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A document of real pervert female brutality. There is no playing in this video. This and part 2 are the most brutal videos we made. The slaves gets dragged by the balls like a animal. Forced to kneel down to show his big hanging cock for a ruthless cock whipping. Then he is tied up and secured for more hard penis whipping. The pain must be incredible and reaches the climax when the cock gets a brutal hard caning.

Full swing ball kicking with dangerous big boots into the already abused and battered cock and balls. If you thought the incredible pain in part 1 could not be topped you are wrong. It hurts so much that the slaves crying must be heard from miles away. The deadly boots making a real mess out of the slaves groin and leaves the cock and balls damaged and incapable of doing disgraceful things again…
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Julie and Maggie now have complete control over the teacher. His big stiff erection shows that he has given up all forms of resistance. As he lays there on the desk with them toying with his cock all he can think about is how much he aches for release.
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cfnmtv: Night at /St Dunstan’s (Part 1-2)

The bell to mark the start of lessons hasn’t even rung and already some of the schoolgirls are already misbehaving! Sophie and Grace are terrorising poor helpless Mr McIntyre in his broom cupboard and enjoying themselves immensely. If marks were awarded for sadism they’d both be grade ‘A’ students.
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