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Neighborhood girls Ivy and Endza find the House of Gord studio door unlocked and venture to take a peek inside. When they find a box full of Ponygirl harnesses and catsuits they of course have to try them on! The two girls find wearing the Ponygirl gear a total turn on and things quickly go from wet to wild.
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Endza and Ivy sneak away from The House of Gord in their skin tight catsuits and ponygirl harnesses and find themselves in an immense forest. These horny girls spend the afternoon frolicking about the woods practicing their ponygirl skills, feeding each other and having ponygirl fun.
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House of Gord: Petgirl Dog Fight

Who do you think will win this petgirl dogfight between Babydoll and Petal? Featuring naked petplay wrestling, facesitting and extreme objectification/humiliation/degradation petplay. A real fantasy come to life.
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