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My HOT sweat seduces you, makes you feel weak and vulnerable. A sweat addicted loser who would give anything for one whiff of my post gym body. To taste…
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You are one dumb, stupid weak pig for me. I can make you do anything just with the possibility of gaining my attention. No matter how degrading, how much affect it will have on yourself or others, you are desperate to do whatever I demand of you. Im that hot blonde you dream of, the popular girl that you longed to be noticed by but always get looked past. You know you will never have me but it doesnt stop you aching for me. What will you do for me today huh? What will you sacrifice for my attention?

My hot body lures you in, my powerful voices entraps you and my manipulative words brainwash you further into submission. Go on, drool over my round, perfect tits and juicy, powerful ass Go on, lose yourself in me. This is all your good for you and you know it. You are deeply addicted and you cannot control yourself when it comes to me. There is simply no room in your life but me. I am your biggest weakness but you just can’t stay away from me.

How far shall I push you today? What low will I tease you to? and how badly do you want to give it all and entertain me today? You want my attention right huh.
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You have no self control when it comes that your worthless cock. Wanking has taken over your life, normal day living doesn’t exist anymore. You yearn to be an obedient slave, an owned slave but with your wank addiction out of control being one of my slaves is way out of reach.

To be controlled in every aspect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To endure my constant teasing, my powerful ways and bratty demands. Your over-wanked dicks needs to be locked up, you need to learn self obedience and you need to serve the greatest. That feeling of complete desperation and vulnerability will be in the fate of my hands. I will break you down mentally and physically, I will push you to your limits and encouraging your deep submissive ways.

You will be in a permanent state of complete submission, weak, horny and utterly desperate to serve. You will be at my mercy and release will be if and when I see fit. I will break you down mentally and physically, I will push you to your limits and encouraging your deep submissive ways. You will be my property, owned by me and do whatever I demand. I will decide if you are unlocked or if you deserve to be in chastity for eternity.

Lock it up loser….
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So the dirty little pervert is back for his next dose of humiliation. Princess Mikki wants to degrade you in the most humiliating way possible. You are going to follow her taunting and torment as she edges you to your disgusting loser orgasm.

Every time you stroke you know there is only one happy ending for you. You know with each stroke you are nearing yourself to a mouthful of your OWN, hot, salty cum and then the dreaded feeling of shame, of guilt and of confession. You question yourself each time, but then before you know it you are back doing the very same thing that reminds you that you are far from normal. Princess Mikki’s powerful ways brings you back down to the humiliating low you ache for so badly. She controls your every stroke and embed those bitchy, insulting words deep into your mind. Edging and tease you to that point of shame. Stripping you of any dignity, to see your mouth full, with you gargling your own cum and reminding yourself of what a degenerate, vile cunt you are as you savor ever last drop like a good boy.
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How HOT do I look in my sexy Louboutins. My precious feet deserve nothing but the best. My red soles make you instantly weak and you ache to worship but these are my oldest pair and they are pretty filthy. Worn in many high profile clubs of which places the likes of ugly freaks like you wouldn’t gain entry but I am going to be very kind and allow you a taste of the club.

Yes, these heels have been worn dancing in these London clubs so you can imagine the dirt and grime on the soles so if you want to jerk off you can clean them, with your tongue. I want them sparkling clean and I want you to hate every single second but knowing you will amuse me and in turn be allowed to stroke you will do an amazing job.

So get to your knees, get your tongue out and clean bitch.
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Shiny makes you weak, it brings you to your knees and encourages all your submissive tendencies to surface. The way it clings to my curvaceous ass makes you drool. It’s simple, you can’t resist me at the best of times but when I am dressed in shiny it totally overpowers you and you are instantly entrapped.

You want nothing more than me to take control today. You fight with yourself to remove your eyes from my shiny clad body but you are sucked in and deep in submission. Your infatuation for me is growing day by day. I know you tell yourself that this is the last time but we both know it won’t. Look into my eyes and let yourself drift away. Worship my shiny ass, go on kiss it. Embrace it, you will always be my slave, your life isn’t complete unless you are worshiping me.
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You have always tip toed around the subject. Constantly fantasising about delving deep into blackmail but every time you pussied out. Well I have found a way that will ensure you fall deep within blackmail and you won’t have to press that dreaded ‘send’ button.

I’ve surfed the web and came across a pretty interesting piece of online software. Its basicly an email timer and if used in a blackmail clip this would mean that the you do not need to press send, it will automatically send all your information to me. So basically you are forced into blackmail. You will follow my demands but firstly making an email with all the information I list. Then set receiver and your own email, take a humiliating picture, set the timer and pull the video up in fullscreen. You will then unplug his mouse or disable the touchpad. The rest is history. You will need this:
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Your obsession with the superior cock is no longer a secret. You fantasise about ebony dick, your worthless, non-existent dick is no comparison to the length, girth and thickness of dark meat. Black cock makes you feel inferior, less of a man but also makes you feel very horny. You are nothing more than a slut for ebony cock, it’s the ONLY thing that gets you off now. Your daily thoughts turn to big, juicy black dick thoughts. You are unable to control your urge to worship black dick. I want you to worship black cock today, I want you to embrace your inner slut and stroke yourself stupid in submission to superior cock. You will be left aching for black, desperate to have your lips wrapped around a huge, big meaty black load. Worship as I demand.

Cum to black cock loser!
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