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For our “slave tryouts” we sometimes test a slave’s endurance by making him hold a bell between his teeth. If we hear that fucking bell getting rung at ANY point when he is being whipped, he gets beat HARDER. With me (Princess Bella) directing the action, and one of our other Princesses running the camera, Princess Ashley whips this wannabe loser mercilessly- and every single time that whip cracks across his back we all hear ring of that little bell between his teeth. WTF??? This slave is soooo stupid. Doesn’t he know how to stay still if he is commanded to do so by his Superiors?

Well, we have an assortment of whips to break him with- and they go from “easy” to downright “destructive”. And of course, eventually I couldn’t resist the urge to step out from behind the camera to lay a few cracks across its back to show Chanel how its really done. You wouldn’t believe how we lay waste to his back. We weren’t even sure if this slave could take it. But even a weakling like this pathetic loser can’t stop himself from wanting to serve us Mean Girls as a REAL LIFE SLAVE here at the Manor…no matter how badly we beat and abuse him…

But it is a short clip because the loser was broken and sobbing on the floor like a little bitch after only 5 minutes LOL.

Princess Bella
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The Mistress B

Do you wanna know why it’s so fun to blackmail you? Well first, because it’s so easy. All I have to do is twirl my hair and lick my lips, and your dick starts twitching. And you can’t help it, it’s just automatic. And then you start pumping, and all therushes from your brain to your dick and then you’re so easy to manipulate. I just squeeze my tits together and make a little pouty face and just like that, you’re willing to hand over all of your information.

You’re going to spill all kinds of information. It’s so fun to work you over. But that’s not the only reason I enjoy blackmailing you. There’s the money of course. I can extort you over and over again. Just with a little bit of information and I can use that to extract more information. Just stroke right now puppet, you don’t need to think about that right now. But that is another reason why blackmail is so much fun, it’s never ending. Once I get inside of your head and find out every detail of your life, once I get you to crack, it all comes pouring out. Stroke puppet, the more you stroke the easier it will spill out.

You see once I have just a little bit of information, I can use that to blackmail you out of more information. It just keeps building and building. You lose all control. You’re so fucked. And I’m not going to stop extracting information and money. I’m going to continue to extort you until there’s nothing left. This is your life now. And the only way you can enjoy it, is by getting off on it. You’re no longer in control of your finances, you’re no longer in control of anything, because once the money runs out, I’m going to make you pay in other ways. This never ends. I have taken over your life and all because of that weak, needy dick. If you had been able to resist me, than I wouldn’t have been able to manipulate you out of your information. If you had more will power, if you weren’t such a lonely, pathetic little jerkoff loser, well, you wouldn’t be in this little predicament. But since you are, you can blame it that cock in between your legs.

Stroke for me thinking about how I own you, and about how this will go on forever. You will always be my blackmail bitch. Now cum for me idiot. I own you.
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1080 HD Savannah is not very nice to the help, but really, why should she be nice to someone she’s clearly better than? While tidying Miss Savannah’s room, her house servant asks if she needs anything else for the day. Savannah replies that she’d like to have her ass licked. She’s been gassy, and she wants to make sure that all the stink is licked clean off by someone who doesn’t really matter. The servant does as Miss Savannah instructs. He really hates this part of his job. It’s very humiliating. The help licks Miss Savannah’s asshole until it is squeaky clean. Just when he thinks he is finished, she starts farting again! Savannah holds his head and farts right in his face, over and over. He is very disgusted and she is very entertained. More gas means he needs to start licking her clean all over again! Savannah can’t possibly go out in public smelling like farts. Savannah only farts on the servants. When she’s having sex with her boyfriend, she doesn’t want to stink. Savannah’s servant makes such a fuss, over just a little tummy gas. She doesn’t understand why he’s making such a big deal. He’s there to clean, so she’s really only asking him to do his job. (14:52 long)
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Real nasty and inhuman conditions for a man getting trapped in a marriage like this. That means, staying all time at home, do all the cooking and housework alone while your spouse having fun with her girl friends and fooling around with other men, among other those black muscular men with big sized…
Then she let you know in straight, graphic language – some will be shocked and some really be turned on by this – that this marriage will be hell on earth for you:

She will lead you around by the ball leash, fucking with black man in your presence with cocks like an elephants penis while she is laughing about your small cock at the same time… she degrades you further and call you a wimp or even worse things…

But wait until she reads the last paragraph of your marriage contract, in which is stated that you will be a naked object for her girls parties. Humiliated and sexual abused by all these women. She explains in detail how they kick, grab and beat your bollocks! You are not allowed to complain or go to a hospital even when they double the size of your nut sack…

When she likes to see you getting hard she will tease you with her naked body, but without any permission to touch her or to masturbate or to jerk off…
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Hello fuckwits, you know that I don’t mince my words when it comes to you freaks. So, here it is…I am here to tell you EXACTLY what I think of you lowly cunts. You know just how I enjoy giving you my middle finger as it pretty sums just what I think of you. Apart from NOTHING. You are IRRELEVANT and I am here to put you in your place!

My middle finger holds so much POWER! It’s sends grown men to their knees, turns them into whimpering little sluts. Iv’e drained bank accounts with just my middle finger and no more. I am here today to flip you off to HELL, beat you down and fuck you over! I mean business. I love fucking with your head and I LOVE telling just how it is. I am your WORLD but I HATE YOU! My middle finger send rushing to your groin, sends your hand straight to your wallet and give me ALL! The more I beat you down and flip you off the HORNIER you get and the MORE I take and fuck you OVER!
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(custom video) You are not worthly of my pussy, especially with that little dick you call a penis between your legs. So my tiny dicked friend, you get to worship my panties. That’s as close to my pussy as you’ll ever get…. Mandy Flores
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Princess Kendi Olsen

Oh you’re back again to jerk off, what a surprise. You didn’t have social plans tonight? Oh yea, you don’t have friends, I forgot about how awkward and socially inept you are. Your entire social life, your entire existence revolves around jerking off. Isn’t that what you do all day and all night? Admit it, you’re a chronic masturbator. Jerking is your favorite and only hobby. You love finding some young hot brat to jerk it to every day. Are you staring at my hot body? Are you jerking it already? Of course you are, you little pervert, you’ve been jerking since before you pressed play. You’ve probably been jerking it raw all day. Maybe this isn’t even your first time watching this video today! You just love to jerk it for me. You’re a little Kendall addict, aren’t you?

Are you stroking it hard for me? Staring at my perfect figure? Jerking it to me is your entire life. I’ll bet you’re one of those obsessed freaks with lots of my videos, watching and jerking over and over again. I’ll bet you’re in the middle of a marathon stroke-fest, loser. It’s not like you have anything better to do, you don’t have any friends. Your whole entire life is stroking it to my gorgeous body. And it feels good to stroke it to me. It feels good not to have a social life, you’re able to spend more time with me, jerking and jerking and jerking. Who needs a social life when you have me, right? You can spend your entire day with me, just stroking and stroking.

I make these videos in ten minutes a day and then go on with my life, but for you, this is your entire life and it only takes me a few minutes to keep you hooked all day long. You cum to me over and over again all day while I’m out having a real sex life because my whole entire existence doesn’t revolve around clips like a fucking loser, you little stroke addict. This is the closest to a real sex life you’ll ever have. My pussy on your computer screen is the closest you’ll ever get to a real pussy. You’ll never have me, you’re always going to be a stupid, pathetic loser, hunched over his computer screen, beating it.

Look at you fucking your fist! LOL! Do you feel stupid? You should! I sit here and humiliate you for being a masturbation addict and you keep going. You love the humiliation. It feels good to stroke it, it feels good to be a lifeless loser, it feels good to be a stroke addict. I know you’re going to make Another worship puddle for me. You can’t help yourself. This is your life, jerking off to me on your screen like a fucking freak is your entire sex life.
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Princess Kelly Sunshine

One thing I know for sure, you get off on spoiling hot bratty girls like me. You wanna take every dollar you earn and go to my clip store and go on a little spending spree. I know it turns you on to send big, fat tributes. You know it’s the only way you can get my attention. But I think besides the sexual gratification that it gives you, deep down at the core you know that I deserve your money. You know that you’re a total fucking loser and you don’t deserve your money. You don’t have anything to spend it on anyway. There’s nothing you can buy that makes you feel as good as when you’re giving it to me.

You slave away day after day for your paycheck, and then you go and spend it on frivolous things you don’t need or deserve. So from now on, you are going to be giving all of your money to me. Because just look at me, I’m hotter than you, I’m smarter than you, I’m better than you, I’m more popular than you and I’m superior to you in every way. So why would you go treat yourself? What have you ever done to deserve having spending money? That’s for people like me. I’m so far out of your league it’s laughable. I’m just a better person than you and you know that I deserve that cash. And you know how good it feels when you drain it into my bank account. There are some people who are superior and some people who are nobodies.

So from now on it’s your job to slave away every day until you get your paycheck and then you’re going to come straight to me so I can fuck you over. That’s what you want to do with it anyway. We both know it. I deserve all of your fucking money, not you. Do you know why? Because you’re worthless. You don’t know how to spend your money, I’m going to spend your money. Didn’t just hearing that make your cock twitch? Do you see this outfit I’m wearing? Some no name loser bought it for me. Wouldn’t you like to know that I’m wearing the clothes you bought for me? I don’t spend my own money, that’s a job for losers.

You don’t get to buy new clothes, or go out to a nice meal. No that’s for you, that’s my life and you just pay for it. I get to do those things because I’m young and hot and powerful. You’re going to make sure I get everything I want. And you’re going to do it because you’re easy to manipulate. You’re going to do it because you know it’s the only way a loser like you could please a goddess like me. You’re going to give up spending on everything else but me. You don’t need anything, you’re just a nobody. Nobody but me pays attention to you. Nobody cares about you.

We all have our place in the world and my place is being a hot, powerful, manipulative brat. And your place is to be a slave, a financial slave. That’s all you are, good for nothing, but paying. And just as you get turned on by paying, I get turned on by being filthy fucking rich off of you fucking losers. It’s just so easy for me to look you in the eyes, and stare right into your pathetic soul and tell you, ‘Pay Me’.
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1080 HD Mia sits on a slave’s face while shopping on her laptop. The slave must support Mia’s full-weight while she browses. Mia’s slave is kept in chastity because it makes it easier to get money out of him. She looks at some cute outfits she might want to buy. When Mia finds some stuff she wants, she demands the loser’s credit card. Princess gets a cart full of goodies and the slave finally gets to take a full breath. (13:11 long)
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You are not worthly of my pussy, especially with that little dick you call a penis between your legs. So my tiny dicked friend, you get to worship my panties. That’s as close to my pussy as you’ll ever get…. Mandy Flores
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