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Lady Mephista and I, Fetish Liza have a new ballbusting slave. Now to ensure he won’t chicken out, we firmly secured him to the bondage device and made a nice package of his cock and balls. Oh the fear is his eyes is such a turn-on for us, we love to be sadistic and take turns kicking him in the balls with our sexy stiletto leather boots. He must take it and accept his faith. His balls belong to us and we can abuse them as much as we want, with kicks, stomps and hard squeezing.
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Punishment by ball kicks from front, from behind and while he is kneeling. She gives him countless hard ball kicks. But right in the middle she makes it even harder for him by tying his hands up to make him even more helpless and to kick him further and in the nuts…
Length 9 minutes.
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That is by letting it out on her slave boy and kick him merciless in the balls. When his stiff cock is hanging down from her brutal kicks she let him jerk to make it stiff again. Then showing him her bare breasts, just to tease him and maintain his hard on for her pleasure during the further ball kicking.
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Princess Lacey

Hey you little freak, are you ready to have some fun ballbusting with your Goddess? I’m not fucking around, I want you destroying those balls, on my command, for my entertainment. Because there’s nothing that pleases me more than watching a loser like you suffer in agonizing pain, all because I told you to do it.

I want you to spread your legs and have your balls out on a nice, hard surface. I’m going to have you punch your balls really hard, and then I’m going to have you press down on them with your fist. Also I want you to get something really heavy that will really hurt when you drop it on your balls. Now brace yourself because after this clip, you’re going to be in a lot of fucking pain. But I know you’ll enjoy every second of it.

Now lay those balls flat and slam yourinto your balls as hard as you can. Next grind thatinto your balls really fucking hard. Now two hard punches, then press down on them with all of your strength. I want you doing this as hard as you fucking can. Now pick up that heavy object, spread your legs, hold it above your head, and just let it drop on your balls. Are you suffering in pain right now? I don’t really care. Now drop it again. I want you screaming and doubled over in pain, crying like a little bitch.

Spread your legs again and take both of yourand just start pounding on your balls, oneafter the other. Do it hard, make it fucking hurt. Now two more punches, Hard! Pulverize your ball sack. I want them black and blue. Let’s do some more double fisting. Beat those balls, use yourlike jackhammer. Punch your balls over and over again with bothas hard as you can.

Now let’s take that heavy object again, I want you to hold it in both hands and bring it down on your balls as hard as possible. I think it’s so hilarious that you’re doing this to yourself, all on my command. All for my amusement. Because it’s what you fucking deserve loser. But know that through your suffering you’ve made me happy. I own that cock.
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As she pushes the button to lift him up, he thought that it might rip his balls off. This slave is screaming like crazy with fear and pain. She whips and canes his back merciless as you can see. His back looks terrible, with marks all over… For his screaming and wriggling around he gets a few ruthless kicks in his nutsack. Standing on his naked body and more…
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Hey just a quick shout out to Goddess Rodea for let me using your ballbusting slave, thanks Girl! The mean girls are on another loser funded vacation, LOL. People should know I cant always take a full stable of slaves on with me when I travel so its good to pass them around to the others at Mean Girl Manor. Goddess Rodea was also in town and was gracious enough to let me use here ballbusting slave to have a little fun in my hotel room. Im not going without a ballbusting just because Im on the road, OMG. This was fun because every time I stopped he thought I was done but I was only taking a rest, the agony on his face when I started up again was priceless, LOL. I got this crazy idea play a game and make him name states each time I kick him, so at least he needs to take another 50 kicks, right? When his mind goes blank I punish him with harder kicks so hes fucked either way, but Im having fun! I also think its so funny how we trade and borrow each others slaves like a pieces of meat. The act of dehumanizing a man this way, AND BUSTING HIS NUTS, always puts a smile on my face. 🙂

Princess Adriana
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Is there anything worse for a slave then watching his Queen play with another slave? Especially when the other slave can do something you cant. Thats precisely the meaning of this ballbusting. I got a new slave in training and his hard limit is ballbusting. So to show him how really pathetic he is I bring out not one, but two slaves for a ballbusting just to throw it in his face! I just like to kick both slaves in the nuts and then give a look of distain to my new slave to reinforce his disgraceful inabilities. I can tell by the way he kneels he is full of shame and self-loathing because he does not have the courage to take what I want to give him. As my other two slaves fall to the floor in pain and beg for more BALLBUSTING, my new slave is on the brink of crying because he knows he is not good enough. this is how I coerce pussy bitch slaves to take more pain. He is slowly going to start to like ballbusting now that he saw me dominate these other two slaves like that, LOL!

Queen Kasey
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1080 HD Ballbusting is very competitive. Ballbusters practice with their slaves daily to compete at the highest level. This clip show how a single ballbusting slave is often used for practice by multiple girls. He has to stand in place all day, just waiting to be used. Gwen takes her turn and gives the slave 100 kicks. She practices in her sneakers and her leather boots. A few hours later, it’s Kenzie’s turn. Kenzie gets the slave really good. She’s mad that the west coast lost to the east in the last tournament and is taking it out on the equipment. The slave is really battered and bruised by the end of this one. But it doesn’t matter. He’s going to have to stand back up and take it from whichever girl comes to practice with him next.
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Your wife hired young Lizzy Lamb to catch you as a creep and a cheater. As far as you know, she is just some sexy 19 years old college girl who cleans you house. Every time she comes over to clean, she is wearing the shortest shorts and seems to find any excuse to wiggle her perfect bubble butt around.

Today Lizzy confronts you about staring at her while she works. “You are such a creep… but I will suck your cock if you promise to stop creeping me out and just let me do my job…”

You can’t believe this is happening. Lizzy crawls over to you, pulls your hard dick out of your pants and starts to play with it, then giggles and puts a ribbon with a slip knot around your cock and balls, and pulls it tight…

She explains, “Your wife hired me to keep an eye on you… she said if I make you cheat and tell her about it, she is going to cut off your balls and I can watch…”

You still have a few hours before your wife is home. You do everything Lizzy tells you to, in hopes that she might not tell your wife… She wants to kick you in the balls a lot…

Lizzy still has your cock and balls tied with a ribbon. She is holding the other end while she masturbates, naked in front of you, tugging on the string while she cums.

“The thought of watching your wife destroy your balls just made me so horny, I had to take care of that…”

She knees you hard in the nuts, and leaves you, then returns to tell you that your wife called, and is on the way to Nut you. In the meantime, she wants Lizzy to keep you rock hard, but not let you cum. Your wife wants your balls full and blue before you watch he remove them…
Lizzy lubes up your cock, slapping your balls while she strokes to make sure you don’t bust. Then she gets tired of stroking, so she grinds her ass in her tight yoga pants against you. She squeezes your throbbing, pre-cum oozing, cock with her thighs, but doesn’t let you cum. Your wife will be there soon to Nut you…
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