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Like what good is a slave if he can’t fix stuff? It’s bad enough we let these pathetic losers in to the house… But like doing dishes and laundry is one thing, but we need slave that can fix stuff when things break. So we made our slave unclog the drain in the kitchen.Eww like he started to sweat and he got really stinky and it was so gross we just wanted him to finish and get out of there. So just tore mind him to hurry up we decide to kick him in the nuts while he fixed our pipes. Every time me and Princess Chanel get impatient which is all the time lol, we would remind him to hurry up with a good hard kick in the nuts that should keep him on task. Even when he was finished we wanted to remind him to mind what we say. So he gave him some more kicks to keep him in line. Holy fuck he stinks gross.

Princess Kianna
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A bitch has to have some use in my world or there’s no reason to keep it around. This one gets to do my laundry while I’m out and serve as my coat rack when I get home. I was feeling generous so I let it hold my favorite metal studded leather jacket. I know those spikes hurt, especially when I step on it, but coat racks can’t complain really, can they? They just beg for more! The lucky little object then got to lick my sweaty toes and suck up a chocolate kiss from my feet. Even coat racks need to eat once in a while!
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So me and Goddess Brooke decide to have a Ballkicking Contest using this ballkicking slave that we keep around the Manor. Apparently some of the other girls have really busted his balls good. And We both want some practice on Our ballkicking skills. Unfortunately, to be honest, this probably wasn’t the best ballkicking video we have ever done cuz the slave kept moving and we kept missing its stupid balls. So we try to get the loser from both sides, with one of us kicking from the front, and the other kicking from behind (so the slave doesn’t know where it’s coming from)… but even that doesn’t seem to do the trick because the loser’s things keep getting in the way. FINALLY, at the end I get in a really good one and he goes down. But like seriously, to be honest, it wasn’t that great. We decided that I “won” more on like a “split decision” or something because we didn’t cause as much destruction as we would have liked. (But don’t worry, we make up for it later with this slave haha.)
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1080 HD: Lola’s feet are extremely dirty. She has been walking around barefoot all day. God only knows what’s on the floor of the Brat Princess loft after a day of filming. She’s disgusted with herself. Her soles need to be cleaned immediately. All the dirt will be consumed by a resident house slave. Lola wants him to lick off and swallow every speck, even an errant sequin from one of the Princesses’ outfits. She grabs the hapless slave by its stupid facial hair and crams her dirty foot into its mouth. Lola gets more and more excited as the slave’s tongue gets blacker and blacker. She loves making him lick off all the dirt. Every time the slave’s tongue gets really blackened with filth, Lola turns the slave’s head to the camera and makes it display before it swallows. She helps the slave wash the dirt down into its system with some spit, relishing the filth going deep inside it. The slave must consume every last bit of whatever the hell has been stuck to the bottom of Lola’s feet. She enjoys having her dirty feet licked so much that once they are clean, she leaves so that she can get them dirty again.
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Princess Kira

You can’t help but be a foot slave to my perfect feet. They turn you on so much. Is it my sexy toes or my soft bare soles? Either way you want to become so weak for my feet, and I know how to do that to you. I’m going to oil up my feet and I know that’s going to drive you crazy. Now watch me oil up my sweet, little feet. Don’t they look so sexy? So shiny and glistening. The perfect oily feet of a true foot goddess. It makes you so weak.

Now come closer, my horny slave, get close to my sexy soles. Pull your cock out and worship them, show me how much they turn you on. I know how badly you want to touch my pretty feet. But all you can do is admire them while you jerk your horny cock. You should put some oil on your cock so you can simulate what it would feel like to have my feet rubbing on your cock. Yes that feels so good. Jerk it nice and slow, feel the warmth on your cock.

Edge your oiled up cock to my shiny, oily feet. Worship my feet slave. Adore them, love them. They’re so cute, so perfect, so shiny. It must be driving you crazy, let my feet take over your mind. I’m slowly seducing you into becoming my foot slave. And it’s so easy, I don’t even have to try, my perfect feet do all the work.

Jerk it faster, bring yourself to the edge for the oily soles of my feet. I’m going to count you down to your orgasm, and with each number you’re going not only going to get closer to cumming, you’re going to be falling under my foot slave spell. So that by the time you cum, you will need my feet to cum every time you want to cum. Cum for my perfect feet. Cum and become my foot slave forever. You’re so addicted now.
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For those that love realism, this ballbusting clip is for you. It turns out this slave has flakes on both of us at different times in the past and now that we have him here together we make this one personal! He obviously doesnt give a hoot about our time so why should we care how long his balls take to recover? If the ever recover!

This slave is obsessed with Princess Carmela in real life because he knows how hard she kicks and that she really doesnt care about hurting people. The fact that she is the one that he flaked on is just ironic.

Goddess Nikkole
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Superior Goddess Brooke is really a great girl. Up till now she has been a lone wolf mean girl her whole life but shes fitting into the Mean Girl Manor like hand and glove. Today I found out she has never walked on a man well I mean she walks over men all the time but not like we do, we LITERALLY walk on men with our sharp pointy heels LOL. We have the perfect slave to do it on too. He has been fucking up all day and everyone here is really pissed at him so he is the perfect guinea pig to torture. Its always a lot more fun when we find a slave that really deserves it. So we get to it and take turns standing on this scrawny runt. We he is in total agony and looking like he cant take anymore we tell him exactly what we think of him and bombard him with verbal humiliation. Brooke is taking to this like fish to water I love her meanness so much Im sure we will be the greatest of BFF s.
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Miss Honey Barefeet

Come here footboy, I know you can’t take your eyes off of my new strappy high heels. They are so fucking sexy, aren’t they? They make my legs look so hot! I know how desperately you want to touch them and kiss them and worship them. But for now, just stare at them, they’re new and I don’t want your gross mouth near them! Just stare and jerk your cock. I know they make you so hard.

My legs in these shoes just scramble your brain. You can’t stop jerking to them. Just stare loser. Look at my delicious painted toes just peeking out of my heels, making you so weak and so horny. You’re so weak and so silly with your foot fetish addiction. I love taking advantage of you and mindfucking you with my legs and feet. Just look at them. Do you think you’re worthy of worshiping these heels?

Maybe I’ll let you lick my toes as long as you don’t get your tongue near my new high heels. They’re way more valuable to me than you are loser. Go on, kiss my toes while you jerk your cock. That’s fucking ecstasy for you. My shoes are so delicious, they taste good to your brain even without licking them. I think maybe I’ll let you lick the soles, you can’t really mess those up. Would you like that?

It’s a privilege to worship these heels. I’m being so generous letting you lick the soles. You could stare at my feet and heels all day and night, it’s never enough for a foot freak like you. My feet are so precious and these heels are so powerful, they make you so weak. Give in to my heels loser. You need these heels in your life. These heels are your weakness, they’re your destruction. I love the power I have over you, having you right at my feet where you belong. So weak and so horny. You’re already so addicted, you’re so weak you don’t even realize what I’m doing to your mind with just my feet. Let my feet take over your weak, submissive brain. You will keep coming back and begging to serve my feet because it’s never enough for a foot boy like you.
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Even in 24/7 jail, my slave gets a truly balanced breakfast so he can fulfill his daily work well. The beautiful left over cake from the coffee with my ladies was not to taste for the slave. Fuck it, I crushed it before his eyes with my bare feet and fed him with my bare foot. Suddenly the slave grunted and smacked, sucking every crumb between my toes. So I thought that’s even better and shat him a nice portion of my divine mistresses ass directly in his filthy slave mouth. Even with the lovely fresh scat in his mouth, I stuffed the slave with my bare foot, as mmmh tastes. I fisted him so hard with my divine foot in his mouth, that he almost seemed puking and let him wank his wretched slaves cock, but even that was not the losers decent and he began to bore me with it. Shortly thereafter, I left him in his cage and got the next loser – let’s see if he is a better slave…
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