Maurice can’t take any more of this crushing humiliation. He lies naked on the bed trembling at the thought of his wife’s new order. Memories of how his life used to be drift into his mind. He was once envied by hundreds of men, respected by the community, master of his wife. But these images are fading so quickly under the terrifying reality of the present moment. The burglars are poised on either side of him, ready to fuck his brains out under his wife’s strict command.
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Dare You Enter? – it’s a new concept in CFNM. Having no idea what is going to happen men are told to turn up to a specific hotel meeting room at a specific time. They are then shown a door through which anything can happen. Better yet, most are stripped naked first! What a rush.

Remember the feeling of your first full physical at the doctor’s? You sit for ages in a waiting room until your name is called out. Then you are led into a little white room filled with strange instruments. Finally the nurse comes in and you realize you are totally in her hands. Now imagine walking through a door unprepared and finding yourself instantly transported back in time…to a medical exam where stern nurses are ready and waiting. That’s about to happen to Luke…
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Back home in Poland ex-soldier Peter has a job and a girlfriend. It’s a shame he’s not there isn’t it because, in the middle of travelling, he’s run out of cash and is now desperate for some money.

That’s where Alissa and Jane can help out. I wonder if Peter really knows what’s in store because the second the girls take all his clothes from him his dick sticks out rock-hard and rampant.

Kept naked the whole time he is with them, they push him over onto a couch for a delicious anal examination. That huge erection is becoming an embarrassment so the girls demand a traditional European live sex show…with Peter having to fuck a pathetic rubber doll in all 3 holes while being spanked. Wickedly the girls take the doll from him just as the fool is about to ejaculate and tie him to a chair. They alone will control when and where he is allowed come!
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Here it is. 26 year old mechanic Max has THE most intense orgasm of his life. So would anyone after such cunning treatment from Alissa.
From the off Max quickly has his clothes taken from him leaving the lad naked and vulnerable to whatever Alissa wants to dish out.

His full low hanging testicles make such an inviting target but then so do his muscular legs and arse. Max is therefore bound to a table for a very satisfying thrashing from Alissa. Satisfying for her that is, humiliating and painful for him!
When Max has a nice pink rear and is pleading for mercy she mulls this over while wickedly slapping the end of her riding crop against the boy’s dangling rampant eggs.

With Max then chained to a chair Alissa has total control over his rock hard penis, mocking a man’s natural desire to be in charge. Every sinew of his naked body strains against his bonds as Alissa brings him to the edge before allowing him a phenomenal ejaculation.
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If the neighbours knew what was happening in the bedroom of the posh suburban house they’d be shocked! Housewife Felicity is being serviced by two naked men – who are totally under her control. Meanwhile her arrogant husband Maurice is cooling off outside – tied-up like a dog. All he can do is crouch there and imagine what his wife is getting up to…
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Ambassador Rose Edwards knows how to throw a party. But her guests are the most incredibly demanding women – and not easy to please. She’ll have to pull out all the stops if she’s to win them round and talk them into investing. So far she’s off to a good start – her assistant James went down very well. While he’s busy under the table servicing the women’s feet, it’s the turn of Rose’s waiters to provide the entertainment.
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22 year old football star Gino is exceptionally fit and has won male beauty contests. The problem is he needs some cash quickly and he’s come to the “Bank of Karla & Roxy” to help him.

They’ll help alright, help themselves stripping and humiliating the dumb athlete!

The girls are instantly attracted to Gino’s magnificent muscular body, legs and buttocks. So much so that they quickly take away all his clothes leaving the fool naked and bewildered.

Uncomfortably bent over and bound to a stool the girls decide to toast his perfect ass with a hard paddle. They mischieviously start off lightly spanking him but are soon pounding his tormented behind so much Gino is crying out loud, pulling at his bonds and almost falling over taking the stool with him!

Then Gino is plonked down onto his burning rosy cheeks and tied to a chair for a wicked HFM milking. Watching this beautiful boy’s face contorted in pain throughout is a joy to behold.
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As a professional rugby league player we assumed that 21 year old Adam could put up with a bit more punishment than most. What a delicious challenge!

Jane and I stripped the poor boy of all his clothes and had him stand naked before us to examine his beautiful athletic body. Then we find out he has no idea he’s here for an HFM session! What a laugh! We don’t care in the least, push the prat over and pull his buttocks apart so his tender little arsehole is displayed for all.

Then we cuff his arms behind his back so his cute cock and balls are exposed and vulnerable and I put a tight dogleash on him. Good job too because Jane has to hold his leash tightly as he jumps about so much while I’m warming up his tight buns with a riding crop. In fact I have to hold his penis firmly with my free hand while I redden his cheeks with a paddle. Just for fun we order him to kneel between us and drain his cock and aching balls as a finale.

Now, Adam, send us the rest of the team.
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The thing which high-flying business man Maurice values above all the property and wealth he’s acquired is his pride. His powerful wife has ordered him to get on his knees and take in his mouth the pulsing hard cocks of men he wouldn’t even wipe his feet on. The act is a form of ultimate submission. By servicing other men’s cocks he demonstrates that he will follow her orders no matter how degrading HE finds it.
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