Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Coworker D.r.u.g.s.. And Manipulates You Out Of Your Promotion

Hellen Roxx

Thanks for inviting me over for a drink after work. Are you nervous about who’s going to get the promotion? Rumor is around the office that it’s going to be you. I heard you wrote an amazing proposal. Let me read it on your computer. What’s the password? I wanna see why you’re going to get the promotion and not me. If you give me the password, I’ll be incredibly grateful. I’ve seen the way you look at me at the office, I’m sure we can work something out. Let me see the report, I can make some creative adjustments. You see we both know that I deserve that promotion more than you do. There must be some way I can convince you?

I really would like that password, I mean I deserve to see it, don’t I? I know there must be something I can do. Keep drinking that drink I gave you as I slip out of my clothes so you can see the sexy lingerie I’m wearing. I know you love staring at my body, you do it enough at work. Now you get to see how perfect it really looks. You know that I deserve that promotion, so I know you’re going to give me that password, aren’t you?

I’ll be really nice to you. I know you’re hard. Why don’t you take your cock out and stroke it to my body? It’s ok, I know you’ve wanted to. Jerk it and let me tease you. Keep drinking. I know you’re getting weaker, you’re going to give me that password.

I have a confession, that drink you just had wasn’t just alcohol, I d.r.u.g.g.e.d.. you. You’ll be much easier to manipulate now, especially when you’re horny. Now give me that password so I can edit your promotion proposal, then I’m going to send it. I won’t fuck it up too bad, lol. Then I’ll get the promotion and you’ll get passed over. Keep stroking that cock. I know you can’t resist me.

That d.r.u.g.. must be kicking in now. You’re so weak. Stare at my hot body. You can’t hold out any longer, give me the password. I’m going to fuck up your promotion and there’s nothing you can do about it. Soon I’ll be your boss.
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Coco is looking lovely in her FUR jacket and sexy leather mini skirt, isn’t she? She invites you to come closer and starts putting on her tight GLOVES for that extra leather pleasure. Mmmm look at that amazing leatherclad ASS and that juicy pussy. Would you like Coco to unzip her skirt and watch her finger herself in front of you?
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I’m so glad you’ve joined me, just in time to fill out your application form. You are going to sign up along with some other sissy wimps to be my little ‘Suckboys’. Then I’m going to advertise you to, shall we say, some select gentlemen. They will pay me $100 a month for you to suck them off once a week. Yes, I know it’s pretty cheap but I’m not really in a position to ask more for a wimp like you am I? Oh, come on now sissy, take that stupid look off your face – You did say you’d do ANYTHING to please me and this (or rather the money you’re going to make me) will please me. So, let’s see – what do we need from you? Your name (your sissy name that is), Age, Description (TOTAL Cocksucking Loser obviously), Email address and details of your availability. Finally, you just must sign the contract agreeing that ALL monies shall be paid to ME for all of the services you’re going to be providing. And there we go – you’re now officially one of my suckboys. GET TO IT! Maybe you’ll be required to service more than one gentleman each month – I keep a league table to see which of my suckboys are earning me the most money – a little competition is no bad thing but it’s really to keep check on which of you need a little – let’s say encouragement. Any underperforming sissies are assigned to my less desirable clients – trust me these are guys you REALLY don’t want to be giving lazy blowjobs to! Anyway, just imagine how proud you would be to top my table. Job satisfaction for you, affordable blow jobs for my clients and ME laughing all the way to the bank – Everyone’s a winner – especially ME!
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Princess Kara cannot stop laughing and giggling through this entire clip! Very Bratty!

Do you know why I’m smiling so much? Because I’m going to be laughing so hard while I watch you suck cock, LOL! You’re gonna be a cock sucker for Princess Kara. And you’re gonna do it because I know you want to make me happy. You’re so trapped by me, you just want to degrade yourself for my amusement. You can’t stop. You’ll even suck cock for me, even though you’re ‘straight’, LOL!

I wanna watch you gag on cock, I think it’s going to be so funny! Don’t be scared, just suck it, it’s just a cock. It’ll be so hot to hear me giggling while you suck cock, it will turn you on so much. You love it when I laugh at you. And this will make me laugh so fucking hard! I just love laughing at you loser. Look at yourself, you’re a cocksucker. Look what I’ve done to you. You’re so stupid. I can tell you’ve done this before, LOL. You seem to know what you’re doing you fucking fag. LOL! OMG, I can’t stop laughing! It’s so pathetic. Suck that cock for Princess Kara, suck it deeper and deeper. Choke on it. That’s it. LOL! Let the balls smack you in the face! This is too funny! Guzzle it all down on your knees loser.

I think you’re enjoying this. But I wonder what you like more, is it the cock or that you hear me laughing hysterically as you do it? You do realize you’re going to be doing this forever now. You’re going to be sucking cock for Princess Kara for the rest of your life. Why? Because you love it. Do you know how I know? Because I can see how fucking hard your cock is faggot! LOL! You’re such a loser.

This is too funny! I can’t wait to tell everyone that you since you can’t fuck me, you suck cock for me. You think I’m so fucking hot, yet all you can do is suck cock for me. LOL! I tease you with my young hot body, while you stare at me with open eyes and a huge cock shoved down your throat! You’re so confused, aren’t you? LOL! This is too easy. You’re going to get so addicted to my giggles as you suck cock that soon you’ll be begging me to let you suck cock, just so you can hear me laugh at you! You’re just a pathetic little cock sucker for me now.
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HumiliationPOV welcomes Princess Brittanya!

I know that you perv on me, and that’s just not right, I’m your daughter’s best friend! You’re a perverted old man. Do you think I don’t notice how you gawk at me every time I come over? Of course I notice! You’re soooo obvious. You like my body, I know it. You’re such a perv, it disgusts me. I can see you’re hard. I wonder what would your daughter would say if she knew her daddy was perving on her best friend? But even worse, what will your wife say? I don’t think either of them will be happy.

So if you want me to stay quiet you’re going to have to pay me, simple as that. Or I could tell them how hard you get every time I come over and you stare at me. Or how you purposefully brush up against me to feel my tight body. Do you want that? Well you’re going to have to spoil me or they’re both going to find out how big of a perv you are. I know your wife is old and ugly and you’d love to have some young pussy like mine, right? But you’ll never get it you old perv, you disgust me. You look so stupid over there with your mouth open and your cock hard as you stare at my body. You’re fucking pathetic.

I know you love my body so from now on, every time you get paid, I get paid. And I want half of your salary. Oh, you think that’s a lot? Well if you don’t, your wife will find out. How much will that cost you? You’re screwed. You’re gonna have keep paying me so I can buy hot outfits to go out with hot guys my own age who aren’t pervs like you. Do you hear me? That’s what I’m going to use your money for. And if you’re lucky, I’ll tease you in the clothes you just bought me. Then you can go home to your old, disgusting wife. How does that sound?

I want you to admit how hot I am. Say it out loud. LOL you fucking idiot I’m recording this. You’re so fucked. Your marriage, your job, your entire future is in my hands. But the truth is, you did this to yourself. What do you think your daughter will say when she finds out you’re perving on her best friend? You’re so old you could be my dad, isn’t that gross you old man? Your daughter would hate you for the rest of your life, your wife would leave you, and you’d d.!.e.. all alone. So pay up and I’ll keep my mouth shut, cause if you don’t I’m going to fuck up your life. This is what you deserve you old perv. I love taking money from stupid old idiots like you.
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Leather ladies Tina and Liza arrive at the house they been wanting to buy but nobody seems to be around. Both ladies are feeling very hot in their leather dresses on this sunny day and decide, seeing they are alone anyways, to have some fun with each other.
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OMG look at all this sissy porn on your PC. Guys in panties and maid uniforms getting humiliated – this is fucked up! I don’t know whether to laugh or vomit! I need to call Charlotte right now – she’s gonna find this fucking hilarious! So y’know Charlotte works at the swanky department store? Well she’s found the BEST way to punish you for all that sissy porn I found on your PC. I called her and told her all about your fucked up fetishes and after we’d finished laughing about what a total faggot you must be, she came up with an awesome punishment just for you missy! So this is what’s gonna happen sissy-missy. We’re going to take you to the salon for the works. Hair, nails, makeup. You’re going to look so so pretty by the time they’ve finished. I know it’s going to be humiliating for you – perched up high on that stool while all the store girls giggle at you and the shoppers walk by, laughing and pointing at you but that’s too bad sissy because after you’ve been made to look like a flawless girl we’re going to dress you like one to. We’ll find the perfect outfit for you to grab attention in. It’s going to be the most humiliating day of your life and you’ll get to relive it over and over again because it’s all going to be recorded! And the best thing is – it’s going to be used in the stores ad campaign – IF WE CAN MAKE A GUY LOOK THIS GOOD – IMAGINE WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU GIRLS! Your sissy makeover will be everywhere. Online, maybe even TV! Aw boo-hoo for the poor exposed sissy!
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Alycia Starr comes in to interview for a job but she knows a perv when she sees one. She makes you worship her ass and feet while she decides whether or not she will take the job! POV, CUM COUNTDOWN, ASS WORSHIP , FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!
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This is a 40 minute long, intense brainwashing clip that takes you on a journey so deep, you will never return. There is no way to reverse this as it has been designed to effect you permanently. So don’t resist as resisting will only make the effects stronger. You are trapped in this reality and your mind is completely empty making it easy for my words to penetrate your subconscious. Good girls like to listen and obey.

Men love silly bimbos. Intelligence is not attractive to real men. Real guys love braindead bimbos who are too stupid to think twice before dropping to their knees and getting their pretty faces fucked by big hard cocks. Being dumb is fun. Good girls giggle every time they have a sissy thought, giggling is so arousing. Every time you giggle you become more of a mindless airheaded bimbo. Remember the dumber you are the more guys will want to fuck you. Where most people have a functioning brain in their heads, all you have is a big ball of fluffy pink cotton candy. Cotton candy cannot think so there is no reason for you to try to use your pink cotton candy brain to think. Good girls want to shut of their minds completely and be overtaken by my words and thoughts of giggling and dressing sexy and sucking big cocks. Good girls love to be stupid and mindless. All you want to do is giggle and suck big hard cocks and eat as much cum as you can. Every drop of cum you swallow makes you a tiny bit dumber. So you can imagine how you will feel after sucking a dozen cocks and swallowing all of their loads. Your mind is empty other than giggling and sucking cocks in your sluttiest outfits. You are a slut and sluts are dumb. You are cock dumb. You want to be a brainless bimbo whore. You want to be a faggot feminine fuck toy for men to play with. This is all being implanted in your subconscious and there is nothing you can do about it and it will never go away. Even if your conscious mind starts to forget the seeds have been planted to so deep into your subconscious that they can never be removed. You are a brainwashed sissified bimbo. (This small description barely does justice to what you will hear and feel when you watch and listen.)
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