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Princess Kaylynn

I know you think you’re straight but I don’t really think so. So today I’m going to test you, you’re going to find a nice big hard cock and you are going to get on your knees and suck that cock. Do you understand me loser? Because you’ve been lying to yourself, telling yourself you’re not gay and that you don’t like cock. But you are gay loser, you’re gay because I said so. So I’m going to force you to suck on the biggest cock I can find for you. Whether you like it or not, you are going to suck a big cock. This is all part of my plan to make you completely weak and submissive for me.
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This audio/visual brainwashing experience is the product of careful research and implementation of some of the best brainwashing techniques used today. It has been perfectly produced to achieve maximum brainwashing and mind confusion, and will have mind altering results. You’ll be so turned on and so horny that your mind will find itself giving in, effortlessly. You confused cock loving straight faggots are going to love this!

Confused? Of course you are. You’re a little confused faggot who thinks he’s straight. But you’re confused because you want to suck cock, but you also think the brats are so fucking sexy! If this is you, then this brainwashing file was made just for you. Turn out the lights, put it on full screen, put your headphones on, watch and listen. Before you will flash hundreds of pictures of the gorgeous brats you worship so much, intertwined with subliminal pictures of huge cocks. Your head won’t know what to focus on. But that’s ok, don’t try to focus, don’t try to think, just let it wash over you. Hot girls and big cocks will fill you brain, both eliciting pleasure sensations in your brain, confusing it, permanently, so you won’t know what turns you on more. But who are we ding, we both know you’ll be looking at the cocks more. The girls will just make it easier, the will make you feel more relaxed, forever associating hot girls with your love of big cocks.

But the visuals only touch one part of your brain. We want to thoroughly confuse you mind. So as you watch, you will hear some of the sexiest female voices, egging you on to be a faggot. This file has layers upon layers of voices, going in and out of each ear, meant to completely confuse your mind, and program your confused brain and make you even more confused. Or perhaps, it will bring clarity that you really do prefer cock. There are giggles and whispers coming at you from all angles. You will be floating in a blissful state of mind rinsing that you so desperately need.

Play this on repeat and watch it for hours, lol. You’re so fucked, so weak and vulnerable to suggestion. Don’t say you weren’t warned. The effects of this video are very real.

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Princess London Lix

Hello you confused fucks. I know you’ve been dabbling with some very naughty thoughts lately. Some taboo, kinky ideas have started to flood your mind and you just don’t know what to do with them, do you? You’ve been fantasizing about cock, isn’t that right? You love stroking it thinking about sucking a cock. Perhaps tasting a load of cum. And you love fantasizing about getting that asshole of yours fucked. It’s just all so confusing when you’re still into hot girls like me, isn’t it?

You love the female body, the soft skin and curves, the sexy long hair and red lips, but yet you still have these cravings for cock. Well I’m here to show you the best of both worlds. That’s right, shemales. Today you’re going to stroke it to shemales because that’s exactly what you’re into. I mean it’s a win win, a hot brat with a cock. LOL! You can think of shemales as your comfort zone. You get to stroke to a woman with a dick, that you can’t get your mind off of. So c’mon faggot, pull out that cock of yours and jerk it to another cock.

It’s confusing isn’t it? You don’t know where to look. The pretty feminine face, the big tits, or that huge cock. Take your pick, I won’t let anyone in on your naughty little secret. You get to stroke it to that gorgeous feminine body while you think about sucking that huge dick. Go on, stroke it to these hot shemales, your little tranny fantasy. Allow yourself to be turned on by this. No one has to know what turns you on more. But we both know, we know what you crave deep down, bratty dominant women with huge cocks!

Think about her huge cock in your mouth, think about her forcing you to suck it as she humiliates you. Stroke it to these hot shemales, allow yourself to become aroused by this, allow yourself to become confused by this loser. I know you want to suck cock but it doesn’t seem as bad when it’s attached to a hot girl, does it? And I know you think you’re straight but can you really tell yourself that when you’re pumping it staring at a dick, thinking about it down your fucking throat loser. I don’t care where this will lead you, all the depths of depravity that you’re going to spiral down into. All I care about is planting this little seed, reconditioning your brain, confusing it. Pussy or dick, or kinda both, lol?!

Keep stroking it not knowing whether your brain is more turned on by the tits, the ass, or by the cock. I wonder what you’ll choose to look at as you cum? Are you a full fledged faggot? I love torturing you and teasing you because you don’t know what you need. You just know that you’re so turned on by chicks with dicks. Now make yourself cum for me while staring at shemale cock. You know what turns you on more.
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Macey Jade

Seeing me in this teeny tiny body hugging dress just takes your breath away, doesn’t it? You love my slender, petit curves. But the effect that I have over you is quite different from the effect I have over regular men. You see my body, and rather than wanting to fuck me, you have a submissive desire to drop down to your knees and serve me. You have this urge to get on your knees and do crazy taboo things for me, don’t you?

You have this need, unlike regular men who wanna lick my pussy, to be forced by me to suck big, juicy cock. It started out as this little tease and denial fetish, which turned into cuckolding, and the next thing you know become so weak, so powerless, that you develop these slutty cravings to service big cock, because you know that you don’t deserve pussy. You don’t deserve to fuck pussy or lick pussy. So you had to convert those desires into something else. And since you’re unworthy of pussy, the only other option for you, is nice big cock.

And luckily for you there are so many men who just want their cocks sucked. They don’t care by who. They look for little fags like you who they can use. Men like you who don’t deserve pussy, you deserve to be abused by cock. Since you don’t fuck, you get fucked. It’s the only option for you. Your only choice is to bend over like a good bitch and take it deep and hard. Get on your knees and service cock that’s better than yours.
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Goddess Kelle Martina

So you’ve got a love for cock, do you? You absolutely cannot get the idea out of your head. The idea of getting on your knees and sucking on a big, thick, hard cock. It gets you so fucking excited. But after you cum, you feel this rush of guilt, of shame. And you wonder, ‘Am I gay because I like to jerk off thinking about sucking cock?’ Do you wanna know the answer? Before I answer I want you to know that I talk to lots and lots of men like you. Straight guys who would never date a man, kiss a man, or even take it up the ass.

But you want to know if your desires for sucking cock make you gay. You’re not gay, you’re totally straight. If you were gay would you be here jerking off to me? A beautiful woman. And when you jerk off is it exclusively to men, or is it to women telling you to suck cock? I think you do really love sucking cock, maybe you’ve never even done it, maybe you don’t even want to, but you love jerking off and thinking about it, don’t you? You love jerking off thinking about a huge cock spilling a huge load of cum right into your mouth. It turns you on because it is taboo, it’s something you’re not supposed to want, something that confuses your sexuality. That’s what makes it so exciting for you. Does that make you gay? Of course not. You can think about anything you want when you jerk off.

Now if you start hooking up with guys just to suck their cocks with no women around, well then you’re probably gay. But gay doesn’t fully encompass your sexuality, you’re much more complicated than that. Obviously you’re not gay if you’re here jerking off to me. So I’m here to encourage you to jerk off to lots and lots of cocks. It excites me to know you’re jerking for cock. That you really want that big thick dick in your mouth. Lots of women like me enjoy watching two men together. Do you think every girl who hooks up with another girl is gay? Of course not. They’re just like you, excited by something naughty.

Sexuality is very complicated and you are totally not gay. But I might call you that, but only because it really turns you on when I call you a little gay faggot. And why does it turn you on so much? Maybe you need to think about that? You can’t stop jerking off knowing that’s it’s alright to think about sucking dick. It’s alright to jerk for cock. It doesn’t make you gay. In fact you should watch more and more gay porn, just to make sure you’re not gay. In fact, I think you should go out right now and find a cock to suck, just to make sure that you’re totally not gay. I mean how are you gonna know until you’re on your knees with that big cock in front of your face and sucking it all down? How else are you gonna know?
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Princess London Lix

Hey you wanna be cock suckers, you fantasize about sucking a dick for me, don’t you? You think about your little whore mouth wrapped around a thick, juicy shaft. Perhaps you want to go to a glory hole and just suck cocks like crazy, taking load after load, marking you as the little fag boy that you are. I know all of our forced bi conditioning has been doing it’s job. You will suck a dick for me and when you do I want you to be the best cock sucker. I want guys to be aching for your little sissy mouth. I want them to pay you extra for your amazing blow jobs. And then you’re going to bring all that cash back to me.

I’m going to train you on how to worship cock today. So go get a dildo because you’re going to be following along as I worship my dildo with my sexy mouth. You see it’s not just about opening up and shoving a big dick in your mouth. You have to take your time, you have to please every inch of that cock, and for that you need my training. I want you to think of big cock as your God and you are going to worship that dick. Because that’s your job, isn’t it faggot?

And make sure you make eye contact when you’re sucking so he knows you want to be a good little sissy for him. Why is it you want to worship big cock so much? Is it because you’re not packing much down there. When you start to worship big cocks you’ll realize how superior it is to you and you’re going to want to bow down and worship it. So get on your fucking knees as you worship that dildo just as I instruct you.

And as you’re down on your knees looking up at that big cock, I want you to open wide, stick your tongue you, and worship it with your tongue before taking it as far down your sissy throat as you can. I don’t care if you start gagging, shove it down your throat. Watch me faggot. I’ll show you. Now stroke with one hand as you shove that cock down your throat with the other so you begin to associate sexual pleasure with sucking. I’m conditioning you faggot. Make enthusiastic noises as you suck it to show him how much you worship it. Show that cock how hungry you are for it. Your goal is to make that cock cum. This isn’t about your cock as much as you might be stroking it furiously right now. This is about worshiping superior cock.

I’m going to show you so many techniques to make you the best little cock sucker out there. You’re going to love sucking cock with me. Faggots like you need to learn to worship cock. And you’re going to cum so violently from being so turned on by sucking dick. And then you’re going to eat it because you need to know what it tastes like. You need to be trained to love cum. Not only are you going to learn to worship cock, you’re going to become my little cum bucket.
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Goddess Sahrye

So be honest… Do you wanna fuck and suck black or white cock? Do you want that big black cock in you? Are you a size queen slut loser? Do you want twelve inches of massive black cock rammed down your throat? Or shoved in that sweet, tight little ass of yours? Or maybe you envision yourself being fucked by a delicious, throbbing huge white boy dick? Do you prefer a white boy going to town on that ass? Do you even have a preference you cock loving fag?

I don’t think you have a preference. As long as it’s huge. Just as long as it’s long, thick and veiny, you want it, in your ass and in your mouth. But I know some of you do have a preference. Some of you want that black cock, you find it so degrading. Either way you’re just a cock hungry cunt, a pathetic dick loving loser. Giant fat cocks just cause you to open your mouth up wide and take them down your throat, black or white.

You just wanna be on your knees sucking like a fag, bobbing your head up and down as you choke on it. That makes your cock so hard. Black or white you’re still a dick hungry cock sucking loser, aren’t you? It doesn’t matter does it? As long as it’s fucking huge. You want them in your mouth and in your ass and you want them to dump their huge loads all over you. Who gives a fuck what color they are? You cock hungry loser. You want them all. You want to get down on your hands and knees and take that cock until he busts a nut in your ass or on your face.

Or maybe you want both. A white one in your mouth, a black one in your ass, taking them both at the same time. Isn’t that your fantasy? The thought of that just makes your cock just fucking pulsate. Black or white, big cocks all feel the same. You just want it deep inside of you, filling every hole you have. You’re just a cock hungry fag and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’ll bet you can’t choose, you’d just take whatever cock was in front of your face. You want them all, you fucking faggot! You don’t give a fuck about the color just as long as you can have it. You’re just a cock hungry loser. Why limit yourself? I don’t care if you do have a preference, you’re still just a fag to me. So suck any color cock you want faggot.
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This is no denying you undoubtedly have huge gay tendencies. The word ‘dick’ makes your eyes light up and vast amounts of bloo.d rush to your groin area. It makes you horny and totally submissive and you don’t know why but you like it. You’re so easy to encourage, just that word sends shivers of horny excitement down your spine but when I lure you in deeper, encourage to stroke and tease you with hot, meaty cocks you are shouting from the roof top just what you are, just what you ache and just what you want and thats cock right now.

Admit it, tell everyone and submit yourself to cock like you ache for so much. Cock rules you, it makes you feel completely inferior and you want any meaty load possible right now.You will be my little gay boy even if I have to force you. I know deep down this is really what you want, isn’t it. Open wide, suck it, show me how much you love it. Cum for me, cum for cock and submit to your addiction gay boy.
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Princess Kelly Sunshine

You asked me out so many times and today I finally said yes. And we had such a good time! And I agreed to go because you said you’d pay for everything and well I just felt like being spoiled. I know how badly you want me and I love teasing you with my hot body. But I don’t want the night to end, I want to party. And there’s this after party I really want to go to but it’s going to be hard to get in. But that’s where you come in.

The party is at this big mansion and the guy who owns it is this older, really well known gay guy so I can’t use my beauty and charm to manipulate him like I can most guys. So I was thinking, since you do look kinda good tonight, and people have asked me if you are gay. I know that you’re straight and all but maybe you could help get us into the party. I know you’d do anything to continue hanging out with me. You’ve wanted this for so long.

So I know the guy who’s working security at the party and I sent him your picture and he thinks that he could get you in with the owner of the house. And well… you’re going to have to do more than flirt with him to get us in. I think, that if you gave him a blowjob, maybe we could get into the party! LOL! C’mon won’t you do this for me? I really, really want to go to this party. I thought you liked me and that you’d do anything just to spend some more time with me. So if you do this and can get us in, maybe I’ll consider having sex with you.

But that’s a big Maybe. That is if I’m not hooking up with some hot guy at the party then we could go back to my place and you could see what’s underneath this hot little outfit I’m wearing. But… you’re going to have to prove yourself to me first. I wanna go to this afterparty and you’re my best bet at getting in. You’ve really never done anything with a guy before? Really?

It’s not that hard, I’ve done it, all you have to do is get down on your knees and close your eyes and think about how happy you’ll be making me. Think about the possibility of having sex with me. Just open your mouth and take his old cock into your mouth! LOL! C’mon it won’t be that bad. I’m sure he’ll cum quick. Lol! Do this for me. And if you don’t I’m going to tell everyone that you’re a complete loser and a pervert. You don’t want that, do you? Don’t you remember how hard it was for you to get me to go out with you in the first place, do you really want to fuck this up? I know you want to please me and give me what I want and this is what I want. So you’re going to suck this old guy’s cock for me and maybe afterwards… well we’ll have to see.
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This is the most intense big cock gay faggot brainwash clip we’ve ever produced. Images of the biggest, most beautiful cocks will fill the screen and your brain. It’s filled with huge cocks shooting their loads, men at glory holes, with subliminal messages flashing across the screen, permanently etching themselves on your empty brain. It will be impossible to get these images and these words out of your brain once you have experienced this brainwashing video that will completely rewire your brain, turning you into the big cock sucking faggot you know you are.

The audio is filled with layers upon layers of voices, urging you on, coaxing you, whispering in your ear, encouraging your gay tendencies. Wear stereo head phones and you will hear the different voices in different ears simultaneously, overwhelming your brain and your senses, making it impossible for you to think straight. Once you are deep, the voices will feel as if they’re speaking to you from inside your own head. It is during this time that the reprogramming will begin, and once it starts, there is no turning back.

So put this video on full screen, put your headphones, turn out the lights, feel your cock throb, and know that you’ll never be the same again faggot. You’ll be nothing but a reprogrammed, brainwashed, cock hungry faggot.
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