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Now that Mistress Dahlia and Domina Helena have whipped and caned their pathetic slave, they want to milk the disgusting filth out of his useless balls. They restrain their slave in their dungeon and start stroking his slut stick to milk out his filth. After he finally spills his filth, they feed it to him as a reward.
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Hellen Roxx

Before we begin today youre going to need some rope, a string, or a shoelace. Now grab your cock and wrap the rope all the way around the base of your cock, then wind it around your balls, then around the base of your cock again, and then around one ball and then the other, then tie it off in a nice pretty bow at the base of your cock. Got it? Now youre going to start stroking for me nice and slow. Do you feel the rope getting tighter as your cock gets harder and your balls expand?

Feel your cock throbbing. Stroke it a little faster, stroke it for my hot little body as I tease the cum in your swollen balls. Harder and faster for me. That feels good doesnt it? Stroking for me. Now stroke just the tip. I love teasing your cock, especially when its all bound up. Dont you love how that feels? You love stroking to me, thats why you keep coming back. You love it when I tell you exactly how to touch your dick.

Just the tip loser, nothing else. Tease it. I want to build that orgasm, I want your bound balls to be so full. Tiny little strokes, just on the tip, for my cute little body. I love teasing and tormenting you. Now short fast little strokes just on the tip. Ill bet you want to cum so bad. But not yet, Im not done playing with you yet, toy. Squeeze those full balls. You need to cum for me. Your cock is aching.

Do you want a countdown? Ok but only if you jerk only the tip. Thats the only way youre allowed to cum. Do you think you can cum like that? If you can, if you really try, youre in for an incredible experience. Its going to feel so much better than your regular old boring orgasms. Edging the tip with your cock and balls bound will produce quite an intense orgasm. Cum for me.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: Mar 11, 2016 - Chanel Preston and Bill Bailey

When beautiful brunette Chanel Preston meets Bill Bailey on a blind date, Bill introduces Chanel to a world of dominance, submission, bondage and rough anal sex.

This update includes: bondage, gags, nipple clamps, ball gags, anal toys, gaping asshole, drooling blowjobs, bound orgasms and sexual humiliatio
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: Jan 01, 2016 - Lorelei Lee and Mark Wood

When a spoiled wife gets caught cheating, her overbearing husband teaches her a lesson in family values that she will not soon forget.

This is a Sex and Submission feature presentation starring Lorelei Lee and Mark Wood. Action includes: hardcore anal sex, bondage and rough sex, nipple clamps, bound orgasms, erotic humiliation and sexual punishment.

You can also see an exclusive behind-the-scenes feature on the making of Cheating Wife.
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