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Leather ladies Tina and Liza arrive at the house they been wanting to buy but nobody seems to be around. Both ladies are feeling very hot in their leather dresses on this sunny day and decide, seeing they are alone anyways, to have some fun with each other.
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A bitch has to have some use in my world or there’s no reason to keep it around. This one gets to do my laundry while I’m out and serve as my coat rack when I get home. I was feeling generous so I let it hold my favorite metal studded leather jacket. I know those spikes hurt, especially when I step on it, but coat racks can’t complain really, can they? They just beg for more! The lucky little object then got to lick my sweaty toes and suck up a chocolate kiss from my feet. Even coat racks need to eat once in a while!
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Spotlighted Submissive Gets Sublime Surprise

Just about every model who comes through our dungeon has inhibitions about one thing or another. At some point during their time with us, almost every single one has a moment where they are clearly only scared or only in pain, almost like they don’t want to be doing what they’re doing anymore. Blossom, however, never for one second has that moment. She loves every single bit of the work she does and you can read it plainly on her face.

At first, London River has her tied up, face down on the floor, her wrists lashed tightly to her ankles in a hogtie. Slowly, London undresses her, first removing the high heels, then pulling her skirt up so she has access to her ass. London starts caning her feet and moves up her calves all the way to her thighs. The sound of the whacks as the cane makes contact with skin is remarkable, showing just how hard London is hitting, but equally remarkable is the sound of Blossom’s laughter as she is beaten. She looks like she is having the time of her life.

London has a field day with her, since it isn’t so often that she gets a model who is so ready and raring to try out anything she wants to do to them. She pulls a bag over Blossom’s head to make it hard for her to breathe and wraps her mouth in an electrical tape gag. She splays Blossom out spread eagle on the floor, her wrists tied to the ground as far out as they can be stretched. She attaches binder clips all over her body, going as far as to clip one on her tongue. Blossom flinches now and again, but mostly she just eats it up. She lives to take a beating, and right now she is living life to the fullest.
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Miss Tiffany

Do you see these heels loser? You bought them. Eight hundred dollars down the drain and onto my perfect feet. And they are just fucking gorgeous. Look how sexy they are. I know you want to worship them, you’re desperate to kiss the heels that you paid for you. There’s nothing like a sexy red pump on your favorite Princess, is there loser? Especially when you worked so hard to buy them for me. And the only reward you get, is to lick the soles.

So get down on your knees and beg to kiss them, beg me to buy me more. I always need new high heels loser. Now I’m going to let you stare only at my heels because that’s all you really deserve to see of me. You didn’t buy me this dress, why should I let you see it? But you don’t care, you’re a foot boy, all you want are my feet in these expensive heels. Just look how good my legs and feet look in them. You’re going to need to buy me more, just so you can worship them. And I only wear expensive heels loser. I won’t settle for less, nor should I have to. Kiss them, kiss the bottoms you fucking idiot. I don’t want loser pay pig slobber on the leather. Kiss the feet you love to spoil. You know my feet deserve them.

Keep worshiping my new heels you little pay pig. I deserve more and you fucking know it. I find it funny how badly you want to be my number one foot slave. And you’ll spend your whole paycheck for that privilege. Don’t you just love seeing your cash on my feet after I r.@.ped your wallet? I know it makes your cock throb. Lick the soles and thank me allowing you to purchase these heels for me. I don’t have to let you, you know. It’s a privilege to pay for my shoes.

Look how fucking hard you are as you worship the heels you paid for. You’re so weak for them. You and your stupid wallet belong to me. You’re addicted to being my foot bitch, you’re addicted to spoiling me. Nothing else makes you this horny. So you’re trapped in an endless cycle of shoe buying and worshiping. Admit it, buying me shoes gives you such a rush. Tell me how grateful you are that I’m allowing you to be my shoe slave, tell me how grateful you are that I’m going to r.@.p.e your wallet. And all you get in return, is licking the bottoms of my heels. You’re so fucking pathetic. But you can’t stop yourself because your dick won’t stop twitching to the thought.
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We have had Dee Williams around for a while now so she knows our handlers pretty well. Still, we would like our audience to get to know her a little better, so, as we do with all our models on their live feeds, we take the time in the beginning to ask her a few questions about herself. Dee, her neck held down to the ground by a metal collar, answers questions from our handlers and our audience about her desires, her fantasies, her fears, and whatever else they want to hear about her. As she does we point a heat lamp at her pussy to keep it nice and warm while everybody gets ready.

Our handlers start out light on Dee, since, with hours ahead of them with her company, they have all the time in the world to ramp things up. First they wrap her tits up in rope, making a lovely harness that makes her breasts look even more round and perky than they are on their own, and Dee’s got some pretty nice breasts. Then they tie her arms with her elbows over her head and her hands behind her back. With her arms out of the way, Matt Williams takes the moment to smack her ass around with a flogger, leaving it red, but not yet bruised.

After that, Matt lays Dee down on top of a large wooden box on her stomach. He folds her legs back and ties her ankles, connecting that rope to the one around her arms. He yanks it tighter and tighter, pulling Dee into a more and more uncomfortable hogtied position. Now she is ready for the rest of what they have planned.
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Dee Williams is back on Sexually Broken for a reason, No, it’s not because she is my wife, it is because she simply puts most LA girls to shame.

Dee is brutally bound in a category five sex position, is completely stuck on the world’s most powerful vibrator, the Sybian. She then is put through one of the most extreme Face Fucking scenes, all the while cumming almost non-stop while deep throated. Most LA models can only do one of those things at the same time. Dee is in the top 1%.

If you enjoy watching Bound girls getting completly sexaully destroyed with out any hitting or pain, then you my friend have found the motherload!
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