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Oh look at poor cucky. Look at all his slimy cum – your real man rival’s Alpha cumloads. He knows you’re going to be eating it today – I told him we were going to make you eat his cumloads. I’m going to pour all his loads into a glass so you can guzzle it down like a good little cum swallowing beta wimp. I thought it might me nicer for you if I added a little bit of Alpha Goddess Spit to your delicious drink. Would you like that cucky? How does it look – your superior master’s thick cum all mixed in with your superior Goddess’s spit? It looks fucking disgusting to me but you’re going to slurp up every drop aren’t you. I think it’d be cool if I recorded you as you gag on every mouthful so I can show our stud how you drink down his cum. I know he’d find it fucking hilarious. He gets to cum – and all you get is to eat cum. That’s kind of it for you cuckold isn’t it. You’re a cum eater and I’m going to watch and laugh as you clean up every drop of this cum and spit cocktail. So gross!
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OMG look at all this sissy porn on your PC. Guys in panties and maid uniforms getting humiliated – this is fucked up! I don’t know whether to laugh or vomit! I need to call Charlotte right now – she’s gonna find this fucking hilarious! So y’know Charlotte works at the swanky department store? Well she’s found the BEST way to punish you for all that sissy porn I found on your PC. I called her and told her all about your fucked up fetishes and after we’d finished laughing about what a total faggot you must be, she came up with an awesome punishment just for you missy! So this is what’s gonna happen sissy-missy. We’re going to take you to the salon for the works. Hair, nails, makeup. You’re going to look so so pretty by the time they’ve finished. I know it’s going to be humiliating for you – perched up high on that stool while all the store girls giggle at you and the shoppers walk by, laughing and pointing at you but that’s too bad sissy because after you’ve been made to look like a flawless girl we’re going to dress you like one to. We’ll find the perfect outfit for you to grab attention in. It’s going to be the most humiliating day of your life and you’ll get to relive it over and over again because it’s all going to be recorded! And the best thing is – it’s going to be used in the stores ad campaign – IF WE CAN MAKE A GUY LOOK THIS GOOD – IMAGINE WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU GIRLS! Your sissy makeover will be everywhere. Online, maybe even TV! Aw boo-hoo for the poor exposed sissy!
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Y’know what I love most about cuckolding you? More than all the awesome sex my big, hung stud gives me? More than making you buy all the expensive lingerie, all the hot outfits, and paying for our date-nights? What I love the most is watching HIM bully you! OMG I love it SO MUCH! The way my bull puts you in your place, humiliates you and emasculates you right in front of me drives me wild! It’s so fucking hot. No matter how hard you try to please us and keep on his good side, he still finds a way to smash you down a peg or two. I mean besides physically bullying you – spanking you in front of me, pushing you around and making you suck his cock – he’s an expert at psycholically bullying you too. I love it when he makes you thank him for fucking me and making you call him sir! I love it when as he’s fucking me hard in our bedroom he tells you you’re going to be next. The fear and humiliation on your face makes me want to cum so quickly! I love it when he tells you to clean up his cum after he’s emptied his huge alpha load. Most of all I love it when he bullies you in public. Loudly telling you to buy something hot for him to fuck your girlfriend in at the lingerie store. Calling you bitch, sissy or cuckold when we’re all out together. He loves to bully you and I LOVE to watch him bully you.
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So what happens to a desperate loser like you when a Cruel Girlfriend like Jessie Jensen locks your horny little cock into a chastity device? Watch me smile menacingly as I click the padlock shut and listen as I torment you with the helpless situation you’ve found yourself in. You’re lying under the perfect, toned body of the most beautiful girl you could ever hope to be with your cock caged away and totally unable to get hard. How long will I keep you like this huh? You could be locked up like that for days, weeks, maybe even years! Only I decide if you ever get to use your cock again. Until then I’m going to make you suffer inside that device! You’re going to be completely unable to get hard or touch yourself no matter how frustrated you get. Just look at me loser. You’re going to be so desperate to get out of that device, to touch your pathetic hard cock but it’s just not going to happen! I’m going to tease you and tease you with my gorgeous body and perfect tits while you squirm unable to enjoy a single bit of pleasure. Listen to my cute giggle as your cock twitches in it’s little prison, bursting to get out. I LOVE the look of defeat on your face – you are totally helpless – there’s nothing you can do to scratch this itch. You’re going to stay horny, frustrated, teased and denied for a very very long time. But tonight, I have a date so I’m going to leave you there, tied to the bed with your poor little cock crying tears of precum, while I head out with my real man and his big uncaged alpha-cock.
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Goddess Chloe

So you signed up for the member for life blackmail program. And then you begged to be locked out of the site. Do you realize what a fucking idiot you are? You’re being blackmailed to pay for a site that you don’t even have access to! Wow you losers sink to new lows all the time, but this is the most pathetic. Paying and being blackmailed to have no access at all to the brats or their videos. And the most fucked up part of all is that you asked for this, you begged for it, so you could feel so fucking stupid!

So now we’re taking your money and you have no access to anything the site offers. You must feel so stupid, yet somehow it makes your cock hard. But what are you going to do now? I mean I know you still want to see the brats and our videos. You still want to jerk your cock off to all the beautiful Goddess of HumiliationPOV. So what’s the solution? You’re going to have to become a clip junkie. You’re going to have to pay to see the clips you want, even though you have a full membership. This let’s you spend even more money on us and makes you feel even dumber. But you love that. This turns you on so much, being fucked over again and again by the brats of HumiliationPOV. You’re a locked out member for life. You’re the lowest form of member that there is. Being blackmailed to be a customer for life wasn’t enough for you. You needed to be degraded even more. So once you begged to be a member for life, and then you begged to be locked out. God and there are soooo many of you!

Does the denial turn you on? Of course it does. Does this scare you? It should, because now you’re going to be addicted to something else, you’re going to become a clip junkie. But not just any clip junkie, a clip junkie who could watch all of the videos, but chooses instead to be locked out and forced to become a clip junkie. Pathetic. You’re not going to be able to stop yourself from buying all the hot new clips that you can’t see with your locked out member for life membership, LOL!

You begged to be a member for life, you begged to be locked out, and now your only option is to spend even more. You’re so stupid. So now you’re not only a locked out member for life, but now you’re a clip junkie, LOL! And you feel so good because you know you deserve this. You’re jerking off to the thought right now. You already know you could never have any of the girls on this site, and now you can’t even look at us, lol, unless you go buy the clips that you’re already paying for in your membership, LOL! You’re such a fucking idiot! And now you’re going to pay even more, you clip junkie. You love paying for denial, you just love paying, over and over, so you find new ways for us to fuck you over. You’re a locked out member for life and you love it. You’re such a fucking dumbass.

But I love that you’re such a junkie that you just can’t get enough. It feels so good being a clip junkie. I mean you really don’t have a choice any more now that you’re locked out of the site. You’re so addicted to us you just can’t stop yourself. You’re gonna pay for the clips and you’re gonna stroke your cock not only to the clip, but that you had to pay for something you already paid for. And you’re going to repeat this cycle over and over again. And endless cycle of denial. I’ll bet you don’t even go to the site anymore, I mean why would you, you can’t get in. So every day you go straight to our clip store to see the latest update that I know you’ll want to buy. Buy them all you stupid clip junkie!
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Princess Meggerz

Stop and take a look at yourself. Look at all the debt you’re in. Look at all the financial trouble I’ve placed you into. And yet you still can’t stop spending on me. I’ve literally destroyed you. I’ve got you falling down this dark little rabbit hole. You keep spending on me, everything you have. You offer it up to me, and even though you need this money to survive off of, you still can’t control yourself. You’d rather give it to me. You’d rather me be happy than you keep your head afloat.

This little path you’re going down, you’re eventually going to be in deep debt for me. There’s broke, and then even sexier, there’s deep debt. For me. And that’s what you want to be in. You want to blow it all on me. You want to give me every last bit you have in your name. It excites you so much that you can’t stop, no matter the consequences. You want me to take over your entire life, you entire future, as you sink lower and lower into debt for me.

Just thinking about it is so scary, but yet you find that so exciting, so hot. Giving every cent to me leaving you in deep dark debt for the rest of your life. Just to ensure that I get everything I want. That you played some sort of role in giving it to me. It’s so hot, so humiliating, it’s turning you on right now. Do you want to stroke to your debt? Yes, you wanna stroke while I guide you down this dark path. Destroying yourself all for my benefit and you can’t help yourself. You’re so weak and so vulnerable when I stand here in front of you. You wanna stroke and spend all for me.

Tell me how bad you want to ruin yourself for me. God that sounds so hot. You’re so turned on at the thought of me financially ruining you. I get everything I want at your expense and that’s fucking hot! And each time you spend to blow, you’re gonna go harder and faster to enjoy it. All you can possibly do for me is binge and spend. You’re such an addict. If you want to please me, then I want you to go broke for me. Keep stroking that horny little money dick. I want you horny and stupid as you listen to me.

Going broke for me is the hottest thing you could ever think of. Do you wanna cum being my little broke bitch in so much debt that I completely own you? Jerk that cock as I count your cash, all the way to your destruction. You’re just my cash cock. That’s all I see you as, a wallet.
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Miss Tiffany

Let me make this Very fucking clear… You will Never meet me loser, ever! I know you’re fucking obsessed. You buy all of my videos, following me on Twitter, emailing me, sending me gifts, hoping for any bit of my attention. But this, right here, is the closest you’re ever going to get to me. I love that you worship me, and I love fucking with you online, but that doesn’t mean that you’re ever going to meet me. There’s not one single fucking reason I can think of that I would want to meet you. I mean really, the only thing you have to offer me is your cash and I can take that online. I have been for years. Milking all of you losers and I’ve never met one of you, and never will! LOL!

I know how badly you want to meet me. You’ve been obsessing over my hot young perfect body for years. You write to me constantly begging to be in my presence, begging to be beneath my sexy heels. But meeting you wouldn’t do anything for me. It would only be for you, and I don’t really care about you. I just care about your money, and you already give that to me. So why the fuck would I meet you?! I can tell you from right here what a fucking loser you are. I don’t need to meet you for that, Lol!

And I know you’d love to worship me in person, but what that really means is that you want to jerk off to me and I don’t want to see that! Take a look at my perfect body loser, here it is, you can jerk to it all you want, from over there, far away from me. Eww I can’t imagine what it would be like to meet one of you knowing you spend all of your nights jerking off to me. Gross! Yea, I truly have no interest in meeting you loser. But that won’t stop you from obsessing over me, so I don’t have to meet you.

I only hang out with alpha males. I have no interest in meeting chronic masturbators who obsess over me. That’s kinda creepy. So I’m gonna stay right here, far away from you loser. I mean the real men I meet spoil me anyway and they’re not fucking creepy pervs. This perfect body you see in front of you, it will always stay on this side of the computer. So go on worship me, worship this perfect ass that you’ll never, ever get to meet, lol. Buying my videos and jerking off to me is the only place you have in my life. You’re just another loser to me. You jerking off to me, this is our bonding time, this is the closest you’ll ever get to me loser. I am a Goddess and you are a hand humping loser and our paths will never cross.
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Kelle Martina

You’re a sissy but you can’t go out dressed like a woman every day. Aren’t you lucky that one day a year, people get to dress up as whatever they want. And everyone thinks it’s just a fun costume. You’ve probably never worn any of your girly clothes outside the house before, right? Well what better opportunity than Halloween. On Halloween you can be anything or anyone, including a hooker, LOL! That’s right, you’re not just going to be a sissy, you’re going to be a sissy hooker.

I want you to get dressed up soooo slutty. I’m talking slutty high heels, stockings, a Short mini skirt, a wig, makeup. You should look like a street walking hooker, lol. I want you to be as trampy as you can get away with publicly. Lots of women like to express their more sexual side on Halloween so you should be able to be just as much of a slut. I want you to make sure you have plenty of time to make yourself look perfect before you walk out that door. I know the thought is exciting you. It’s something you’ve always wanted to do. And it’s totally socially acceptable to do.

And no one will know that deep down inside you really are that slutty sissy. We both know that you are that slutty sissy all of the time but you just can’t show it except for one day of the year. Isn’t it going to be so much fun to dress up and go out in public? I’ll bet you’re so excited to show off your sluttiest outfit and your highest heels! LOL! I want you to impress me, I don’t want you to look like a man in a dress, I want men to have to do a double take when they look at you! I want men lusting after you, LOL!

This is going to be your sissy debut! Aren’t you excited? Maybe you’ll even get lucky and some drunk guy will think you’re a girl and he’ll let you suck his cock, LOL! Or maybe he’ll know and he just won’t care because you look so fucking slutty and hot! You’re going to have so much fun being the sluttiest sissy hooker on the street.
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Luscious Lindsey

Honesty, do you really think with a body like mine that you matter? With a perfect, tight body like mine I certainly don’t give a fuck about a loser like you, I don’t have to. I see you for exactly what you are, who you are. You are nothing, you just don’t matter. Look at me, do you think you could ever matter to a hot girl like me? I don’t care about you at all, I don’t even know that you exist.

Every time you watch a clip do you just hope, do you think that if you spend enough just maybe you’ll matter to me? No, I’ll never care about you, no matter how much you spend, no matter what you do to try and get my attention, you will never matter to me. I don’t care about you. I might pay a bit of attention to you if you spend enough, but that’s only so I can take more. You’ll never have a chance with me, how does that make you feel? Does it hurt? I hope it does. You’ll never ever be good enough for me. You’ll never compare to a real man.

You will never be able to please a body like this. You wouldn’t even know what to do. You’d just be so completely lost that you’d just sit there and jerk off. You’d sit in the corner of the room and jerk off because that’s all you know how to fucking do. Just a fucking loser who can’t stop jerking to me. You worship me, you’re addicted to me, you want me to pay attention to you so badly. So you jerk and spend and jerk and spend. But you still don’t matter to me. You’re just one of so many. You mean nothing. My body is so perfect and so far out of your stupid loser league, that you just can’t help it. It’s beyond your control. Because I control you, I fucking own you. And you’re not going anywhere. Nothing is ever going to change for you loser. You’re so fucked.
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Kelle Martina

Hey loser, guess what I found under your mattress? A porn video of sexy nude coeds. Is that the kind of porn I want you watching? You were under strict directions, only to be consuming gay porn. Because you’re a little faggot. You don’t get any straight porn. Not ever again. You only get to jerk to big, fat cocks. In your mouth and in your ass, that’s all you get to jerk off to anymore. Don’t you remember when you confessed your little gay fantasies to me? Yea you did, and I encouraged them because you are a huge fucking loser faggot and no woman is ever going to fuck you. So it’s really better if you only focus on big cocks.

You see men are so much more desperate for sex. Even some straight guys want a tight ass or a wet mouth. Some guys are so horny they don’t care what hole they stick their dicks into. And that’s where you come in, the little faggot whore. You see I have you on this strict diet of gay porn so that you will start to become totally fucking gay for me. And once you’ve turned completely gay since you’ve been cut off from pussy, you are going to be whoring yourself out. And every dollar of that cash goes to me. You’re my little gay bitch.

And you obviously haven’t been doing your job of only stroking to gay porn. So take out your cock and jerk it. I want you stroke it and admit that you are a gay little faggot. Say it, “I’m a little gay faggot.” You’re my little whore and I fucking own you. And you’re never going to fuck a pussy again. You are my little faggot bitch and there’s nothing you can do about that.

You see your little dry spell of pussy is what led you here. You’re just a little loser. Do you think any woman would want to fuck you? Look at yourself in the mirror, do you honestly think a hot girl would fuck you? Of course not. If you ever want to get laid again you better learn to love cock. So tonight I want you to lock yourself in a room and beat yourself off to gay porn. I want you to jerk yourself silly, all night long.
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