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Your wife was always the boss at home and you kinda liked it. She recently confessed her cheating and left you for another well endowed man. With this you thought life would be relaxed and plain sailing. As you kick back in your office you are alarmed that your ex wife is standing right in front you of. As usual, in her dominant, powerful stance and she has you in that instant. Bemused, confused and totally shocked you know you are about to be completely fucked up in anyway she sees fit.

She has this control over you, she makes you weak and controls your every single move. Shes loud, obnoxious and overly confident whilst explaining to you that she wants more cash. She isnt happy with the 50% of your wages you pay her each month as a divorce settlement, she wants more, in fact she wants 97% of your wages, plus your car. You wriggle around in uncomfortableness and try to stutter your way out of it before she struts to your office door to tell all your employees about your deepest darkest secrets. How you like to secretly jerk off to cock, how you dress up in her panties. You thought this was a secret until now and you are quivering in your suit. You have no excuse, she has you by the balls. She could not only ruin your business but your whole entire life. Red faced, embarrassed and scared, you put pen to paper and whatever she wants, she gets. You must keep her happy for eternity as for this dirty secret to get out could be life damaging beyond repair.
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Princess Kelly Sunshine

Hey loser, I’m glad you’re watching this clip today because I wanted to confess to you that I know how to hack your computer when we’re doing our little Skype sessions. You see I’m sure you don’t know of all the ways that someone can take advantage of you like that. So I installed this remote viewing software on your computer. (And if we haven’t skyped yet, I soon will.) And I’ve been poking around a little bit, I looked through your files, your emails, I logged into your Facebook. And I found all of these pictures of you with your wife, and your house, I saw the company you work for, and I can tell that you do quite well for yourself and I’m a little disappointed in the amount you’ve been spoiling me. In fact, I’m really angry!

If you’re not spoiling me, then you’re fucking up and I’m not going to stand for that. So I decided that I’m going to fuck with you. You see I’ve got all kinds of incriminating pictures of you from your computer. I could ruin your life. I could send these pictures to your wife and your boss and you’ll lose them both. You’re going to be fucked.

If you want to prevent this from happening, if you want to keep me from fucking up your life just because I can, well then you’re going to pay dearly. And I Know you can afford it. I want money, gifts, and a car. Because I deserve the good things in life, losers like you don’t. Losers like you deserve to get fucked over. I think you’re stupid and I want to take advantage of you. And I know it’s going to work because I’m manipulative enough to get whatever I want. So you better not fight this.

And on top of all of this, I want a monthly allowance, and if it’s not there on the first of every month, I’m going to completely expose you and fuck you over and ruin your life. You see, I’m in control now and you are going to give me everything I want. You’re my bitch now, accept it. You got yourself into this mess by being stupid and idiotic. You’re a little masturbation addict and I took advantage of that. You belong to me now.
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Lady Fyre

Hey what are you doing in my room, you know you’re supposed to knock. C’mon we talked about this, mom even talked to you about it. I’m not being a brat, you walked into my room. Oh you have something serious you want to talk about? Well ok. Are you asking me how to masturbate? You don’t know how to do that yet? I thought boys started much earlier. Oh I see, you know, but you need some instructions on how to do it better. You’re not sure you’re doing it right. You know it’s really weird that you’re asking me this, right? So why are you asking me? Well I guess it would be embarrassing to ask your friends.

Ok well I’ll try to tell you but you’re gonna have to take your pants off. You’re gonna owe me big for this. You’re gonna do my chores for a month. Ugh this is so gross. Take your underwear off too freak. Ewww this is so creeping me out. Oh my god, is it hard? LOL! Ummm yea, that thing is really fucking small! Now I know why you came to me. Do you know how tiny it is? Yea it’s small, you can’t tell? I mean I’m sure you’ve watched porn. Your penis is really, really small.

I guess it’s a good thing you came to be because you’re not gonna get laid with a dick that small so you’re really going to need to learn how to jerk off. I hate to be the one to break this news to you, but girls don’t want a penis that tiny. Lol, I’m sorry I keep laughing, I just can’t help it.

Ok first of all you should try using only two fingers, that should work better. Try it. Yea that’s better. Try your whole hand up and down. Hmmm that doesn’t work. Maybe you should try humping something, like your mattress or your pillow. Try it. LOL that looks so funny. But it feels good, doesn’t it? Keep humping.

Wow bro you are doomed to a life of solitude. No wonder you’re such an asshole. It’s gonna be really hard not to tell my friends about this, I know they’d have a really big laugh. Oh you don’t want me to tell them? Well how about two months worth of chores. Keep humping, you look like you’re getting close. Ewwwww gross! You came all over! You better clean that up! Well now at least we learned how to make you cum. You can practice humping other objects as well. That’s how you’ll masturbate from now on, by humping. And you better learn how to make yourself cum good because you’re not going to be getting laid with that tiny penis. And do not tell anybody I helped you masturbate or I will tell the whole school about your tiny penis. Now get out of my room, micro dick.
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It feels you with fear but it also turns you on like nothing else. When your high on horniness you can’t help but steer your mind to blackmail, it’s what you ache for and that feeling you crave. To totally lose control, to play with fire and to really put your life on the line.

You know its dangerous grounds, you know its something you shouldn’t tempt but you always want what you can’t/shouldn’t have, right?

Your dick throbs at the thought of finally losing control to me, to feel powerless and constantly anxious but yet horny. You have wanted to feel this feeling for so long, to have your fate in my hands. Family life, work life. none of it comes in consideration when you have your eyes transfixed on my seductive curves. They lure you into a deep trap and there is no way out. I want to see you suffer, I want to leave you feeling constantly anxious. Knowing that your priority is my happiness from now on, you must keep up with my demands or face the very scary consequences of losing it ALL.
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My HOT sweat seduces you, makes you feel weak and vulnerable. A sweat addicted loser who would give anything for one whiff of my post gym body. To taste…
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Princess Kelly Sunshine

Sometimes you boys make the dumbest decisions. But that’s ok because I have a lot more fun when you do. You get so horny and stupid and when you do, you beg me to blackmail you. So I’m going to get you dressed up really slutty, and have you get down on all fours and fuck that slutty ass for me, while you tell me what a total fucking loser you are. And you’re going to do this for me on cam so I can take pictures and videos. And you’re going to look into the webcam and tell the world your full name, your phone number, your address, details about your wife and job, every little thing that could incriminate you and ruin your life. Could you imagine if I leaked this video? You’d be totally fucked.

But yet the thought of that makes you so hard cause you love playing these risky masturbation games. But know that blackmail is not a game with me, I take it seriously. So if you want to partake, you better be prepared loser. So if you want me to keep those pictures and videos to myself, here’s what you’re going to do, I’m going to even give you a choice. You can lock that dick up in chastity for me for as long as I want. But locking you up would be doing you a favor because your horny cock is what got you into this mess in the first place. I mean we both know you think with your dick and that’s why You come to Me, asking me to blackmail you. You asked for this and now you’re getting exactly what you wanted. And when that cock is locked you’re going to feel so weak and desperate you’ll do whatever I want. You are going to feel this intense need to do whatever I say.

And there’s only one way you can get unlocked, you are going to suck cock for me. I know you’re a slut and you want your ass and mouth used like the whore that you are. I’m going to turn you into a cock sucking slut. You see you begged the wrong person for blackmail if you didn’t expect to get truly fucked over in the process, lol! So from now on, if you want to jerk your cock, the only way you’re going to be allowed, is while there’s another man’s cock in your mouth! But as I said, I was going to give you two choices. You don’t have to suck cock, you can just stay locked up! LOL!
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Miss Honey Barefeet

We need to talk about something serious with your behavior at the office. I’ve been getting complaints that you’re disturbing female coworkers in our company. It seems you stare at their legs and feet in an inappropriate manner. What do you have to say about that? You see I can’t have any sexual harassment complaints in my company so we have two options. Either I’m going to fire you, or you need to be punished. Oh you don’t want to get fired? Well then for a punishment we need to see how far you can go with that disturbing fetish of yours. I want you to tell me all about it and tell me why female legs and feet and heels attract you.

I want you to get down on the floor in front of me and I want you to worship my legs. Yes I’m serious. Worship my heels and my feet. You want to save your job, don’t you? Worship my feet on your knees or get fired, it’s that simple. See this is your place, on your knees before me. It just feels right, doesn’t it? I can tell by the way you’re staring that you love my high heel office pumps. You can’t take your eyes off of them, I can see they’re turning you on. I know you get a little hard on in your pants every time you stare at one of your female coworkers legs and feet and heels. I know that right now you’re desperate to touch my pumps. You want it, I know it, show me how much you worship my office pumps. And you better do a good job if you want to save your job.

Go on, touch them, smell them, I’ll even let you lick them. Yes, I know you love this. It’s going to be so easy to keep you under control once I have you beneath my heels. I know my heel dangle drives you crazy. I see how you can’t take your eyes off of my heels as I dangle them from my toes in front of your face. And I know you want to be stroking your cock as you stare from below at my heels, don’t you? It’s ok, go on, admit it. I can see the bulge growing. Open your pants and pull your cock out. You can’t say no. If you refuse, you’re fired, you can get up and leave.

Good boy, pull your cock out and show me how you’re going to stroke it for my feet and heels. Look how hard you are, I can see you’re really excited about stroking your cock for your boss’s feet. Look at my feet in my sheer pantyhose, I know you like that too. You’re so easy to manipulate. Worship my feet while you jerk down there. Rub them, kiss them, smell them. In order to cure your addiction and make sure you don’t bother your coworkers any more, you’re going to need to come here every day to worship my feet and heels, do you understand? I want you stroking your cock every day to my heels, I want you to feel shame and embarrassment so you’ll never again bother any female working in our office. You’ve got such a strong and serious addiction to feet and heels and this is how I’m going to keep you in line and make you a more productive employee. Lucky for you I’ve got so many pairs of pumps for you to worship. You’re so weak, look at you on your knees stroking so hard for my feet and heels. Maybe you should suck on my heels while you jerk. Suck it. Suck and stroke. That’s it. I know you’re loving licking your boss’s heels. You’re getting so addicted and so weak. It’s so easy to manipulate your mind. You’re mine now, I totally own you. Your career now belongs to me.
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My girlfriend is away on holiday for two weeks, and her best friend came around in the morning on the first Saturday she was away to pick something up. The best friend has her own key, she let herself in, and found me in the front room, wearing nothing but a nappy and sucking a dummy. She took a picture on her phone, and ordered me to go upstairs to bed for the whole day until she came back in the evening. She ordered me not to take the nappy off in the day and to ensure it was full before she came back. She has come back in the evening, called me downstairs to the front room and to crawl into here. That is where we are when the clip starts…..

I crawl into the front room with my very wet nappy and dummy to see goddess Vicky standing up, holding an unused nappy in her hand. She looks very dominating and is prepared for humiliationVicky talks about how she hasn’t shown the photo to anybody yet and was very surprised to find me waddling around in PampersVicky can only presume I have a nappy fetish, and because she knows I’ve always had a crush on her it will be all the more humiliating for meVicky teases me with the nappy.

I will be on the changing mat with Vicky, and she will have photos on her phone of me being changed by her. It will be up to you how you end the clip in some way, such as putting me to bed, threatening to tell my girlfriend if I don’t do something for Vicky, whatever you would like. It can close any way you see fit and that will be the end.
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You have always tip toed around the subject. Constantly fantasising about delving deep into blackmail but every time you pussied out. Well I have found a way that will ensure you fall deep within blackmail and you won’t have to press that dreaded ‘send’ button.

I’ve surfed the web and came across a pretty interesting piece of online software. Its basicly an email timer and if used in a blackmail clip this would mean that the you do not need to press send, it will automatically send all your information to me. So basically you are forced into blackmail. You will follow my demands but firstly making an email with all the information I list. Then set receiver and your own email, take a humiliating picture, set the timer and pull the video up in fullscreen. You will then unplug his mouse or disable the touchpad. The rest is history. You will need this:
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