Brat Princess 2: Christina - Loser Gets a Humiliating Footjob (720 HD)

720 HD: Princess Christina gives a slave a humiliating footjob. Its so pathetic that Christinas loser can cum from just her feet. Its not a real man. A real man would get a chance to fuck a hot girl instead of lying on the floor, hoping for a chance to cum. Christina taunts the loser. She tells it to make a Worship puddle for her. Its hilarious that she can give this slave a footjob once every four months, and it will still do everything she asks every second of the day. The desperate loser shoots a big wad of cum with his Princess feet wrapped around his little dick. Christina reminds the slave that everything shes ever asked for was worth this big moment for him.
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Dava Foxx has her submissive man-bitch in chastity and it has been 6 months since he last came. She teases his frustrated locked cock with her sexy, tan, pedicured feet. He might think he finally has earned the right to have his cock inside her, after all, he has been working so hard doing her chores and running her errands and being her humiliated servant at every turn….but he only gets feet. She plays with her sexy pussy and shows off her long legs and body that he will never ever have. Only her feet, stroking and pumping away at his frustrated cock. He would have came right away, but all of those months in chastity really have him subconsciously afraid to. However this is changing as it seems she might, even though it’s with her feet, let him cum finally. He wonders if he will ever be allowed to be inside of her. Finally he comes and she makes him lick his filth off of her feet.
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Brat Princess 2: Daniella - Step Mother Gives Cuck Step Son a Footjob (1080 HD)

The cuck finally gets release in a humiliating foot job. The step mom tells her step son over and over that he will never get to cum inside while using a pussy. Instead his small dick is trapped n chastity and released every now and then and is milked by feet! The cuck has been stuck in the tube for awhile so he blows a huge load as he is completely milked by Daniella’s expert feet. Foot job fans and Daniella fans will love this clip!
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