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Go on, try your hardest not to touch. I thought so, you can’t hold back in stroking to cock can you. You try your hardest to keep your little secret at bay but there is no denying that big, meaty cock makes your dick throb with excitement. Dick is what gets you off, it makes you horny and it makes you weak. Stroking to cock gives you such a satisfying feeling It makes you horny at one glance and the orgasm you feel is euphoric. I want you to show me just how much you love cock today. I want you to stroke like the little slut you are.

I want to encourage your fantasy of sucking cock, I want to make it reality. I want to get deep inside your sub world and toy with your emotions. I want you on your knees, sucking the thickest superior cock and becoming one of my cock sucking workerbees. You want that meaty load bad don’t you? You want to be treated like a little pathetic bitch? and you want to become my cock sucking whore. So stroke to cocks, show me how much of a loser and an addict you are to cocks.
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