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This shemale brainwashing clip will make you so aroused and horny. There are so many hot shemales featured in this clip. Shemales fucking, shemales being fucked, shemales sucking, shemales being sucked. You just fucking love shemales. The combination of a woman with a huge cock makes your cock throb. That’s what you want. Perhaps you feel less gay that way. Perhaps it’s all confusing to you. But no worries, this clip will forever make you crave shemales.

You want to worship sexy girls with big cocks. From now on you will always jerk off to girl cock. You want to be an obedient girl cock pleasure slave. It makes you so aroused and horny.

There are mantras in this clip for you to repeat over and over again as you stare at shemale cock after cock. There are binaural tones and whisper tracks sure to keep your head confused. By the time you’re done you won’t be able to think about anything else but girl cock. It’s what you crave, it’s what you want anyway. If you’re not ready to admit that yet, you will be by the time you’ve finished watching this intense brainwashing clip.
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Mandy Flores

Do you like what you see? Do my muscles appeal to your little faggot desires? Or is it my big black strapon? Oh yes, I can see you’re little faggot cock getting hard now. Do you think I didn’t know what a flaming faggot you are? I know you love watching me lift weights and seeing how big my muscles are. But I think it’s my big fat cock that you’re the most hot for though. Your gay little cock loves my strapon.

Do you jerkoff in the gym locker room, you fucking faggot? I’m the complete package, muscles and cock. I know you love that, I know you pretty much only jerkoff to gay porn, fag boy. Soon you’re gonna get on your knees like a little bitch and you’re gonna take this cock all the way up that tight asshole of yours and experience what your ass was fucking made for! Now open your faggot mouth or I’m gonna share your little secrets with everyone you know! That’s it you little cocksucker. Suck it, suck my dick! I need to invite all the boys from the gym here to get their cocks sucked by you too. You can clean their balls with that homo tongue of yours. Lick those balls, faggot!

I’ll bet you’re a better cocksucker than I am! LOL! I know you’ve been practicing like a true little closet fag. You love cock you fucking homo. Now turn around and drop those panties you have on. Spread open those ass cheeks and show me your fucking faggot hole. I love how you follow orders like a little bitch. I’m going to give you the ass fucking you’ve been dreaming about, faggot. Oh yea, you love my big black cock in your ass. I’m gonna ram you hard so I can get you ready for some real cock up that ass. I know you fucking love this you fucking fag. I need to put an ad out in craigslist, have a bunch of dudes over here to put you on all fours and pound your homo hole. You’ll take load after load pounded into your fairy asshole.

This little faggot dream scenario is gonna make you cum so hard. Now come suck my cock clean, fag. Now I’m gonna go out and come back with some real men and make your faggot dreams come true.
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Domina Helena takes her subby bitch and makes him suck her feet while she rubs her wet pussy teasingly in front of him. She shoves her feet in his mouth while furiously masturbating inches from his face. Domina Helena wants her subby bitch to understand what her pussy needs. She lets him wear a chindo to fuck her wet pussy with. Domina Helena grabs his head and forces him deep into her pussy while she fucks the chindo. Domina Helena wants to taste a real mans dick, and has her stud come over so she can suck his big cock in front of her subby bitch. She starts stroking him to get him hard before forcing her subby to lick and suck his balls and manly cock. Domina Helena then gives her stud a blow job and drools his cock juice on her subby’s face. Domina Helena has her subby hubby beg her stud to fuck his wife hard for him. She then mounts her stud and forces her subby to watch how a real man fucks a woman. Domina Helena fucks her stud and gets pounded by his big manly cock before she jerks him off all over her subby’s face.
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Goddess Alexa

What are you fucking looking at, faggot? Are you looking at my tits? That’s pretty funny because I’m pretty sure you’re a loser faggot. And yet you want to look at my tits. You could never have them, you could never fuck me. Ewww, you’re a stupid fucking nobody loser and I’m a fucking Goddess. All I do is snap my fingers and you give me whatever the fuck I want, don’t you? And why is that? Umm because I would never talk to you if you didn’t pay me. Because I really don’t give a fuck about your stupid existence. And because I’m so fucking hot. I mean without me, you’re just a nobody. But you’re used to that, you’re entire life you’ve just been a nobody. Do you wanna be a somebody now?

The best way to become a somebody is by giving yourself over to me completely. Become my slave. That’s the only hope you have. Look at you. You’re not good for anything. But if you become my obedient slave, well that gives you some status. I’m giving you a chance to become something real, to have a fucking purpose, to be noticed. And in order to become a somebody, you have to become my sexless faggot slave. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

You will give me complete control over your cock, and your mouth and your ass. LOL! I’ll decide if you’re ever going to fuck again. Or maybe you’re just a little virgin loser. Look at your ugly face fag, no girl wants you. I don’t even want you. All I want is your money. All I want is to treat you like the useless bitch that you are. And the best way to do that is by putting you on your hands and knees and letting any man who wants come up to you and grab you by the back of your head and jam their huge cocks down your throat. And you won’t be able to stop them, you won’t have a choice. Look at you, your fucking life sucks, so I’m going to make it better. You’re going to become a little bukakke faggot cum rag. And you’re gonna thank me for it. You’re going to thank me by swallowing load after load of cum.

What are you doing right now, faggot? Are you jerking your dick to this? Of course you are faggot. Any man who’s jerking off to this doesn’t ever deserve to fuck a woman ever again. When I take control of you faggot, you’re going to be happier than you’ve ever been. You’re going to feel wanted. You’re gonna feel like somebody actually wants to talk to you. But they really don’t. They just want to shove their fucking cock in your mouth. Nobody really wants to talk to you. You’re lucky I’m even willing to give you this opportunity. I mean look at you, nobody fucking wants you. So this is what you’re going to do loser. You’re going to let me brainwash your stupid fucking mind, and then you’re going to be used. But I’m not going to talk to your stupid faggot face unless you pay me. You wanna be a cock whore, right? Your dick only aches for cock now. No more pussy, no more jerking off to all these girls that don’t want you. No. That’s not your life, your life is being a useless faggot bitch. Nothing else. You can thank me when your face is covered in cum.
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Custom vid for Ryan, his name is mentioned throughout You’re soon turning 34 & still a virgin. You’ve always wanted to be with an older, more experienced woman but you were too under-endowed, a quick cummer & a chronic masturbator. Now you figure the closest you’re going to get to sex is to be my cuckold. You’ve never seen sex up close though so I decide to work you into it slowly. I just tease you & get you to help put my lovers condom on. Then I blindfold you & let you listen to us having sex. When I take the condom off you’re told to help me remove the condom full of his cum. The whole thing is pretty humiliating for you…but you like it. Then I tell you that if you want to continue to be my cuckold you’re going to have to graduate from condom placer to cock fluffer.
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Goddess Vivian Leigh is chilling at home when she hears a couple of burglars trying to steal her underwear. She catches them and threatens to call the police unless they do as she says. Goddess Vivian has them dance in front of her to prove who is the bigger fuck slut. Goddess Vivian Leigh has the winner of the dance off worship her feet. She forces him to lick the bottom of her goddess feet and lick them all over like a good little fuck slut subby. Goddess Vivian Leigh pulls out her strap on out and has her little subby bitch start to suck on it. She tells him not to be scared of her cock, to enjoy it. Goddess Vivian has him put the whole thing in his mouth and get it nice and wet with his spit. Goddess Vivian Leigh has her subby bitch bent over when she lines up her big wet strap on cock with his tight ass. She slides her big black cock deep into his subby ass.
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This is a 40 minute long, intense brainwashing clip that takes you on a journey so deep, you will never return. There is no way to reverse this as it has been designed to effect you permanently. So don’t resist as resisting will only make the effects stronger. You are trapped in this reality and your mind is completely empty making it easy for my words to penetrate your subconscious. Good girls like to listen and obey.

Men love silly bimbos. Intelligence is not attractive to real men. Real guys love braindead bimbos who are too stupid to think twice before dropping to their knees and getting their pretty faces fucked by big hard cocks. Being dumb is fun. Good girls giggle every time they have a sissy thought, giggling is so arousing. Every time you giggle you become more of a mindless airheaded bimbo. Remember the dumber you are the more guys will want to fuck you. Where most people have a functioning brain in their heads, all you have is a big ball of fluffy pink cotton candy. Cotton candy cannot think so there is no reason for you to try to use your pink cotton candy brain to think. Good girls want to shut of their minds completely and be overtaken by my words and thoughts of giggling and dressing sexy and sucking big cocks. Good girls love to be stupid and mindless. All you want to do is giggle and suck big hard cocks and eat as much cum as you can. Every drop of cum you swallow makes you a tiny bit dumber. So you can imagine how you will feel after sucking a dozen cocks and swallowing all of their loads. Your mind is empty other than giggling and sucking cocks in your sluttiest outfits. You are a slut and sluts are dumb. You are cock dumb. You want to be a brainless bimbo whore. You want to be a faggot feminine fuck toy for men to play with. This is all being implanted in your subconscious and there is nothing you can do about it and it will never go away. Even if your conscious mind starts to forget the seeds have been planted to so deep into your subconscious that they can never be removed. You are a brainwashed sissified bimbo. (This small description barely does justice to what you will hear and feel when you watch and listen.)
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Bella works the help a little too hard! After hours of hard slave labor in the sun, Miguel hasn’t eaten or drank anything. Now he is dizzy and weak and has to beg mistress for food. With the scent of a fresh meal lingering in the air and a table full of hot food, Miguel is offered a choice. “You can eat or you can lick my ass” Bella says. Miguel is released from chastity and eats Bella’s ass before she ties him up and rides his cock. But mistress doesn’t want his cum in her so she empties the condom on Miguel’s face! “Here’s your protein for today Miguel..” That’s all he gets for dinner. … Now get back to fucking work.
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This is a tutorial to help you prepare for your first cocksucking experience where I show you how to achieve the perfect look for your real man to blow his alpha load all over. It’s important for a real man to have something pretty to look at when he’s jerking off or getting his cock sucked so as a sissy it’s your responsibility to make sure he has that perfect view. We’ll start with your eyes because to enhance the humiliation of sucking on a real-man’s cock a sissy needs to maintain eye contact. When a defeated sissy is kneeling in front of a real man, with a huge alpha cock forcing its way into her throat she must look up at her master through her thick false eyelashes into the eyes of the stud who is emasculating her. Your eyes need to look pretty for him so let’s make sure they sparkle for him. Next, we need to give your real man something nice to put his cock into – a perfectly painted cock-sucking mouth. Your lips should look bright and glossy with thick layers of the prettiest shade of lip-gloss. Your real man wants to have the evidence of his conquest over you smeared all over his thick stud cock and balls so you’re going to make sure you have plenty of lipstick on your lips for him. Finally, he wants to see the shame and humiliation of your predicament written all over your face so we’re going to add some extra blush to your cheeks. You’re going to look totally ashamed of yourself as his cock pushes into your sissy mouth.
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Story Princess Marina Angel is having fun in her room dressed in her school uniform with her personal purple dildo before she is leaving to hang out with some friends of hers. As she is leaving she sees her stepfather and stepbrother cleaning the pool. Her stepfather is telling her she better go change, but she ignores him and walks off. When Princess Marina comes home she finds her stepbrother and father going through her room and smelling her dildo and red panties. “You two are so pathetic and now you’re going to do everything I say or I’m telling mom”. Princess Marina starts to play with her tight pink pussy with her dildo and making her daddy and brother lick and suck it clean between her moans. After she makes them put on her school uniform and puts them in their personal collars, Princess Marina makes these snooping pathetic father and son get down 0n their knees and lick her asshole till their tongues are about to fall off. “Now brother I want you to show me your dick sucking skills on daddy”. She forces her stepbrother to suck his own father’s cock, but sharing is caring and joins in with him. Princess is feeling so horny having her stepfather and brother on their knees that she forces daddy to fuck her and give her an orgasm while her brother is sucking on her feet and as soon as he ends up spilling his filth guess who gets to clean it up? That’s right her stepbrother. She makes him lick every drop of daddy’s cock. Now she gets to do the fucking but not before she makes these two pathetic snooping bitches deepthroat her 12” cock. “Then it’s over the bed stepbrother and let me see you suck your dad’s cock again while I pound your ass with mine, also remember if you don’t do what I say, mom is going to find out everything that is going on”.
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