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If you liked “I Accept You” you’ll love this. A warm, seductive, sensually Dominant vid where I speak with you directly, intimately about your fetishes & love for FemDom as I guide you in a powerful masturbation instruction. If you’re looking for something special today, something more soothing, this is it. Priced lower as my gift to you. xo
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Like what good is a slave if he can’t fix stuff? It’s bad enough we let these pathetic losers in to the house… But like doing dishes and laundry is one thing, but we need slave that can fix stuff when things break. So we made our slave unclog the drain in the kitchen.Eww like he started to sweat and he got really stinky and it was so gross we just wanted him to finish and get out of there. So just tore mind him to hurry up we decide to kick him in the nuts while he fixed our pipes. Every time me and Princess Chanel get impatient which is all the time lol, we would remind him to hurry up with a good hard kick in the nuts that should keep him on task. Even when he was finished we wanted to remind him to mind what we say. So he gave him some more kicks to keep him in line. Holy fuck he stinks gross.

Princess Kianna
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1080 HD: Amadahy and all her sexy Alpha Female friends are going out to a new club that’s opening downtown this weekend. Poor frumpy Hannah will not be allowed to go with them. In fact, she’s not to be seen in public with Amadahy or her friends ever again. Hannah is just not pretty enough to go out with them. She makes the whole group look bad. At one point, Jennifer had introduced Hannah to the group, and at first having an ugly girl around seemed useful. Hannah was always happy to help carry the other girl’s purses and books. And it seemed socially strategic, initially, to have an ugly girl around to make the hot girls look even hotter by comparison. But Amadahy realized that the group doesn’t really need Hannah. They already look super-hot without her. She’s just taking up space. Amadahy advises Hannah to stay home and study instead of worrying about going out with the popular girls. Hannah’s blessed with neither beauty nor brains, so her only opportunity to succeed in life will be to work really hard. Hannah can also focus on being a good friend. People like good friends and a good friend would stay in and do laundry for her girlfriends while they are out at the club. Amadahy promises to take Hannah to the Walmart for a makeover if she focuses on becoming a hard worker and a good friend. Hannah silently worships Amadahy’s feet. She looks very sad, but she tries hard to make her friend, Amadahy, happy.
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Princess Kara cannot stop laughing and giggling through this entire clip! Very Bratty!

Do you know why I’m smiling so much? Because I’m going to be laughing so hard while I watch you suck cock, LOL! You’re gonna be a cock sucker for Princess Kara. And you’re gonna do it because I know you want to make me happy. You’re so trapped by me, you just want to degrade yourself for my amusement. You can’t stop. You’ll even suck cock for me, even though you’re ‘straight’, LOL!

I wanna watch you gag on cock, I think it’s going to be so funny! Don’t be scared, just suck it, it’s just a cock. It’ll be so hot to hear me giggling while you suck cock, it will turn you on so much. You love it when I laugh at you. And this will make me laugh so fucking hard! I just love laughing at you loser. Look at yourself, you’re a cocksucker. Look what I’ve done to you. You’re so stupid. I can tell you’ve done this before, LOL. You seem to know what you’re doing you fucking fag. LOL! OMG, I can’t stop laughing! It’s so pathetic. Suck that cock for Princess Kara, suck it deeper and deeper. Choke on it. That’s it. LOL! Let the balls smack you in the face! This is too funny! Guzzle it all down on your knees loser.

I think you’re enjoying this. But I wonder what you like more, is it the cock or that you hear me laughing hysterically as you do it? You do realize you’re going to be doing this forever now. You’re going to be sucking cock for Princess Kara for the rest of your life. Why? Because you love it. Do you know how I know? Because I can see how fucking hard your cock is faggot! LOL! You’re such a loser.

This is too funny! I can’t wait to tell everyone that you since you can’t fuck me, you suck cock for me. You think I’m so fucking hot, yet all you can do is suck cock for me. LOL! I tease you with my young hot body, while you stare at me with open eyes and a huge cock shoved down your throat! You’re so confused, aren’t you? LOL! This is too easy. You’re going to get so addicted to my giggles as you suck cock that soon you’ll be begging me to let you suck cock, just so you can hear me laugh at you! You’re just a pathetic little cock sucker for me now.
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Tied Off Tit Torment

Dee Williams is back for the second installment of her three part live feed with us. This far into a live feed, our models tend to start to realize that maybe they weren’t quite ready for what they signed up for. Maybe they’ve spread themselves too thin. We’ve decided to help Dee out reaching this conclusion by spreading her out ourselves across a St. Andrew’s cross, her legs spread and her arms held down so she can’t squirm.

Her breasts are tied off in a rope harness, turning them red and making them extra sensitive for our handlers to better take advantage of. Two of them take turns whipping up and down Dee’s body, the lashes leaving red lines all over her body that sting and ache.

Our handlers then sit her down on a wooden block, her legs and arms strapped in with belt bondage. Her breasts are tied down on top of another wooden block so they are squeezed tight into place. Then the whips come back out, cutting deeper into her tits. To make it worse, they put a leather hood over her head, cutting off all the senses and making it hurt even worse. Then they take a hitachi and place it right on her clit, completely overwhelming her with vibrations.
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When slave D. Arclyte doesn’t pay his weekly tribute to Goddess Daisy Ducati she decides to surprise him by showing up at his house to pay him a little visit. Daisy catches him rifling through porn mags and decides that this little slave slut needs to be denied. She fucks her pussy with a dildo that’s attached to his chest while he is gaged with an open mouth funnel so that very single drop of her delicious squirting cunt fills his mouth and in order to breath he must continue to swallow it all. She has his cock cinched in a metal cage and even squirts her juice all over his cock. This is the closest he will ever get to Daisy glorious cunt!
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Anal Foreclosure

When sexy grifter Lorelei Lee targets Tommy Pistol in a home foreclosure scam, Tommy takes the law into his own hands and takes his revenge out of Lorelei’s ass. This update includes: fantasy take down, fisting, BDSM, hard bondage of rough anal sex!
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Tiny little sex demon, is brutally deepthroated, made to squirt, and roughly fucked to orgasms!

Our tiny future performer of the year is back and in her 3rd scene of the day, she laughs at us and begs for more. She’s not Human.

Edin Sin is bound on her back legs up and head upside down, for future reference this is now called “The Breaker” Getting fucked and having cock rammed down your throat upside down, will break most girls and quickly, not Edin.

Edin screams, cums, chokes, drools, cums, screams, squirts, Drools and cums, and that just in the first 3 minutes. What this girl can take and handle is well above ordinary. We don’t break this one, this one, this tiny Edin Sin, wins the day!
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Blossom just had the time of her life over on with London River, one of the toughest handlers on our staff. Just about any other model we could have brought on would have been balling their eyes out by the end of a full feed with London, but not Blossom. There is nothing in the world she loves more than the feeling of being beaten and humiliated and pushed to her absolute limits.

Now it’s O.T.’s turn to have a crack at her. He has Blossom down on her knees, held in place by a metal collar and shackles around her ankles. Her body is completely exposed and vulnerable and O.T. is ready to take full advantage. He locks a chain through the gauges in her ears and runs it through her mouth as a gag. Then he takes his time covering her entire body in binder clips. He pins them to her eyebrows and her ears.

Next he straps her down to the floor, her arms and legs splayed out spread eagle. Then he positions the fucking machine between her legs, but instead of a dildo attached, it’s a hitachi. As the fucking machine moves it vibrates her pussy just enough to let her know what she can’t fully have. He tightens nipple clamps onto her tits and ties them up to the floor by her shoulders. She squirms and sighs and yearns for the release she just can’t have. And then it’s back to the pain.
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There are several methods of submission, and Lara Onyx knows most of them! The gorgeous blonde angel is tied up in a dark room. She’s completely naked on a platform with metal surrounding her. A metal bar with handcuffs keeps her arms wide open while the bar is mounted around her neck and fixed to the ceiling with a silver chain. Her master Franco Roccaforte shows Marco Banderas his submissive babe. Marco can’t wait to suck her hard nipples and enjoys her busty cleavage while Franco gives her some spanking with a black leather whip. Today’s XXX fetish threesome is a masterpiece by DDF Network and another sizzling hot episode of our famous humiliation series. This bondage scene is packed with standing sex penetration and some pussy insertion. Look close as Franco inserts his whip into her shaved pussy and later fucks that Russian bombshell doggy style! The 4K imagery of kinkiness shows some intense multidick sucking and heats up when both studs start double penetrating the curvy hottie on the floor! Lara gets spanked, fucked & humiliated, receives a big black cock up her ass and a mouthful of cum!
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