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You spend an awful lot of time trying to convince people you aren’t a faggot. You want others to believe you think cock is gross. You want them to believe the only thing for you is a woman. You’re hiding something. You’ve been supressing your true feelings for some time now. Truly straight men watch lesbian porn or go out and fuck girls! You like to see porn with dicks in it. Why? Because you secretly desire cock! Watching all my humiliation clips, maybe dressing up as a sissy….you’ve taken a step today in the right direction. You bought my forced bi clip because in all reality, you’re a little curious. I, along with these well hung studs will help you discover your true identity. You’re going to give in today… Give in to the gay!
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Princess Ellie Idol: ELLIE'S SISSY TRAINING 3-6

Today will be all about cum and acquired taste, sissy slut! Buy up and start your new assignment.

Time to get dressed and get out there with my latest assignment.

Bust out the sissy garb and a recording device! You’re going to make a video for me in this latest assignment!

You’ll need some props, butt slut! This sissy assignment is for those willing to take the next step in their training! Practice makes perfect, they always say!
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