave could take it. But even a weakling like this pathetic loser can’t stop himself from wanting to serve us Mean Girls as a REAL LIFE SLAVE here at the Manor…no matter how badly we beat and abuse him…

But it is a short clip because the loser was broken and sobbing on the floor like a little bitch after only 5 minutes LOL.

Princess Bella
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After a light supper and a few hours relaxing, I returned to find my little subject still fully erect and seemingly enjoying the electric pulses that were being sent deep down that shaft hole. I’m sure its desire to cum was so intense it would do anything for release. Exactly the physical and emotional state I wanted it to be in. It will soon realize that its release is a privilege to be earned and totally under my control. Perhaps penetrating “my” cock all along the shaft with many needles will progress its training. It only gets harder the more it gets stuck. I do so enjoy pushing the sharp end through its skin and feeling it slide into place. The pain just makes it drip with anticipation of the next needle! Good boi.
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You so badly want for me to suck your cock, soooo badly! You love my mouth, you want my lips around your cock, to feel my wet tongue on your sensative skin. You want to cum in my mouth. You would do just about anything for me to give you a blow job. Do you know when that’s going to happen? NEVER! You’ll never feel my mouth on your dick! I love to see you suffer tho so I’ll tease you with it, I’ll describe how I give oral to alpha males but you’re not worthy. I’ll edge you & get you to the point where just blowing on your dick brings you to climax but then I’ll just RUIN your orgasm & laugh at you!
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Queen Sahara

I know how weak you are for gorgeous ebony women. I know your weaknesses, I know the advantage that I have over you. I’m well aware of my power. But I also know what you’re even weaker for. I know how much you love feet. You love my beautiful soles. You can’t get enough of them. You wish you could suck every single toe, and lick every speck of dirt right off of my feet. Too bad for you, that will never happen. I know you want it so badly.

You long to rub and worship my superior black feet. You’d love to have me rub them all over your face and then shove them in your mouth. Go on, lick the screen, I’ll let you. I bet you feel really stupid now, don’t you? Keep jerking your cock while you dream of licking my gorgeous soles. I know just how to pose my cute feet to drive you crazy. I know all the positions you like and I love teasing weak foot slaves. It’s so easy.

My perfect soles are taking over your mind. You just love sexy black feet, don’t you? You’re so weak for them. I know you’re drooling. Jerk to my perfectly pedicured toes loser. My feet are etching their way into your brain and soon you won’t be able to cum to anything else. You’re such a foot freak. There’s just something about my superior ebony toes that makes you so weak and so vulnerable. They make you want to serve me. They make you want to give up everything, just to be in the same room as them. You’d probably try to fuck my soles, just because you’re such a fucking pervert. But all I’d let you do is lick the dirt off of them. I’d walk around in the dirt just to give you a treat. I’ll bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you? That’s all you’re worthy of. Your disgusting cock would never get near my feet.

I’d stomp all over your food and make you lick it all off. That would become the only way you’d be allowed to eat if you were my foot slave. And I know how badly you want to be my foot slave, don’t you loser? Admire them, worship them, they mean everything to you, don’t they? You fucking foot freak! Prove to me that you’re worthy..
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Mistress Dahlia and Domina Helena want to continue their beating of their useless slave and make him beg to cane his pale ass. The two Goddesses bend him over and take turns caning his white ass and leaving bright red marks all over it.
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I finally made a breakthrough and got “my” cock to go soft after the eleventh needle went in. The poor little thing must have been exhausted from all that attention. I wasn’t done yet. It was the perfect opportunity to further control my toy making it get hard once more on my command… with a little help from my vibrator. Eventually I want to train it to get hard when I snap my fingers and go soft when I snap them again. This could take years of intensive therapy. Anyway, it was time to milk it so I ran the vibrating bulb up and down the shaft teasing all those needles while I made it keep the electric probe deep in its hole until it was ready to spurt!
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