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Club Dom: Michelle's Pleasure Slave 1: Oral Slave

Mistress Michelle Lacy is away from the Club Dom estate, and enjoying herself alone with her slave. She has a bedroom turned into a dungeon which she will use to torment and train her slave in order to mold him into her most obedient pleasure puppet. She has her slave locked in a cage.

“You are in for a real treat today slave. Today you get to worship my sweet pussy. The last slave didn’t do it for me and I have been pent-up ever since!”
She shoves her leather gloved finger across her wet pussy and makes him smell it. She then takes him out of the cage and shows him her pussy. She makes him worship her boots in order to get her pussy wet. She smashes a flogger on him and commands him to do it better. “I said LICK!” she demands.
The boot slave continues to lick her boots, suck on the heel, cleans the bottoms and does as she demands. She then stops him and forces him to eat her pussy. She moans but he isn’t doing a very good job. She has to get herself off with her vibrator and decides she is going to make him suffer horribly for screwing up.
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Club Dom: Lick and Obey

Elena and Sabrina are sitting on top of their slave’s cage, wondering what to do. They get an idea and decide to let their slave out of his cage. He is excited to be free but knows it will come at a price. The female lovers decide to make him worship every inch of their shiny PVC boots. He must shine them with his tongue and do it exactly the way they tell him that they want it done. The more torment he is put through, the more horny the women get and want to fondle each other and kiss.
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HD: Amadahy has invited her old, fat and deformed slave over to show her girlfriends. Amadahy has made this slave into a gelding and she cant wait to show her friends the extremely small skin tag of a penis its been left with. The girls are discussing the slaves tardiness when it walks into the room, literally like the elephant. Amadahy demands her tribute, but the slave has only brought $100. This is egregious. Not only is $100 an ungenerous tribute, but there are three Princesses present. $100 doesnt divide by three evenly. The slave makes up excuses for itself and says that it wasnt aware Amadahy was having guests over. Amadahy is appalled her slave would imply that she doesnt have friends! She publicly strips the slave in front of her two guests. Amadahy pulls the flogger from its convenient hook on the wall and begins to beat the old man. Once the slave is naked and humbled, the Princesses can clearly see the tiny skin tag it has in place of a real manhood. Jennifer and Jenna comment on the slaves deformity a lot. Its both fascinating and hilarious to them. Amadahy runs her slave through the full course of its training so that Jenna and Jennifer can see how well she has trained it. She makes it kiss her shoes and ass and even goes so far as to water board it for her guests amusement. Amadahy displays how she uses the tiny deformed remainder of a penis as an ashtray by spitting into it. She invites her guests to use the spittoon as well. The skin vessel works very well, but only for extremely small things. The slave is extremely fat, but Amadahy remarks that his wallet is as fat as he is. Jenna comments, Oh, does he pay by the pound?! Which sends all the women into a riot of laughter. Amadahy makes the fat slave do its workout routine. She tells it to do one sit up. The slave struggles and cannot do one sit up. All three Princesses stand and gather around the weak, pathetic old fatty. They all spit on his face as much as they can. They cover his face in spit. While the slave is on the floor, the Princesses use it like a doormat and make it clean all of their black boots. Its face is covered in dirt and spit. Amadahy takes the slaves wallet from the pocket of his discarded pants. She opens it and realizes that the slave actually did have more money. He was withholding! Amadahy takes all of the money, which is rightfully hers, and divvies it up between herself and her girlfriends. They take the slaves bank and atm cards and leave to withdraw the maximum amount, he has already provided Amadahy with all of his pin numbers in the past. Amadahy returns later to find the slave still in the same spot on the floor. Amadahy sits above the prone body and counts her money. It is such a turn on for her. She counts it again. Amadahy leaves with her sizable tribute and tells the slave she expects it to clean up all the mess from entertaining.
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Club Dom: Slave For Blondes Part 3: Cum Licking Fucker

The two hot blondes are not done with their sex slave. He must now fuck Mistress Parker with his hard injected cock. He pounds away with his hard cock into her inviting wet pussy while the two blondes dominate him. After the Mistresses are satisfied, he is milked onto her boots and forced to lick it off. He is so humiliated and used. He will make a fine sex slave for them.
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Club Dom: Veronica Cohen & Kylie Rogue BootLick/Veronica Cohen Polishes Her Heel With Your Tongue!

Suck it, Slave! Don’t you Dare lick anywhere but where I permit you to. Veronica Cohen leisurely stretches out her divine legs while her slave sucks on her heel. Finding her shoes not shiny enough she resorts to cropping his filth sacks every time he does not meet her standards. If only that too, did not arouse her shoe polishing slut. Licking desperately while not moving a muscle under his Goddesses boot, The slave watches as Goddess Veronica presses her platform against his mouth. Now she wants to see the dirt from the bottom of her shoe swallowed, open wide and show her you’ve eaten it all…
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Club Dom: Eugene Chindo Pussy Worship/Fuck My Pussy Slave

Goddess Kylie Rogue and Goddess Cherry Morgan are going to make their pathetic slaves useful today they have strapped up the slut boys with a chindo and instruct these useless sluts to fuck their pussies and make their Goddess”s cum, The slaves heads are bouncing up and down like a basketball in and out of their Goddess’s wet pink pussies. finally, the woman have reached their orgasms and tell the sluts that next they may just have to fuck some man pussy
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Club Dom: Kendra James & Lydia Boot Humper/Boot Licking Slut

Mistress Kendra James and Goddess Lydia Supremacy have one of their boot sluts on their knees begging to worship their boots. They laugh and taunt this boot whore till his tongue is practically hanging out of his mouth like the he is before letting their slave get to work. As he is forced to deep throat his goddess heels and lick from soul to the top of the laces he begins to get hard. Goddess Lydia sees this and makes this pathetic boot slut lay on his back as they step all over his face and worthless filth stick making him whimper like the pathetic he is. Mistress Kendra and Goddess Lydia then make him get back on his knees and force him to jerk his dick till he releases his filth all over their boots. They then tell their slave Now lick up every last drop bitch and get back to your cage as they laugh at how much a boot slut he really is.
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Mistress T: Sexy Boot Fetish HJ

Just a nice, old-old fashioned hand job scene with lots of hot boot views for those who like boots…and hand jobs. Nothing too weird here…nothing mean…some great visual, a little teasing…sensual Domination.
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