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Princess Kaelin

Hey my little bitch. I know you’re just waiting to take that first little sniff for me, aren’t you? There’s something about that warm sensation that just sends you flying. Do you know what I like about ? With every sniff you become weaker and stupider for me. And since you’re already so stupid and weak, make you putty in my hands. And you know it, it’s part of what gets you off, isn’t it? Being completely under my spell. It’s almost like cheating. You losers are too easy.

So take your first sniff, hold it in, hold it, and release. Good boy. Now another one on the other side. Hold it in and let it out. Good bitch. You love the way that feeling washes over your weak little mind turning you into a little puppet. And now that I’ve got you a bit woozy, I want you to know that today I’m going to make you eat your own cum. And I don’t care if you like to eat it or not, when you’re on , you’re under my control.

So start jerking that cock. Faster. Stroke that cock, every stroke and every sniff making you weaker and weaker. Stroke it to my hot body. Faster, faster, now stop. Grab your , I’m going to get you fucked up and fast. So follow my instructions. We’re gonna go from nostril to nostril, over and over again. Hold and then release every thing that’s in your mind that stands between you and my total control. are kinda like erasers for your boundaries and I like that.

Sniff it hard. Again. Now jerk that cock for me. Show me how weak and desperate you are. Show me how addicted you are, becoming more and more addicted with every stroke. This little fetish of yours has turned into something inescapable, something amazing. You wouldn’t want to escape even if you could.

You’re going to be sniffing and stroking til you’re a mindless fool. Just look at me and know that you’re about to blow a big fat load for me. Stroke it faster to how high I get you, how weak you get for me. I can make you do anything and that’s why I’m going to make you eat up all of your cum.

Now get that cock right to the edge. I know you want to cum and you’re going to eat every last fucking drop of it. Are you ready to eat up your cum for me? I know you want to cum. Cum. blow that load with your little mushy mind. Now swallow it all fucking down. I don’t care how you eat it but you’re going to swallow every last drop like the gross pervert you are. I’m going to train that little mind of yours to make you love cum. That’s the kind of crazy $.h.!.t.. I can do to your mind.
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Custom vid for Simon & I use his name throughout the vid. Sensually Dominant & sensually humiliating cum eating instruction scene where I show you how to get your legs up over your head so you can cum on your own face for me. Includes a cum countdown. Lots & lots of ass views/teasing. Great for ass lovers!
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You are my sissy cuckold, you don’t get to fuck me. You just get teased & denied all the time while I humiliate & degrade you. Sit there & keep your dicklet tucked into your panties as I play with a real cock. Look at the size of him! He’s so much bigger than you. I know how crazy you are for boots so it’s fun to tease you with those too…& further humiliate you by making you clean up all that cum at the end. Awwww…poor sissy bitch. How does his cum taste when your balls are so full & blue? Ha ha
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1080 HD: This little game is called I say you do. There’s only one rule: You do whatever Princess says. So when Princess tells you, “grab your dick,” you grab it. When she says “jerk it,” you jerk. It’s so easy its mindless. Princess will tell you exactly what to do. You don’t have to make any choices or do any thinking, just follow along. Princess is in complete control. See, she controls your cock because it isn’t really yours. It’s hers. It feels so good to jerk it to a Princess that you’ll give up control. You’ll do it because you love to look at her beautiful curves, her perfect ass. You’re becoming more and more owned. You think it’s just a game, but it isn’t. It’s called conditioning. When Princess tells you to cum, you will cum. When she tells you to ruin it, you will ruin it. And when she tells you to eat it, you will eat it. And you will do it all with mindless obedience and gratitude. Don’t think, just do.
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Madame Nikki has really been unleashing all of her cruelty on the slaves here at Clubdom. She isn’t stopping anytime soon and she continues her tormenting of her current slave. She knows how horny he is, so she decides to humiliate him by making him worship her gorgeous sky-high heels. He must suck on her heel like it’s a cock and lick the bottoms of her shoes. Her gorgeous body is so close to him but she doesn’t let him have it. She demands him to do whatever she wants, and is really bossy. After a while she pulls out a spoon… “This spoon is going to hold the only protein you are allowed to have the entire week…” Madame Nikki says. She then allows him to touch his cock while he continues to lick the heels. Nikki makes him cum into the spoon and feeds it to him, making him feel more humiliated and used than ever before.
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Goddess Alexa

Eating your cum is the hottest thing ever! And you really want to eat it, don’t you? It just sounds so good. You watch porn of girls taking loads on their faces and you think, ‘I want to be a dirty cumdump whore, just like her.’ Well let’s do it then, let’s turn you into the slutty cum dump whore you so desperately want to be. Why hide it? It feels so good to eat your cum, to be a cum dump bitch.

Start stroking, as if you weren’t already, lol. It feels so good to stroke for me. Losers like you would never fuck a girl like me so the best you can do is jerk for me. Losers like you are invisible to girls like me. I mean look at me, I’m perfect. You would do anything for me, you need me so bad and I could give a fuck about you. So if you want me to actually see you, then you’ll do this for me. You’ll bust that load all over your face. You’ll open your mouth and lick it all up and you’ll fucking thank me for it.

You’re going to eat it up like a disgusting cum dump whore. And the fucked up part is that you want that so bad. You’re a filthy fucking whore and that’s why you’re going to be cumming on your own face. You’ll never cum on a girl’s face. Fucking your is the closest thing to pussy you’ll ever get. Thank me while you jerk, say, ‘Thank you for finding a use for me.’ Praise me loser. You’re gonna do whatever the fuck I tell you to. And nothing makes me happier than having you be a little cum dump whore. Jerk it faster, you love being my helpless cumslut.

And you understand that I don’t have to do this for you. This is a privilege, an honor. I’ve got better things I could be doing with my time than allowing some idiot to eat his own cum.

Keep fucking your . I want your legs up high in the air with your dick pointed right at your face. And you’re going to cum all over your face for me. Get in that cum dump position. Open your mouth and take it all in your mouth and all over your face. And I’m including my email so you can send me pics and prove to me what a fucking little cum slut you are for me. Now swallow it all.
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This is a very intensive, intimate & interactive vid for those trying to work up the courage to eat cum. I encourage & coach you to just start with tasting your pre-cum. Those clear, slightly salty drops that ooze from your dick while you’re masturbating. I show you some very graphic images of my well-fucked, cum-filled pussy….the idea of licking up those cream pie’s make you salivate. You’d quickly get over your aversion to cum to taste my pussy, wouldn’t you? Deep down you are a cum-guzzling whore though, so don’t be surprised if by the end you’re slurping up your own cum as you ejaculate, I do have a way of making men do such things.
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Custom vid, no name mentioned. You’ve been cuckolded by your girlfriend for some time but you’ve come to me to assist her with your chastity training. She & I have been working together & the next step is for you to come to Vancouver for some in-person training with me. You’ve ordered a chastity device & this vid is for you to watch just before you head to the airport to catch your flight to Vancouver. I instruct you to masturbate into the chastity device, then lick your cum out before locking yourself into it for your trip. I talk to you about how delightfully slutty your girlfriend is & how much you love it. You love it when she lets you fuck her after other guys have cum in her. You love licking up the creampies.
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Mandy Flores

This is perhaps the most complete femdom/cuckold clip you will ever watch. It includes, cuckolding, ass worship, asshole worship, foot worship, small penis humiliation, verbal humiliation, spanking, forced bi, and cum eating instructions. AND you will actually hear your girlfriend getting fucked in the next room the whole time. This is an epic cuckold clip!

Awwww what’s wrong? You should be happy. I’ve been working so hard with your girlfriend to finally cuckold you. And it’s happening right now. Shhhh listen, you can hear them in the other room. Your gf is having a good time in there with my friend. You should be honored to share her with such a well endowed stud. Her pussy and all pussy is off limits to you from now on. Don’t worry, she’ll still have use for you. And you should be very grateful. Soon you’ll even be able to taste her lover’s cum. That would be an honor.

That guy with the thick dick that your gf is gagging on right now, he gets to fuck her hard until he cums inside of her pussy. And if you’re a good cuck to your gf, you might be lucky enough to worship a girl’s asshole. In fact, since you’re being such a good sport about what’s going on in the bedroom, you can start with mine. Go on, lick my asshole cuck. Get used to it, you’re a cuckold now and this is the best you could ever hope for. How does my ass taste? LOL, you are so pathetic! You were never a real man anyway. That’s why it was so easy to convince your gf to cuck you. She knew.

You’re a wimp and your extreme infatuation with my feet is also weak and pathetic. Your gf always hated that about you. LOL, we can still hear them fucking. I Know you never made her moan like that. You should be ashamed of yourself. You make sure to thank the man after he’s done for doing what you can’t. Cause I know you love your gf and you only want her happiness. And I’m here to help you be the best cuckold that you can be to her. Now pull down your pants and lay across my lap, ass up. I’m going to spank you like the bad husband you’ve been until you cry like a little bitch. You will learn to fluff a cock or lick up a cream pie. That would be a treat for you. Too many cuckolds chicken out because they haven’t had proper training. Just listen to them fucking as I spank you over and over again. Embrace the fact that you are no longer a man, just a desperate cuckold.

You will become a cock hungry cuckold. Now I have something to show you. Look at these big cocks on my phone. They’re so much bigger than yours. This is what your girlfriend needs. This is what she’s getting right now. His cock is huge, he’s stretching her tight pussy. She’ll never feel your thin, tiny cock after this. She told me about your pathetic attempts to fuck her with your wet noodle. You couldn’t get hard to fuck her! But between my feet in your face and these cock pics, you’re tiny little dick is hard as a rock. Go on, jerk it, jerk it to my feet, jerk it to your gf getting fucked!

Jerk that pencil dick. What a disappointment you are. You should be embarrassed. That little penis wouldn’t please anyone. The only way you’re going to please your gf ever again is learning from me how to be the best cuckold you can be.

I’m going to let you jerk off to my feet while you listen to your gf getting fucked, IF, you agree to cum into your hand and eat it. You need to learn to enjoy the taste of cum if you ever want to be a part of your gf’s sex life ever again. Fluffing cocks for her, watching her get fucked, cleaning out her pussy afterwards, this is sex for you now. Jerk it, jerk that skinny stick. I know you’re close. Now cum in your hand and lick it all up while you listen to your gf cum. Lap up your fucking cum, cuckold. Listen to her laughing in the next room, LOL! You just ate your cum, you know what that means? You’re not just a cuckold, you’re a faggot cuckold!
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So the dirty little pervert is back for his next dose of humiliation. Princess Mikki wants to degrade you in the most humiliating way possible. You are going to follow her taunting and torment as she edges you to your disgusting loser orgasm.

Every time you stroke you know there is only one happy ending for you. You know with each stroke you are nearing yourself to a mouthful of your OWN, hot, salty cum and then the dreaded feeling of shame, of guilt and of confession. You question yourself each time, but then before you know it you are back doing the very same thing that reminds you that you are far from normal. Princess Mikki’s powerful ways brings you back down to the humiliating low you ache for so badly. She controls your every stroke and embed those bitchy, insulting words deep into your mind. Edging and tease you to that point of shame. Stripping you of any dignity, to see your mouth full, with you gargling your own cum and reminding yourself of what a degenerate, vile cunt you are as you savor ever last drop like a good boy.
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