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Your wife was always the boss at home and you kinda liked it. She recently confessed her cheating and left you for another well endowed man. With this you thought life would be relaxed and plain sailing. As you kick back in your office you are alarmed that your ex wife is standing right in front you of. As usual, in her dominant, powerful stance and she has you in that instant. Bemused, confused and totally shocked you know you are about to be completely fucked up in anyway she sees fit.

She has this control over you, she makes you weak and controls your every single move. Shes loud, obnoxious and overly confident whilst explaining to you that she wants more cash. She isnt happy with the 50% of your wages you pay her each month as a divorce settlement, she wants more, in fact she wants 97% of your wages, plus your car. You wriggle around in uncomfortableness and try to stutter your way out of it before she struts to your office door to tell all your employees about your deepest darkest secrets. How you like to secretly jerk off to cock, how you dress up in her panties. You thought this was a secret until now and you are quivering in your suit. You have no excuse, she has you by the balls. She could not only ruin your business but your whole entire life. Red faced, embarrassed and scared, you put pen to paper and whatever she wants, she gets. You must keep her happy for eternity as for this dirty secret to get out could be life damaging beyond repair.
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This addiction has really got a hold of you. It rules your life. Every single thing is centered around your huge addiction to Femdom clips. It has completely overtaken normal living. It affects your work, social life and even your family. You are desperate to cure this crippling obsession. If you don’t you are incapable of leading a normal every day life. You book a session to see Therapist Miss Morgan to discuss this dis-functional behaviour, hoping she can help.

On arriving you are totally taken back by your beautiful therapist. You are advised that Hypnotherapy is the best course of action and you happily agree.

Once under you are taken full advantage, you are turns into a drooling, addicted pay pet and your addiction to Femdom clips is strongly encouraged. You will want to serve your therapist, to be owned by such a beautiful superior women is your aim. You are completely under her spell now, there is no running away. Doing everything she demands and wanting to push the boundaries to make sure your Therapist gets all that she deserves.

Now 3, 2, 1, wake up….
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