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Alexa Nasha & Julia Roca – Walk of Shame

Silvia Rubi is back with two ready and willing slut slaves to parade and humiliate around town. Julia Roca and Alexa Nasha crawl on their hands and knees in a public disgrace walk of shame! The huge crowd gasps at these two beautiful perky whore’s amazing nude bodies. The duo are dragged too a crowded and rowdy club, where they are both tied up in rope bondage suspension and made to fuck and suck and take whatever comes their way! The bar turns into a huge fuckfest as patrons get naked and start wildly getting in on the fun. HUGE cum loads finally get drenched on Julia and Alexa’s gorgeous faces.
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In the back of a crowded bar Julia Roca is stripped completely naked and humiliated in front of every horny, rowdy patron. This slut needs to be taught a lesson in manners, Thanks Bitch! The crowd gets to all write nasty things on her tight body before she is fucked by huge cocks. This whore is completely frightened of electricity which causes her to scream with every terrifying orgasm! Gracias!
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PUBLIC DISGRACE: Jul 22, 2016 - Steve Holmes , Silvia Rubi , Pablo Ferrari and Julia Roca/Julia Roca is a shy, pretty, bitch!!!

Julia is a shy, naturally perky, brunette, slut & is ready to sing in pain for the horny public. First up she is taken to the park & must perform for everyone there. Her pathetic voice & dancing offends most of the park goers! Luckily they all get a perfect view of her beautiful tight ass & hairy pussy. Silvia Rubi wants to show off her slave even more & parades her through the crowded streets for all to enjoy, then ties her up in rope bondage & let’s the public have their way with her.
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