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MeanWorld / MeanAmazonBitches: Assh LeeMeanWorld / MeanAmazonBitches: Assh Lee

Jack the Junkie has come to Miss Assh to buy some drugs. He’s desperate for a fix and will do anything to get his drugs. He tries to grab them from her but she overpowers him and knocks him on the floor. She knows he will do anything for some drugs so she decides to have some fun with him. She shoves her HUGE 46″ ASS in his face and orders him to eat it!!! FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, ASS WORSHIP, AND MORE!
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Goldie RushMeanWorld / MeanBitches: Goldie Rush

Hot bratty Goldie starts by saying “I know what you are into”. She calls you a pervert and tells you that she knows you like watching little 20 year old girls dominating older men. She says “You wish I was sitting on YOUR face!”. She makes you say “I wish I was there!” as she wipes her ass up and down on her slave’s face. She tells you to beg to be where her slave is, licking her ass. Then she tells you to be a good boy like him. She strokes his cock while she taunts you. She says “You are going to be my bitch today and do everything I tell you”. She moves into Doggie Style and tells her slave “Lick my Butthole… NOW”. She makes her slave show you her asshole and then she orders you to lick your screen. Then she makes him stick his tongue deep her in Ass! She finishes with a cum countdown for you while she sits on her slave’s face! HOT!
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Mistress Kristina Rose is back!! She locked her pathetic slave in a dog cage.. she starts by rubbing her ass all over the cage and making him smell it. She spanks his ass while she tells him what a whore he is, and lets him know that she will be whoring him out. She makes him sniff her asshole like the dog he is and then makes him lick her filty feet. GREAT DUNGEON SCENE WITH A LOT OF VERBAL HUMILIATION, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, AND FACESITTING!!
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MeanWorld / MeanDungeon: Luna StarMeanWorld / MeanDungeon: Luna Star

HOT Latina Goddess Luna Star in her FIRST EVER FEMDOM SCENE!! She starts by walking around her slave and inspecting him… she tells him he is worthless and that no woman would ever want him. She tells him he a dog, so she shoves her hot latina Ass in his face and makes him smell it. Then she makes him lick her boots. He knows she is superior to him so he obeys like a good dog. She strips down naked so she can spread her ass in his face and he enjoys the privilege of licking her dirty asshole. INCREDIBLE ASS WORSHIP in this one, along with intense Foot Worship. Luna is a natural Domme!! ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Vicki Chase

Office Vegas has come to arrest Vicki but she is very distracting. He finds himself unable to take his eyes off her beautiful latina ass, and he finds it very difficult to resist obeying her commands. He soon finds himself on his knees kissing her ass like a good pig! Ass Worship, Foot Worship, Facesitting, Handjob, and more!
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