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Women have always made your knees tremble in fear. Always had a hold over you and controlled you in an instant. You feel inferior, pathetic and dumb around women. You drop to your knees in submission to the more powerful sex. It’s true, men are the weaker sex women rule the world. Men are nothing but mere slaves to Goddess’ throughout the universe.

You can’t think straight when your eyes are set firmly on a hot, tight, curvaceous body of a women. It scrambles your brain and you take on the role as a robot doing as and what the females pleases. You know you were put on this earth to serve, to submit and to worship the superior sex. You also know men are feeble and stupid and need to be controlled by a women in every single aspect of life. You need women and you will go to any humiliating low to ensure you are governed by the better sex. Get down on your knees and worship your Goddess. You will worship women and submit to every women every single day.
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Your wife was always the boss at home and you kinda liked it. She recently confessed her cheating and left you for another well endowed man. With this you thought life would be relaxed and plain sailing. As you kick back in your office you are alarmed that your ex wife is standing right in front you of. As usual, in her dominant, powerful stance and she has you in that instant. Bemused, confused and totally shocked you know you are about to be completely fucked up in anyway she sees fit.

She has this control over you, she makes you weak and controls your every single move. Shes loud, obnoxious and overly confident whilst explaining to you that she wants more cash. She isnt happy with the 50% of your wages you pay her each month as a divorce settlement, she wants more, in fact she wants 97% of your wages, plus your car. You wriggle around in uncomfortableness and try to stutter your way out of it before she struts to your office door to tell all your employees about your deepest darkest secrets. How you like to secretly jerk off to cock, how you dress up in her panties. You thought this was a secret until now and you are quivering in your suit. You have no excuse, she has you by the balls. She could not only ruin your business but your whole entire life. Red faced, embarrassed and scared, you put pen to paper and whatever she wants, she gets. You must keep her happy for eternity as for this dirty secret to get out could be life damaging beyond repair.
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Your weaker than ever and aching to be toyed with. One way of ensuring you are deep under the influence is by sniffing those akyl nitrates. To hit that bottle and inhale like a little desperate bitch sends a euphoric rush and weakness through you. You want to be , you beg to be ruined and that control I have over you feels you with excitement. You want to sniff, sniff, sniff and you want to be as a high as a kite all under my supervision.

So go on, put that bottle to your nose and inhale nice and deep. Show me how fucked up you can get. I want to see how easy it is to toy with your life, to break you down, to cause havoc in your mind and penetrate your soul with my venom. With each hit you are int0xicatig yourself to a huge downfall. Your world step by step will deteriorate and you will be hooked on your new, me.
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I know how much you want me and I love teasing you just how much you can’t have me.

You are so desperate to stroke to my hot body you will endure the teasing, the tormenting and the mental corruption I throw your way in hope that you may be allowed to cum. Inflicting constant agony on your balls you just become weaker and weaker with every guided stroke. A weak, stroking zombie is the title you experience today.

We both know I control your cock. Every single stroke is directed by me and that is exactly what is happening today. Teasing, edging and controlling your cock to sheer frustration.I make you weak and you instantly become a stroking robot for me. Waiting eagerly for your next stroke. I love pushing you further, making you so desperate to touch that worthless thing. I am going to test your obedience, your endurance and your true submission today. How bad do you want to cum? Will you? Well that is up to me. I will mentor your every move. Blue balled, and mind-fucked weaker than ever before you WILL follow my demands and stroke on my command. want to see you struggle to contain yourself as I torture you with my hot, tight body. Tormenting you further with what you ache for.
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This addiction has really got a hold of you. It rules your life. Every single thing is centered around your huge addiction to Femdom clips. It has completely overtaken normal living. It affects your work, social life and even your family. You are desperate to cure this crippling obsession. If you don’t you are incapable of leading a normal every day life. You book a session to see Therapist Miss Morgan to discuss this dis-functional behaviour, hoping she can help.

On arriving you are totally taken back by your beautiful therapist. You are advised that Hypnotherapy is the best course of action and you happily agree.

Once under you are taken full advantage, you are turns into a drooling, addicted pay pet and your addiction to Femdom clips is strongly encouraged. You will want to serve your therapist, to be owned by such a beautiful superior women is your aim. You are completely under her spell now, there is no running away. Doing everything she demands and wanting to push the boundaries to make sure your Therapist gets all that she deserves.

Now 3, 2, 1, wake up….
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My girlfriend is away on holiday for two weeks, and her best friend came around in the morning on the first Saturday she was away to pick something up. The best friend has her own key, she let herself in, and found me in the front room, wearing nothing but a nappy and sucking a dummy. She took a picture on her phone, and ordered me to go upstairs to bed for the whole day until she came back in the evening. She ordered me not to take the nappy off in the day and to ensure it was full before she came back. She has come back in the evening, called me downstairs to the front room and to crawl into here. That is where we are when the clip starts…..

I crawl into the front room with my very wet nappy and dummy to see goddess Vicky standing up, holding an unused nappy in her hand. She looks very dominating and is prepared for humiliationVicky talks about how she hasn’t shown the photo to anybody yet and was very surprised to find me waddling around in PampersVicky can only presume I have a nappy fetish, and because she knows I’ve always had a crush on her it will be all the more humiliating for meVicky teases me with the nappy.

I will be on the changing mat with Vicky, and she will have photos on her phone of me being changed by her. It will be up to you how you end the clip in some way, such as putting me to bed, threatening to tell my girlfriend if I don’t do something for Vicky, whatever you would like. It can close any way you see fit and that will be the end.
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So the dirty little pervert is back for his next dose of humiliation. Princess Mikki wants to degrade you in the most humiliating way possible. You are going to follow her taunting and torment as she edges you to your disgusting loser orgasm.

Every time you stroke you know there is only one happy ending for you. You know with each stroke you are nearing yourself to a mouthful of your OWN, hot, salty cum and then the dreaded feeling of shame, of guilt and of confession. You question yourself each time, but then before you know it you are back doing the very same thing that reminds you that you are far from normal. Princess Mikki’s powerful ways brings you back down to the humiliating low you ache for so badly. She controls your every stroke and embed those bitchy, insulting words deep into your mind. Edging and tease you to that point of shame. Stripping you of any dignity, to see your mouth full, with you gargling your own cum and reminding yourself of what a degenerate, vile cunt you are as you savor ever last drop like a good boy.
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You have always tip toed around the subject. Constantly fantasising about delving deep into blackmail but every time you pussied out. Well I have found a way that will ensure you fall deep within blackmail and you won’t have to press that dreaded ‘send’ button.

I’ve surfed the web and came across a pretty interesting piece of online software. Its basicly an email timer and if used in a blackmail clip this would mean that the you do not need to press send, it will automatically send all your information to me. So basically you are forced into blackmail. You will follow my demands but firstly making an email with all the information I list. Then set receiver and your own email, take a humiliating picture, set the timer and pull the video up in fullscreen. You will then unplug his mouse or disable the touchpad. The rest is history. You will need this:
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Can she wear a leather uniform with your hair tied up and i want her to degrade me about being a virgin and you think its funny and thinks be a good idea to turn me love cock so make me suck her strapon and notice i am enjoy this pleasure and by the end video you know i belong to her.
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You will be my little slut today. You will stroke to my hot body as I tease you with what is way out of reach. A gormless, slobbering stroke addict, my body drive you crazy. I have instant power over you and you ache to impress me in anyway possible.

Open wide little loser, this is your ultimate stroke. You are going to ensure your whole mouth is full of your own cum. You will devour every single drop and show me what a good obedient pet you are. You know nothing else but to submit in every single aspect of your life and you know in order for you to orgasm it must only be a way in which a loser can orgasm.
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