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Goddess Alexa

What are you fucking looking at, faggot? Are you looking at my tits? That’s pretty funny because I’m pretty sure you’re a loser faggot. And yet you want to look at my tits. You could never have them, you could never fuck me. Ewww, you’re a stupid fucking nobody loser and I’m a fucking Goddess. All I do is snap my fingers and you give me whatever the fuck I want, don’t you? And why is that? Umm because I would never talk to you if you didn’t pay me. Because I really don’t give a fuck about your stupid existence. And because I’m so fucking hot. I mean without me, you’re just a nobody. But you’re used to that, you’re entire life you’ve just been a nobody. Do you wanna be a somebody now?

The best way to become a somebody is by giving yourself over to me completely. Become my slave. That’s the only hope you have. Look at you. You’re not good for anything. But if you become my obedient slave, well that gives you some status. I’m giving you a chance to become something real, to have a fucking purpose, to be noticed. And in order to become a somebody, you have to become my sexless faggot slave. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

You will give me complete control over your cock, and your mouth and your ass. LOL! I’ll decide if you’re ever going to fuck again. Or maybe you’re just a little virgin loser. Look at your ugly face fag, no girl wants you. I don’t even want you. All I want is your money. All I want is to treat you like the useless bitch that you are. And the best way to do that is by putting you on your hands and knees and letting any man who wants come up to you and grab you by the back of your head and jam their huge cocks down your throat. And you won’t be able to stop them, you won’t have a choice. Look at you, your fucking life sucks, so I’m going to make it better. You’re going to become a little bukakke faggot cum rag. And you’re gonna thank me for it. You’re going to thank me by swallowing load after load of cum.

What are you doing right now, faggot? Are you jerking your dick to this? Of course you are faggot. Any man who’s jerking off to this doesn’t ever deserve to fuck a woman ever again. When I take control of you faggot, you’re going to be happier than you’ve ever been. You’re going to feel wanted. You’re gonna feel like somebody actually wants to talk to you. But they really don’t. They just want to shove their fucking cock in your mouth. Nobody really wants to talk to you. You’re lucky I’m even willing to give you this opportunity. I mean look at you, nobody fucking wants you. So this is what you’re going to do loser. You’re going to let me brainwash your stupid fucking mind, and then you’re going to be used. But I’m not going to talk to your stupid faggot face unless you pay me. You wanna be a cock whore, right? Your dick only aches for cock now. No more pussy, no more jerking off to all these girls that don’t want you. No. That’s not your life, your life is being a useless faggot bitch. Nothing else. You can thank me when your face is covered in cum.
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Princess Kaylynn

I know you think you’re straight but I don’t really think so. So today I’m going to test you, you’re going to find a nice big hard cock and you are going to get on your knees and suck that cock. Do you understand me loser? Because you’ve been lying to yourself, telling yourself you’re not gay and that you don’t like cock. But you are gay loser, you’re gay because I said so. So I’m going to force you to suck on the biggest cock I can find for you. Whether you like it or not, you are going to suck a big cock. This is all part of my plan to make you completely weak and submissive for me.
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Macey Jade

Seeing me in this teeny tiny body hugging dress just takes your breath away, doesn’t it? You love my slender, petit curves. But the effect that I have over you is quite different from the effect I have over regular men. You see my body, and rather than wanting to fuck me, you have a submissive desire to drop down to your knees and serve me. You have this urge to get on your knees and do crazy taboo things for me, don’t you?

You have this need, unlike regular men who wanna lick my pussy, to be forced by me to suck big, juicy cock. It started out as this little tease and denial fetish, which turned into cuckolding, and the next thing you know become so weak, so powerless, that you develop these slutty cravings to service big cock, because you know that you don’t deserve pussy. You don’t deserve to fuck pussy or lick pussy. So you had to convert those desires into something else. And since you’re unworthy of pussy, the only other option for you, is nice big cock.

And luckily for you there are so many men who just want their cocks sucked. They don’t care by who. They look for little fags like you who they can use. Men like you who don’t deserve pussy, you deserve to be abused by cock. Since you don’t fuck, you get fucked. It’s the only option for you. Your only choice is to bend over like a good bitch and take it deep and hard. Get on your knees and service cock that’s better than yours.
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Goddess Sahrye

So be honest… Do you wanna fuck and suck black or white cock? Do you want that big black cock in you? Are you a size queen slut loser? Do you want twelve inches of massive black cock rammed down your throat? Or shoved in that sweet, tight little ass of yours? Or maybe you envision yourself being fucked by a delicious, throbbing huge white boy dick? Do you prefer a white boy going to town on that ass? Do you even have a preference you cock loving fag?

I don’t think you have a preference. As long as it’s huge. Just as long as it’s long, thick and veiny, you want it, in your ass and in your mouth. But I know some of you do have a preference. Some of you want that black cock, you find it so degrading. Either way you’re just a cock hungry cunt, a pathetic dick loving loser. Giant fat cocks just cause you to open your mouth up wide and take them down your throat, black or white.

You just wanna be on your knees sucking like a fag, bobbing your head up and down as you choke on it. That makes your cock so hard. Black or white you’re still a dick hungry cock sucking loser, aren’t you? It doesn’t matter does it? As long as it’s fucking huge. You want them in your mouth and in your ass and you want them to dump their huge loads all over you. Who gives a fuck what color they are? You cock hungry loser. You want them all. You want to get down on your hands and knees and take that cock until he busts a nut in your ass or on your face.

Or maybe you want both. A white one in your mouth, a black one in your ass, taking them both at the same time. Isn’t that your fantasy? The thought of that just makes your cock just fucking pulsate. Black or white, big cocks all feel the same. You just want it deep inside of you, filling every hole you have. You’re just a cock hungry fag and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’ll bet you can’t choose, you’d just take whatever cock was in front of your face. You want them all, you fucking faggot! You don’t give a fuck about the color just as long as you can have it. You’re just a cock hungry loser. Why limit yourself? I don’t care if you do have a preference, you’re still just a fag to me. So suck any color cock you want faggot.
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Princess Kelly Sunshine

You asked me out so many times and today I finally said yes. And we had such a good time! And I agreed to go because you said you’d pay for everything and well I just felt like being spoiled. I know how badly you want me and I love teasing you with my hot body. But I don’t want the night to end, I want to party. And there’s this after party I really want to go to but it’s going to be hard to get in. But that’s where you come in.

The party is at this big mansion and the guy who owns it is this older, really well known gay guy so I can’t use my beauty and charm to manipulate him like I can most guys. So I was thinking, since you do look kinda good tonight, and people have asked me if you are gay. I know that you’re straight and all but maybe you could help get us into the party. I know you’d do anything to continue hanging out with me. You’ve wanted this for so long.

So I know the guy who’s working security at the party and I sent him your picture and he thinks that he could get you in with the owner of the house. And well… you’re going to have to do more than flirt with him to get us in. I think, that if you gave him a blowjob, maybe we could get into the party! LOL! C’mon won’t you do this for me? I really, really want to go to this party. I thought you liked me and that you’d do anything just to spend some more time with me. So if you do this and can get us in, maybe I’ll consider having sex with you.

But that’s a big Maybe. That is if I’m not hooking up with some hot guy at the party then we could go back to my place and you could see what’s underneath this hot little outfit I’m wearing. But… you’re going to have to prove yourself to me first. I wanna go to this afterparty and you’re my best bet at getting in. You’ve really never done anything with a guy before? Really?

It’s not that hard, I’ve done it, all you have to do is get down on your knees and close your eyes and think about how happy you’ll be making me. Think about the possibility of having sex with me. Just open your mouth and take his old cock into your mouth! LOL! C’mon it won’t be that bad. I’m sure he’ll cum quick. Lol! Do this for me. And if you don’t I’m going to tell everyone that you’re a complete loser and a pervert. You don’t want that, do you? Don’t you remember how hard it was for you to get me to go out with you in the first place, do you really want to fuck this up? I know you want to please me and give me what I want and this is what I want. So you’re going to suck this old guy’s cock for me and maybe afterwards… well we’ll have to see.
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This is a mind altering brainwashing clip. Listen in stereo headphones as there are numerous, sexy voices you will hear coming at you from all directions. Be warned, you will get cock dumb and will Not be able to get those words out of your head after watching this. Be prepared to get cock dumb. This one is truly permanent, it won’t ever come out of your head. It’s scary how deep this file will implant itself permanently in your brain. This is a mind melting experience. You’ll be a drooling cock hungry suck puppet. Cockdumb.

Suck cock. Can’t stop. Mind pop. Suck Cock. Tongue goes round and round. Sucking yourself deeper and deeper and dumber and deeper. Dumber and deeper. You need to spend all day with a cock in your mouth. You can’t stop slurping. You are a cum junkie. You’re getting cockdumb. Cockdumb. You’re a blow job dispenser. You’re a silly suck addict. Your whole mind is in your mouth. You got cockdumb. You don’t want to think about anything else. Cockdumb. Dumber and deeper. You’re a cum junkie, a stupid suck addict. You’re getting cock dumb. Sucking yourself dumber and deeper. You’re getting cock dumb. You’re getting hyp n0 t!zed by cock. There’s nothing in your mind. You’re a dumb suck slut. Your mind is a cock socket and you’re only really happy when it’s plugged in. You’d suck anywhere. You’re getting cock dumb. Dumber and deeper. You need to please men with your mouth. Cock dumb. Cock stupid. Dripping cum dripping away your mind. You’re a stupid suck puppet. You’re such a cock addict. Your mind is dripping out of your mouth. You got cock dumb.
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Humiliation POV Miss H: Cock Sucking Cum Eating Simulation For Scared Closet Fags

Miss H

Were going to play a game today and youre going to need a dildo, preferably a big one. Youre going to put it on the table in front of you and then youre going to drop to your knees and stroke to the dildo. Jerk it while you stare at it, LOL! Ill bet youre just waiting with anticipation to hear what Im going to make you do, but in the mean time, keep humiliating yourself by jerking off to your dildo, lol!

I know that deep down you have this burning desire to suck a cock. But youre too afraid to act on those urges. Or maybe you dont have these urges, it doesnt matter to me, Im going to make you do it anyway. Today youre going to suck dick because I want you to. I know your cock is already hard as you continue to jerk it as you stare at that dildo in front of your face. Look at it, its so much bigger and better than yours.

I know this isnt a real cock, but it still simulates the experience. And you need training. Plus once youre used to it on a dildo it will be much easier to make the transition to the real thing. Soon the only way youll be able to cum is with a dildo in your mouth, and then you wont be able to cum without a cock in your mouth. A nice progression for a closet fag like you. Im going to turn you into my cock sucking whore. And since youre not quite ready for the real thing, were gong to do it in a really humiliating way.

Stare at that cock, stroke to it, get hard to it, condition yourself, lol. Imagine it in your mouth, imagine its real. Remember I dont care if youre gay or not, this is forced bi, you do it for me, because I say. Im going to get you ready for that moment, for that moment when you suck a real cock and he cums in your mouth. And do you know how were going to do that? Youre going to cum on that dildo and youre gonna lick it clean, just like you would a real cock. You know that this is what you meant for. Do you know how you know? Its simple, just look at yourself right now, look at where you are, what youre doing.

And the best part is that you have to do the most humiliating part after youve already cum, licking your toy clean. So get that dildo by your cock and I want you to cum all over it. Then youre going to have a cock dripping with cum in front of your face. And what do fags do with a cock like that? They lick it clean. I want you down on your knees licking that cock clean. Do it for me, shove it in your mouth. Slurp down every last drop, for me.
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Humiliation POV The Mistress B: This Isn't Forced Bi, It's Explaining Who You Are

The Mistress B

Its only natural that you would evolve into a little subby bitch who wants to suck cock. Its completely predictable. This whole thing started out so innocently with a little fetish. And then it grew and transformed until you found yourself falling deeper and deeper into the web of humiliation and degradation. But you all have one thing in common, you are all submissive freaks. You live to serve. And eventually your fetishes were turned into a form of cuckolding. You are have become the lowest of the low.

You are a loser and you cannot please a woman. You have a pathetic little horny dick that controls your sad life. And its starting to get hard and youre starting to squirm hearing all of these truths that Im telling you. You realized that you can never please a woman and that you are inferior to her and alpha men. No woman would ever choose you over alpha dick. And after testing the waters in femdom, youve come to accept this as true. You didnt expect to find yourself here, youre not even sure how you ended up here. It all started out so small and innocently.

And then one day it happened, in addition to worshiping me, you began to crave worshiping cock. You began thinking about being on your knees below a big thick dick, looking up at it, licking it, swallowing it, sucking on it. Thats what you want, isnt it faggot? And as I said, its a perfectly normal progression for beta loser like you.

Stroke to the idea of sucking big cocks. But you wanna start with my dick, you want to be right here in between my legs, licking, sucking and gagging on my cock as you look up at me. I wanna see you gag, I wanna see tears streaming down your face. I wanna hear you choke on my dick. This isnt about forced bi, this is explaining who you are. Its who you are because its what Ive made you.
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Humiliation POV Priestess Katherine: Big Cock Brainwashing And Mind Rinsing For Faggots

Priestess Katherine

Permanent Big Cock Brainwashing For Reluctant Faggots

This is simply the most intense big cock brainwashing clip I have ever produced. The gif above barely does justice to all the video fuckery in this clip. You’re in for an mind consuming experience that will forever imprint itself in your brain. Play it on repeat, you will not be able to stop watching. Your eyes will go wide, your mouth will gape open, as you find yourself lost, edging for hours to this powerful clip. Images of cock will flash in your brain forever as you will not be able to stop your brain from thinking about cocks after watching this clip.

In addition to the video stimulation your brain will receive, this clip is also filled with layers of binaural tones, hyp n0 t!c music, voices, and whispers. There are so many layers to this clip. Priestess Katherine will lead you down, deep into this hyp n0 t!c brainwashing clip with her silky voice. And in the background you will hear whispers egging you to look at the cocks, to worship the cocks, to crave them. It is set to both confuse and program you simultaneously.

‘Look at the cocks, no you shouldn’t do that. What will happen if you do? You want to, you need to, you can’t really take your eyes off of them anyway, can you? Of course you can, you can quit, you can totally look away if you wanted to enough. But you don’t, do you? You need to look at every single inch of those cocks. No, you don’t want to, you don’t like this, this isn’t for you. Except that maybe you do because you’re so hard right now. But wait, this doesn’t turn you on. This is all happening without your control, it must be some brainwashing trick, this isn’t you. You don’t get hard to big cocks, but wait, you do. Feel how hard you are. You can’t take your eyes off of them. They are brainwashing you and all you want to do is stroke and further embed these images in your brain. You wanna close your eyes, you don’t want to take this any further. But you will and you are. You have to, you need this. And besides your mind has already begun imprint big cocks permanently in your brain. You want to stop this, you’re not a filthy little cock sucking whore, you’re not a nasty little faggot getting off looking at cocks. Except that you are. You love this. Your mind is just letting it happen. It’s taking over. You don’t want to stop. You just want to put your hands and your mouth all over those big cocks. Going deeper and deeper as you stare. Your mind so empty ready to be filled up with these images and words that are now becoming an overwhelming sensation of pleasure for you. Let your mind go so empty and blank.’

‘This is who you are, this is what you are. You can’t stop this. You can’t help yourself. You just want to look at those cocks, worshiping them. And once that image is in your mind it just proves to hard to get out. You can’t stop thinking about this, you can’t stop wanting it. Your mind tries to fight it, but it can’t, as you give in to your true desires. You’re spiraling out of control, you don’t want this, look away. But you can’t, you can’t change who are deep down. What you need, what you want. Your cock is throbbing, you want big cocks. You’re growing more desperate for them. Stare at the cocks. You’re falling deeper and deeper as you stare. There’s no denying the power these cocks have over you. If you cum thinking about cocks you’ll never be able to go back, you’ll never be able to undo this.’
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