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After a light supper and a few hours relaxing, I returned to find my little subject still fully erect and seemingly enjoying the electric pulses that were being sent deep down that shaft hole. I’m sure its desire to cum was so intense it would do anything for release. Exactly the physical and emotional state I wanted it to be in. It will soon realize that its release is a privilege to be earned and totally under my control. Perhaps penetrating “my” cock all along the shaft with many needles will progress its training. It only gets harder the more it gets stuck. I do so enjoy pushing the sharp end through its skin and feeling it slide into place. The pain just makes it drip with anticipation of the next needle! Good boi.
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I finally made a breakthrough and got “my” cock to go soft after the eleventh needle went in. The poor little thing must have been exhausted from all that attention. I wasn’t done yet. It was the perfect opportunity to further control my toy making it get hard once more on my command… with a little help from my vibrator. Eventually I want to train it to get hard when I snap my fingers and go soft when I snap them again. This could take years of intensive therapy. Anyway, it was time to milk it so I ran the vibrating bulb up and down the shaft teasing all those needles while I made it keep the electric probe deep in its hole until it was ready to spurt!
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That is by letting it out on her slave boy and kick him merciless in the balls. When his stiff cock is hanging down from her brutal kicks she let him jerk to make it stiff again. Then showing him her bare breasts, just to tease him and maintain his hard on for her pleasure during the further ball kicking.
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Princess Lacey

Hey you little freak, are you ready to have some fun ballbusting with your Goddess? I’m not fucking around, I want you destroying those balls, on my command, for my entertainment. Because there’s nothing that pleases me more than watching a loser like you suffer in agonizing pain, all because I told you to do it.

I want you to spread your legs and have your balls out on a nice, hard surface. I’m going to have you punch your balls really hard, and then I’m going to have you press down on them with your fist. Also I want you to get something really heavy that will really hurt when you drop it on your balls. Now brace yourself because after this clip, you’re going to be in a lot of fucking pain. But I know you’ll enjoy every second of it.

Now lay those balls flat and slam yourinto your balls as hard as you can. Next grind thatinto your balls really fucking hard. Now two hard punches, then press down on them with all of your strength. I want you doing this as hard as you fucking can. Now pick up that heavy object, spread your legs, hold it above your head, and just let it drop on your balls. Are you suffering in pain right now? I don’t really care. Now drop it again. I want you screaming and doubled over in pain, crying like a little bitch.

Spread your legs again and take both of yourand just start pounding on your balls, oneafter the other. Do it hard, make it fucking hurt. Now two more punches, Hard! Pulverize your ball sack. I want them black and blue. Let’s do some more double fisting. Beat those balls, use yourlike jackhammer. Punch your balls over and over again with bothas hard as you can.

Now let’s take that heavy object again, I want you to hold it in both hands and bring it down on your balls as hard as possible. I think it’s so hilarious that you’re doing this to yourself, all on my command. All for my amusement. Because it’s what you fucking deserve loser. But know that through your suffering you’ve made me happy. I own that cock.
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Lady Jessica teases the slave with some chips. He is very hungry and hopes that some morsel will fall down from the mistress. Jessica jokes with him saying if he reach it he can eat it. The task however is not so simple because his cock and balls is under the chair on which Jessica sits with full weight and he must hold the chips and a glass of wine for the lady. During the torment he also has to lick the lady’s shoes.
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The Queen’s Slave Training

The Majestic Queen herself Maitresse Madeline Marlowe is back at work training her pathetic slaves. Today Reed Jameson has been tied up and thrown in the bathtub to wait for his Queen. This sad excuse for a man has his face covered and his mouth gagged. His body is restricted in tight rope bondage. His balls are flattened in a brutal vice. He is ready to taste and devour this beautiful goddess’ body, but is he worthy. Can he take the divine corporal punishment, will this pain and torment bring him rewards? Maybe just a taste. Madeline smothers his face in her breasts while she squeezes his balls even tighter and flatter in a vice grip. She gives his little rock hard cock a treat with the flick of her tongue. She allows reed to lick her perfect pussy until she cums all over his miserable face. Of course her feet need worshipping too! Reed licks her high heels and stockings clean before Madeline straps on a huge black dildo. She rides him with deep strap on fucking. Proving his worth he is allowed to cum all over himself in front of the Queen Femme Daddy.
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