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Goddess Kelle Martina

So you’ve got a love for cock, do you? You absolutely cannot get the idea out of your head. The idea of getting on your knees and sucking on a big, thick, hard cock. It gets you so fucking excited. But after you cum, you feel this rush of guilt, of shame. And you wonder, ‘Am I gay because I like to jerk off thinking about sucking cock?’ Do you wanna know the answer? Before I answer I want you to know that I talk to lots and lots of men like you. Straight guys who would never date a man, kiss a man, or even take it up the ass.

But you want to know if your desires for sucking cock make you gay. You’re not gay, you’re totally straight. If you were gay would you be here jerking off to me? A beautiful woman. And when you jerk off is it exclusively to men, or is it to women telling you to suck cock? I think you do really love sucking cock, maybe you’ve never even done it, maybe you don’t even want to, but you love jerking off and thinking about it, don’t you? You love jerking off thinking about a huge cock spilling a huge load of cum right into your mouth. It turns you on because it is taboo, it’s something you’re not supposed to want, something that confuses your sexuality. That’s what makes it so exciting for you. Does that make you gay? Of course not. You can think about anything you want when you jerk off.

Now if you start hooking up with guys just to suck their cocks with no women around, well then you’re probably gay. But gay doesn’t fully encompass your sexuality, you’re much more complicated than that. Obviously you’re not gay if you’re here jerking off to me. So I’m here to encourage you to jerk off to lots and lots of cocks. It excites me to know you’re jerking for cock. That you really want that big thick dick in your mouth. Lots of women like me enjoy watching two men together. Do you think every girl who hooks up with another girl is gay? Of course not. They’re just like you, excited by something naughty.

Sexuality is very complicated and you are totally not gay. But I might call you that, but only because it really turns you on when I call you a little gay faggot. And why does it turn you on so much? Maybe you need to think about that? You can’t stop jerking off knowing that’s it’s alright to think about sucking dick. It’s alright to jerk for cock. It doesn’t make you gay. In fact you should watch more and more gay porn, just to make sure you’re not gay. In fact, I think you should go out right now and find a cock to suck, just to make sure that you’re totally not gay. I mean how are you gonna know until you’re on your knees with that big cock in front of your face and sucking it all down? How else are you gonna know?
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Kelle Martina

Do you see this huge cock? Of course you do, it’s kinda hard to ignore. You’re already salivating at the thought of being made to worship this massive cock. And it is massive, isn’t it? This long cock is as big as my forearm. Do you think you could take it all? I know a greedy little whore like you wants it so bad. So I’m going to tell you how I’m going to fit this huge cock into my little anal slut. Are you my anal slut or are you just my wanna be cock sucker?

I want you on all fours as I lube up this massive strap on. Then I’m going to spit on that little hole of yours and begin sliding my fingers into your ass, one by one, until I can fit my whole in your tight little hole. Now depending on what kind of whore you are, that might take minutes, or hours. I want you to be able to take all of this. Watch as it sways back and forth between my legs. You really want it, don’t you? First you’re going to have to suck it. I want you to suck it as deep as you can as I r.@.p.e.. that little mouth over and over again.

Then I’ll kick you down with my leather boots and spread your cheeks open and start to slide my massive cock all the way inside. How does that sound, little whore? Just look at this huge strap-on, imagine all the things I could do with it. It’s so thick, long, and delicious. I doubt you could fit even half of it in your mouth. Then I’m going to rub the tip around your hole and I’m going to slide it right in. Slowly at first, and then when you’re ready, I’m going to shove it all the way in, deeper and deeper, fucking that tight little hole of yours. And you’ll be crying like a little bitch as I fuck you like a bitch.

I’ve fucked hundreds of little cunts like you, begging me to fuck them with the biggest cock I’ve got. Your cock just doesn’t compare, does it? And you wonder if you could ever take a cock like this. But for now you’ll just jerk yourself silly to the sight of me with this massive cock. It makes you so fucking hard. And you want it so bad. I’d pound you senseless. You just want to please me and my big, black cock, don’t you?
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Kelle Martina

You’re a sissy but you can’t go out dressed like a woman every day. Aren’t you lucky that one day a year, people get to dress up as whatever they want. And everyone thinks it’s just a fun costume. You’ve probably never worn any of your girly clothes outside the house before, right? Well what better opportunity than Halloween. On Halloween you can be anything or anyone, including a hooker, LOL! That’s right, you’re not just going to be a sissy, you’re going to be a sissy hooker.

I want you to get dressed up soooo slutty. I’m talking slutty high heels, stockings, a Short mini skirt, a wig, makeup. You should look like a street walking hooker, lol. I want you to be as trampy as you can get away with publicly. Lots of women like to express their more sexual side on Halloween so you should be able to be just as much of a slut. I want you to make sure you have plenty of time to make yourself look perfect before you walk out that door. I know the thought is exciting you. It’s something you’ve always wanted to do. And it’s totally socially acceptable to do.

And no one will know that deep down inside you really are that slutty sissy. We both know that you are that slutty sissy all of the time but you just can’t show it except for one day of the year. Isn’t it going to be so much fun to dress up and go out in public? I’ll bet you’re so excited to show off your sluttiest outfit and your highest heels! LOL! I want you to impress me, I don’t want you to look like a man in a dress, I want men to have to do a double take when they look at you! I want men lusting after you, LOL!

This is going to be your sissy debut! Aren’t you excited? Maybe you’ll even get lucky and some drunk guy will think you’re a girl and he’ll let you suck his cock, LOL! Or maybe he’ll know and he just won’t care because you look so fucking slutty and hot! You’re going to have so much fun being the sluttiest sissy hooker on the street.
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Kelle Martina

Hey loser, guess what I found under your mattress? A porn video of sexy nude coeds. Is that the kind of porn I want you watching? You were under strict directions, only to be consuming gay porn. Because you’re a little faggot. You don’t get any straight porn. Not ever again. You only get to jerk to big, fat cocks. In your mouth and in your ass, that’s all you get to jerk off to anymore. Don’t you remember when you confessed your little gay fantasies to me? Yea you did, and I encouraged them because you are a huge fucking loser faggot and no woman is ever going to fuck you. So it’s really better if you only focus on big cocks.

You see men are so much more desperate for sex. Even some straight guys want a tight ass or a wet mouth. Some guys are so horny they don’t care what hole they stick their dicks into. And that’s where you come in, the little faggot whore. You see I have you on this strict diet of gay porn so that you will start to become totally fucking gay for me. And once you’ve turned completely gay since you’ve been cut off from pussy, you are going to be whoring yourself out. And every dollar of that cash goes to me. You’re my little gay bitch.

And you obviously haven’t been doing your job of only stroking to gay porn. So take out your cock and jerk it. I want you stroke it and admit that you are a gay little faggot. Say it, “I’m a little gay faggot.” You’re my little whore and I fucking own you. And you’re never going to fuck a pussy again. You are my little faggot bitch and there’s nothing you can do about that.

You see your little dry spell of pussy is what led you here. You’re just a little loser. Do you think any woman would want to fuck you? Look at yourself in the mirror, do you honestly think a hot girl would fuck you? Of course not. If you ever want to get laid again you better learn to love cock. So tonight I want you to lock yourself in a room and beat yourself off to gay porn. I want you to jerk yourself silly, all night long.
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Kelle Martina

Hello little jerk addict, I know you love stroking for me. And there is a reason that I love when you stroke for me. I mean I know why you love it, it feels good and it gets you off. But theres one very important thing that masturbation teaches you, obedience. Have you ever noticed how dumb you get the harder your cock gets? You turn into a total obedient jerk zombie. All the moves out of your brain and into your cock. You just get so weak. So start stroking. Yes that feels so good.

Youre going to start out stroking slow, and then Im going to make you go faster and faster as you get closer to cumming. But youre not allowed to cum until I say so. But for now, just jerking, nice and slow, up and down, jerking and jerking as I instruct you and tease you with my sexy body. Get into a rhythm, as you start to feel an overwhelming sense of obedience as I completely take over your brain. Youll start to feel more obedient for me the harder you jerk. You just want to in the feeling of submission and helplessness.

Jerk it faster. Dont you feel your will power draining away the more you stroke? All you want to do is be an obedient boy for me. Why do you think its so easy for hot girls like me to tease you out of everything? We can get you to do anything we want. For some reason the meaner I am to you the harder you get. You like it when girls are mean to you, when they turn you into a little stroke zombie. Dont stop jerking. I want you to jerk yourself until youre my obedient little pet.

As you get closer and closer to orgasm you become more pliable and obedient. I can make you do anything I want when I get you to stroke for me. Its just so much better when I tell you how to jerk for me, instead of your sad little habits jerking all by yourself. You need me. You need to be a good obedient boy for me. You just cant get enough of stroking, you love your hand around your cock, just pumping it again and again.

I know youre getting close. Cumming is your reward for being a good obedient boy. What you dont realize is that this instruction is just training you to be more obedient. Thats why I do this for you. Teaching you obedience through masturbation. Im molding you into exactly what I want. And that makes your dick even harder, knowing that Im changing you.
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Kelle Martina

You are such a little sissy arent you? Of course you are, if you werent such a sissy you wouldnt be jerking your cock off to this video right now would you? But the problem is, you are jerking to it. But youre too much of a bitch to give in to these desires of yours to be turned into a little whore, so Im going to make sure you become the sissy slut you truly dream of being. You see because you dont just want to just dress up, you want to suck and fuck huge cocks, lots of them at the same time. You want to be a sissy gangbang whore. That is what you what isnt it? Its what you fantasize about.

So Im going to dress you up in a slutty little outfit. Im going to turn you into the hot little bimbo youve always wanted to be, whether you like it or not. Men are going to find you irresistible. You see Ive told some men about you, about what a fag you are and how much you want to suck cock and well, they cant wait to meet you. Theyre going to make your fantasy a reality. Im going to arrange a gangbang party for my little sissy bitch. Youre going to be the center of everyones attention, lol.

Imagine how youre going to feel when I parade you in to a room full of men and show you off in your slutty little outfit for the first time. Youll be nervous, scared but so excited. Especially once you see all of their huge cocks. We both know what this is what you really want. So I want you to just let go, and become the sissy whore gangbang fag of your fantasies. Just give in to it. Youre going to be so vulnerable to whoever wants to fuck you in the ass or the mouth. Youre going to be a little cum dump. Im going to make sure of it.

Theyre going to humiliate, fuck and jizz all over my sissy bitch. Imagine all those huge cocks going in and out of all your holes. And Im going to look at you right in the eyes and laugh in your face. Theyre going to treat you like a little fuck doll because thats exactly what you are. Im going to fuck your world up, and youre going to love it. And while theyre pounding you and dumping loads on you, theyre going to be calling you names. I can see how hard your little sissy clitty is your panties right now just thinking about all of this. Youre going to be a cum covered sissy slut. LOL! Youre a total sissy cum dump, thats exactly what you are. You dont get to cum until youre covered in jizz. And youll say, Thank you Mistress for turning me into the sissy cum dump Ive always wanted to be.
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