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Top Dominatrix Nia Black tries out a new game on her slave Meg. She sitting on her slaves face with all her weight, with naked ass and also the sweet pussy of Nia direct on the face, and enjoy that the slave cant get any oxygen in this positure. she take away all the breath of her slave. For both of them it was the first time and a new experience.
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Enslaved … Mistress Amica Bentley and her pretty domina girlfriends does not make any more horny than her defenseless slaves in a nasty way. They get their wet peas together, while their drooling sex-men can only stand idly. They tie the genitals with the guys, sit with their wet crevices and tight rosettes on their faces and use them as a leaky slave, or they fuck the guys with fingers and strap-on into the impish asshole. Particularly naughty specimens must lick the feet of the mistress for punishment. Only, who unconditionally obeys and admits that he is a tame tailworm, the horn blown or the dripping wet domina pussy fuck …
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