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1080 HD: Amadahy and all her sexy Alpha Female friends are going out to a new club that’s opening downtown this weekend. Poor frumpy Hannah will not be allowed to go with them. In fact, she’s not to be seen in public with Amadahy or her friends ever again. Hannah is just not pretty enough to go out with them. She makes the whole group look bad. At one point, Jennifer had introduced Hannah to the group, and at first having an ugly girl around seemed useful. Hannah was always happy to help carry the other girl’s purses and books. And it seemed socially strategic, initially, to have an ugly girl around to make the hot girls look even hotter by comparison. But Amadahy realized that the group doesn’t really need Hannah. They already look super-hot without her. She’s just taking up space. Amadahy advises Hannah to stay home and study instead of worrying about going out with the popular girls. Hannah’s blessed with neither beauty nor brains, so her only opportunity to succeed in life will be to work really hard. Hannah can also focus on being a good friend. People like good friends and a good friend would stay in and do laundry for her girlfriends while they are out at the club. Amadahy promises to take Hannah to the Walmart for a makeover if she focuses on becoming a hard worker and a good friend. Hannah silently worships Amadahy’s feet. She looks very sad, but she tries hard to make her friend, Amadahy, happy.
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Alycia Starr comes in to interview for a job but she knows a perv when she sees one. She makes you worship her ass and feet while she decides whether or not she will take the job! POV, CUM COUNTDOWN, ASS WORSHIP , FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!
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Miss Tiffany

Do you see these heels loser? You bought them. Eight hundred dollars down the drain and onto my perfect feet. And they are just fucking gorgeous. Look how sexy they are. I know you want to worship them, you’re desperate to kiss the heels that you paid for you. There’s nothing like a sexy red pump on your favorite Princess, is there loser? Especially when you worked so hard to buy them for me. And the only reward you get, is to lick the soles.

So get down on your knees and beg to kiss them, beg me to buy me more. I always need new high heels loser. Now I’m going to let you stare only at my heels because that’s all you really deserve to see of me. You didn’t buy me this dress, why should I let you see it? But you don’t care, you’re a foot boy, all you want are my feet in these expensive heels. Just look how good my legs and feet look in them. You’re going to need to buy me more, just so you can worship them. And I only wear expensive heels loser. I won’t settle for less, nor should I have to. Kiss them, kiss the bottoms you fucking idiot. I don’t want loser pay pig slobber on the leather. Kiss the feet you love to spoil. You know my feet deserve them.

Keep worshiping my new heels you little pay pig. I deserve more and you fucking know it. I find it funny how badly you want to be my number one foot slave. And you’ll spend your whole paycheck for that privilege. Don’t you just love seeing your cash on my feet after I r.@.ped your wallet? I know it makes your cock throb. Lick the soles and thank me allowing you to purchase these heels for me. I don’t have to let you, you know. It’s a privilege to pay for my shoes.

Look how fucking hard you are as you worship the heels you paid for. You’re so weak for them. You and your stupid wallet belong to me. You’re addicted to being my foot bitch, you’re addicted to spoiling me. Nothing else makes you this horny. So you’re trapped in an endless cycle of shoe buying and worshiping. Admit it, buying me shoes gives you such a rush. Tell me how grateful you are that I’m allowing you to be my shoe slave, tell me how grateful you are that I’m going to r.@.p.e your wallet. And all you get in return, is licking the bottoms of my heels. You’re so fucking pathetic. But you can’t stop yourself because your dick won’t stop twitching to the thought.
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1080 HD: Lola’s feet are extremely dirty. She has been walking around barefoot all day. God only knows what’s on the floor of the Brat Princess loft after a day of filming. She’s disgusted with herself. Her soles need to be cleaned immediately. All the dirt will be consumed by a resident house slave. Lola wants him to lick off and swallow every speck, even an errant sequin from one of the Princesses’ outfits. She grabs the hapless slave by its stupid facial hair and crams her dirty foot into its mouth. Lola gets more and more excited as the slave’s tongue gets blacker and blacker. She loves making him lick off all the dirt. Every time the slave’s tongue gets really blackened with filth, Lola turns the slave’s head to the camera and makes it display before it swallows. She helps the slave wash the dirt down into its system with some spit, relishing the filth going deep inside it. The slave must consume every last bit of whatever the hell has been stuck to the bottom of Lola’s feet. She enjoys having her dirty feet licked so much that once they are clean, she leaves so that she can get them dirty again.
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Jack is an Ass Worship junkie – he goes to a street walking hooker (Daisy Ducati) and begs her to let him pay to lick her dirty sweaty asshole. She takes him to a dirty mattress on an alley and bends over an old shopping cart so he can get his money’s worth!
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Princess Kira

You can’t help but be a foot slave to my perfect feet. They turn you on so much. Is it my sexy toes or my soft bare soles? Either way you want to become so weak for my feet, and I know how to do that to you. I’m going to oil up my feet and I know that’s going to drive you crazy. Now watch me oil up my sweet, little feet. Don’t they look so sexy? So shiny and glistening. The perfect oily feet of a true foot goddess. It makes you so weak.

Now come closer, my horny slave, get close to my sexy soles. Pull your cock out and worship them, show me how much they turn you on. I know how badly you want to touch my pretty feet. But all you can do is admire them while you jerk your horny cock. You should put some oil on your cock so you can simulate what it would feel like to have my feet rubbing on your cock. Yes that feels so good. Jerk it nice and slow, feel the warmth on your cock.

Edge your oiled up cock to my shiny, oily feet. Worship my feet slave. Adore them, love them. They’re so cute, so perfect, so shiny. It must be driving you crazy, let my feet take over your mind. I’m slowly seducing you into becoming my foot slave. And it’s so easy, I don’t even have to try, my perfect feet do all the work.

Jerk it faster, bring yourself to the edge for the oily soles of my feet. I’m going to count you down to your orgasm, and with each number you’re going not only going to get closer to cumming, you’re going to be falling under my foot slave spell. So that by the time you cum, you will need my feet to cum every time you want to cum. Cum for my perfect feet. Cum and become my foot slave forever. You’re so addicted now.
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