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Finger your ass, edge for me, and lastly eat your cum for me! When Ellie is in control, you can’t help but turn into an eager little cum whore!!!
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Rikki and Jade are just getting started. They make Rikki’s pathetic husband worship their feet while they kiss, caress, and eat eachother’s pussies. He is not allowed to interact with the two women at all, and is reduced to licking the sweat off of their feet and watching what he cannot have.
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Slave Ray was up for the weekend to visit his Mistress Mandy and be her film bitch. We’re watching tv with our feet propped on him like a footstool. My husband decided this would make for a good video so he grabbed the camera and started filming. We then proceed to making him lick our feet, humiliating him as we giggle. He slurps our soles eagerly as we relax on the couch. At the end we stuff all 4 of our feet into his slobbering mouth, stretching his lips out far! Silly old Ray! You’ll do whatever we say, with a grin from ear to ear!
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