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1080 HD: This section of the clip is expository. Lola enters andy’s stall to find that he has been left in a deplorable condition by the previous teaser, Taylor. He has been experiencing heavy electric shocks for 45 minutes for no reason. This is bad for the company’s bottom line. Lola calls Taylor on the phone to reprimand her. She documents the state of the cow for company records. While she does this andy continues to experience shocks.
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Princess Alix Lynx

Hi, I hope you’re enjoying that drink I made you. I know you’re my new step dad and we haven’t had any quality time together yet. So I thought I’d make you a drink and we could get to know each other. I’m so happy to have a new step daddy. What’s the matter? Are you feeling a little bit weak? Just relax and go with it. Don’t think too hard. Just let your mind drift to where it wants to. I see that look in your eyes, daddy. So why don’t we cut to the chase, how long have you wanted to fuck me? You can’t deny it, I can see it on your face, daddy. You’ve wanted to fuck me since day one, haven’t you daddy? And I don’t blame you, I mean I’m barely legal and I know how hot I am. And I know my mom doesn’t compare to me, does she?

But I think there’s more to this daddy. Do you wanna know what I think? I think you have feelings for me too. You’re in love with me too, aren’t you? I’m not surprised, I mean what is there not to love about me? I’m not only your hot barely legal step daughter, but I’m also cute and sweet, it would be hard not to fall hard for me.

So since you’re feeling a bit woozy, you see I laced your drink, you’re going to do something for me. And if you don’t, I’m going to my mom and I’m going to tell her everything you just confessed to me. And I have proof. You see I’ve been recording this conversation on my phone. So take your clothes off daddy. That’s a good daddy. Completely naked. Now stand there while I take a few pictures, lol! You’re so stupid daddy, lol!

Now I want you to start jerking off to me. Do it or I’ll text these pictures to my mom. Your dick is already hard, you sicko! That’s it, give in and jerk it. I know you want to, you do it all the time anyway when I’m not around. And to make it worse you’re in love with me! I know I’m impossible to resist. And now I’m right in front of you so you might as well take advantage of the situation. Go on, jerk off to me, daddy.

So since I have these pictures and recordings, here’s what’s going to happen. I want a raise in my allowance. You’re gonna pay me every week. Keep jerking daddy. You’re gonna take me shopping and buy me everything I want. I mean you’re so lucky. How many other step daughters would let their step dads jerk off in front of them? You should be thanking me daddy.

Oh and one more thing daddy, you’re never allowed to fuck my mom again. You’re just going to jerk your dick off for me whenever I want. You need to save your cum for me because I know how stupid I make you. I know how bad you want me, how much you love me. You’re going to jerk off to me for the rest of your life and you’re never gonna fuck my mom again because if you do, I’m gonna tell her everything.

Jerk it harder and faster, I know how bad you want to cum for me daddy. But you’re not allowed until I say. I want you to see you’re under my control now, daddy. Now cum for me daddy, make a big mess for me.
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The Mistress B

Do you wanna know why it’s so fun to blackmail you? Well first, because it’s so easy. All I have to do is twirl my hair and lick my lips, and your dick starts twitching. And you can’t help it, it’s just automatic. And then you start pumping, and all therushes from your brain to your dick and then you’re so easy to manipulate. I just squeeze my tits together and make a little pouty face and just like that, you’re willing to hand over all of your information.

You’re going to spill all kinds of information. It’s so fun to work you over. But that’s not the only reason I enjoy blackmailing you. There’s the money of course. I can extort you over and over again. Just with a little bit of information and I can use that to extract more information. Just stroke right now puppet, you don’t need to think about that right now. But that is another reason why blackmail is so much fun, it’s never ending. Once I get inside of your head and find out every detail of your life, once I get you to crack, it all comes pouring out. Stroke puppet, the more you stroke the easier it will spill out.

You see once I have just a little bit of information, I can use that to blackmail you out of more information. It just keeps building and building. You lose all control. You’re so fucked. And I’m not going to stop extracting information and money. I’m going to continue to extort you until there’s nothing left. This is your life now. And the only way you can enjoy it, is by getting off on it. You’re no longer in control of your finances, you’re no longer in control of anything, because once the money runs out, I’m going to make you pay in other ways. This never ends. I have taken over your life and all because of that weak, needy dick. If you had been able to resist me, than I wouldn’t have been able to manipulate you out of your information. If you had more will power, if you weren’t such a lonely, pathetic little jerkoff loser, well, you wouldn’t be in this little predicament. But since you are, you can blame it that cock in between your legs.

Stroke for me thinking about how I own you, and about how this will go on forever. You will always be my blackmail bitch. Now cum for me idiot. I own you.
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Princess Kelly Sunshine

One thing I know for sure, you get off on spoiling hot bratty girls like me. You wanna take every dollar you earn and go to my clip store and go on a little spending spree. I know it turns you on to send big, fat tributes. You know it’s the only way you can get my attention. But I think besides the sexual gratification that it gives you, deep down at the core you know that I deserve your money. You know that you’re a total fucking loser and you don’t deserve your money. You don’t have anything to spend it on anyway. There’s nothing you can buy that makes you feel as good as when you’re giving it to me.

You slave away day after day for your paycheck, and then you go and spend it on frivolous things you don’t need or deserve. So from now on, you are going to be giving all of your money to me. Because just look at me, I’m hotter than you, I’m smarter than you, I’m better than you, I’m more popular than you and I’m superior to you in every way. So why would you go treat yourself? What have you ever done to deserve having spending money? That’s for people like me. I’m so far out of your league it’s laughable. I’m just a better person than you and you know that I deserve that cash. And you know how good it feels when you drain it into my bank account. There are some people who are superior and some people who are nobodies.

So from now on it’s your job to slave away every day until you get your paycheck and then you’re going to come straight to me so I can fuck you over. That’s what you want to do with it anyway. We both know it. I deserve all of your fucking money, not you. Do you know why? Because you’re worthless. You don’t know how to spend your money, I’m going to spend your money. Didn’t just hearing that make your cock twitch? Do you see this outfit I’m wearing? Some no name loser bought it for me. Wouldn’t you like to know that I’m wearing the clothes you bought for me? I don’t spend my own money, that’s a job for losers.

You don’t get to buy new clothes, or go out to a nice meal. No that’s for you, that’s my life and you just pay for it. I get to do those things because I’m young and hot and powerful. You’re going to make sure I get everything I want. And you’re going to do it because you’re easy to manipulate. You’re going to do it because you know it’s the only way a loser like you could please a goddess like me. You’re going to give up spending on everything else but me. You don’t need anything, you’re just a nobody. Nobody but me pays attention to you. Nobody cares about you.

We all have our place in the world and my place is being a hot, powerful, manipulative brat. And your place is to be a slave, a financial slave. That’s all you are, good for nothing, but paying. And just as you get turned on by paying, I get turned on by being filthy fucking rich off of you fucking losers. It’s just so easy for me to look you in the eyes, and stare right into your pathetic soul and tell you, ‘Pay Me’.
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1080 HD Mia sits on a slave’s face while shopping on her laptop. The slave must support Mia’s full-weight while she browses. Mia’s slave is kept in chastity because it makes it easier to get money out of him. She looks at some cute outfits she might want to buy. When Mia finds some stuff she wants, she demands the loser’s credit card. Princess gets a cart full of goodies and the slave finally gets to take a full breath. (13:11 long)
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Luscious Lindsey

You know you’re a loser, and that will never change. You know you’d never get a hot, young girl like me. No. You’re the type of guy who will do anything for a hot bratty girl, just hoping for any bit of attention because you’ll never be good enough for someone like me. The only thing that you can do is to sit there and beat off to clip after clip after clip. I mean what the fuck else would you do? Do you have anything else that you would rather be doing right now than jerking off? What’s more important than this? That’s right, you have nothing, absolutely fucking nothing more important to do.

I don’t care what you want, I don’t care about you at all, no one does. No one gives a fuck about you. You’re a nobody, you’ve always been a nobody, and you always will be. There’s just nothing a loser you like can do about that. All you have is to be thankful that I tease you with my super hot body that you don’t deserve. You’ll never ever be good enough. You’ll never be worthy of a woman like me. Go on, say that to yourself while you jerk it loser. Say it out loud. I want to make sure that you know and understand what a waste you are, what a fucking loser you are. You’re just gross.

You’re just a source of income. You buy all of these clips because you have nothing better to do. Do you think I would ever let some creep who buys all of my clips even near me? Ewww. I never wake up and think about you, but I know you can’t get me out of your head. You’re so fucked. You’re a gross waste that no one likes so you just sit at home alone and jerk and jerk and pay and pay. You’re fucking addicted to it, you’re addicted to me even though you know I can’t fucking stand you. How sad is that?

No one care about you, women just use you to support their lifestyle. And the fucked up part of all of that is that you fucking love it. You fucking crave that don’t you? You love that I make you feel useful in some way because you know that you’re not. So when you buy a clip you know that money goes right into my account and that makes you useful. And you sit there and you stroke to me telling you just how pathetic that is, just how fucking worthless you are.
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This is part 2 of becoming Princess Nikki Next’s cuckold. First you were just her date cuckold, now you’re turning into her full time cuck.

Hey my little cucky, are you ready for your list of things to do? My boyfriend has left for the day so I thought I’d find some things for you to do to make you of some use to us. I know you want to be a part of my life so badly, and you know you’ll never be good enough for me, so I came up with these chores so you could at least be a part of my life in some way. And I know how desperate you are for that. You’d do anything just to be near me.

So this list is called, Slave Boy’s To Do List. But realize your job isn’t just to make my life better and easier, you also have to do things for my boyfriend. You need to serve him as well as me if you want to be my cuck, and being my cuck is your only chance to be a part of my life. And you’re so lucky, I mean how many other hot nineteen year old girls would even let you near them?

The first thing you need to do is give us a weekly allowance, we need spending money and you should provide it. We need money for clothes and shopping. We’re going to spend your money so we can save ours. Next I need you to pick up our dry cleaning and do our laundry. Lucky you can clean my panties! And we fuck a lot, so you’ll need to keep your nightstand full of condoms. And as a reward, if you’re a good boy, I’ll let you watch him fuck me really hard. You’ll never be able to please me sexually, eww I’d never let you fuck me or even touch me. But at least I’ll let you watch, isn’t that sweet of me? But you can’t jerk off while you watch, in fact, I’m going to lock you up in chastity. You don’t get to cum. You don’t deserve it. You can just get all worked up watching us, lol! It’ll be fun to look over at you and watch you squirm.

And when we’re done you can wash the sheets and make the bed for us. Aren’t you so lucky to be a cuckold for us? Yes I know you like the idea because the more I talk about it, the harder your cock gets. You love the thought of being a little cuckold to my boyfriend and I. I know you do. It excites you. You get to serve ma and I’ll be the center of your whole world.
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Miss Honey Barefeet

You fucking loser, you’re such a perv for hot bratty college co-eds. And you love it even more when they humiliate you. And you especially love college cheerleaders. It’s one of your huge weaknesses. You fucking linger and perv all the time. I know it, you’re an old creep and a perv. You hang around the games, hoping to get a peek under our short skirts because you love hot young college cheerleader ass in panties. You love the way you have to look so hard just to get a peek beneath my skirt. You wait for it. It makes you so horny and makes you act so foolish. You are a filthy perverted loser and you know it. You’re addicted to college brat ass.

And you know the only way to get my attention is with your money. If you want to stare up my skirt and hear me giggle at you, you have to pay for it. Otherwise I wouldn’t pay any attention to you. You have to pay for the privilege to stare at my ass under this short little cheerleader skirt. You get so horny and stupid when you stare at my ass. And you love it even more when I’m mean and bratty towards you. You love when I take your cash and tell you to fuck off and flip you off as I walk away. And you have to pay because I know what a pervert you are.

I love teasing loser rejects like you who never have sex with hot girls like me. It’s so easy. So go on, pay and worship my ass, worship it under my skirt. I know how addicted you are. How desperate you are for a glimpse. Look at my tight little ass in these cute panties. It’s making your dick twitch so hard. You can’t get enough loser. And I love taking your money. So go on, worship my ass, sniff it. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll let you jerk your filthy dick in front of me. Tell me how grateful you are that I shake my ass around in front of your stupid face.

You can’t get enough of my ass, you can’t stop stroking. It’s so pathetic. You desperately crave to touch it but I’d never let you loser! My ass is for real men. I only date football players. And look at yourself, you’re just a fucking loser for me to tease and abuse. You’re a sucker for my ass. You’re jerking off and craving to be dominated by my ass. My ass has complete control over you. You’re so horny and stupid for me. My ass gives meaning to your pathetic life. It’s all you can think about. You’re such a sucker.
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1080 HD: Mia’s cow has been on the milking bench for a long time. But that doesn’t matter. Mia needs to get as much pre-cum out of it as possible. Mia knows that the cow is withholding. She knows it has more inside. Mia needs to get it all out. Everything. Not one drop left. Every little bit of pre-cum is worth money, and Mia likes money very much. A cow should never keep anything from its Princess. Whatever he has is hers. A cow owns nothing of its own. Not even its potentially valuable body. Mia cares nothing for her cow’s fatigue or suffering. She only wants what is rightfully hers, which shouldn’t be too much to ask from a lowly cum cow. Mia sits on the cows face to entice it to produce more for her. She’s frustrated that she’s had to wait as long as seventy-six seconds between edges. The cow needs to get to the edge faster so that she can make as much money as she possibly can. Mia shocks it. Maybe that’ll get it back on track. The cow cries and screams with pain into Mia’s ass. The penalty shocks build and build. Every time the slave does not reach the edge fast enough it receives another punishment shock. Mia loves hearing the cow whimper with pain. It’s pleasure levels start to drop and it reaches a state of male exhaustion. Mia fiddles with the machine until the cow is sexually aroused again. She can’t collect her profits if the cow isn’t aroused enough to be edged for pre-cum. Mia uses the machine to force the money right out of him. He can’t help but be stirred by the compound sensorial experience provided by the machine. The cow starts begging its Princess. Mia reminds it that cows are not to talk, only moo. The cow moos as it is denied orgasm after orgasm. It has been edged like this for hours, and will be hours more before it’s all over. Even when his shift has ended, his Princess will never be sated. There is no way he can fulfill her inexhaustible desire for material things. His body will give out long before her need for more and more of everything. When Mia has finished using the cum cow’s erection, she removes it and puts the cow away for the night.
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Miss Tiffany

Do you see these heels loser? You bought them. Eight hundred dollars down the drain and onto my perfect feet. And they are just fucking gorgeous. Look how sexy they are. I know you want to worship them, you’re desperate to kiss the heels that you paid for you. There’s nothing like a sexy red pump on your favorite Princess, is there loser? Especially when you worked so hard to buy them for me. And the only reward you get, is to lick the soles.

So get down on your knees and beg to kiss them, beg me to buy me more. I always need new high heels loser. Now I’m going to let you stare only at my heels because that’s all you really deserve to see of me. You didn’t buy me this dress, why should I let you see it? But you don’t care, you’re a foot boy, all you want are my feet in these expensive heels. Just look how good my legs and feet look in them. You’re going to need to buy me more, just so you can worship them. And I only wear expensive heels loser. I won’t settle for less, nor should I have to. Kiss them, kiss the bottoms you fucking idiot. I don’t want loser pay pig slobber on the leather. Kiss the feet you love to spoil. You know my feet deserve them.

Keep worshiping my new heels you little pay pig. I deserve more and you fucking know it. I find it funny how badly you want to be my number one foot slave. And you’ll spend your whole paycheck for that privilege. Don’t you just love seeing your cash on my feet after I r.@.ped your wallet? I know it makes your cock throb. Lick the soles and thank me allowing you to purchase these heels for me. I don’t have to let you, you know. It’s a privilege to pay for my shoes.

Look how fucking hard you are as you worship the heels you paid for. You’re so weak for them. You and your stupid wallet belong to me. You’re addicted to being my foot bitch, you’re addicted to spoiling me. Nothing else makes you this horny. So you’re trapped in an endless cycle of shoe buying and worshiping. Admit it, buying me shoes gives you such a rush. Tell me how grateful you are that I’m allowing you to be my shoe slave, tell me how grateful you are that I’m going to r.@.p.e your wallet. And all you get in return, is licking the bottoms of my heels. You’re so fucking pathetic. But you can’t stop yourself because your dick won’t stop twitching to the thought.
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