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Princess London Lix

Hey you wanna be cock suckers, you fantasize about sucking a dick for me, don’t you? You think about your little whore mouth wrapped around a thick, juicy shaft. Perhaps you want to go to a glory hole and just suck cocks like crazy, taking load after load, marking you as the little fag boy that you are. I know all of our forced bi conditioning has been doing it’s job. You will suck a dick for me and when you do I want you to be the best cock sucker. I want guys to be aching for your little sissy mouth. I want them to pay you extra for your amazing blow jobs. And then you’re going to bring all that cash back to me.

I’m going to train you on how to worship cock today. So go get a dildo because you’re going to be following along as I worship my dildo with my sexy mouth. You see it’s not just about opening up and shoving a big dick in your mouth. You have to take your time, you have to please every inch of that cock, and for that you need my training. I want you to think of big cock as your God and you are going to worship that dick. Because that’s your job, isn’t it faggot?

And make sure you make eye contact when you’re sucking so he knows you want to be a good little sissy for him. Why is it you want to worship big cock so much? Is it because you’re not packing much down there. When you start to worship big cocks you’ll realize how superior it is to you and you’re going to want to bow down and worship it. So get on your fucking knees as you worship that dildo just as I instruct you.

And as you’re down on your knees looking up at that big cock, I want you to open wide, stick your tongue you, and worship it with your tongue before taking it as far down your sissy throat as you can. I don’t care if you start gagging, shove it down your throat. Watch me faggot. I’ll show you. Now stroke with one hand as you shove that cock down your throat with the other so you begin to associate sexual pleasure with sucking. I’m conditioning you faggot. Make enthusiastic noises as you suck it to show him how much you worship it. Show that cock how hungry you are for it. Your goal is to make that cock cum. This isn’t about your cock as much as you might be stroking it furiously right now. This is about worshiping superior cock.

I’m going to show you so many techniques to make you the best little cock sucker out there. You’re going to love sucking cock with me. Faggots like you need to learn to worship cock. And you’re going to cum so violently from being so turned on by sucking dick. And then you’re going to eat it because you need to know what it tastes like. You need to be trained to love cum. Not only are you going to learn to worship cock, you’re going to become my little cum bucket.
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London Lix: Extreme Mindfuckery To Cause Permanent Psychological Damage

London Lix

I know exactly what youre doing, youre crawling around this website, looking for the most extreme, fucked up clip you can find. Isnt that right? You want something that will really destroy that ego of yours, something that will cause permanent psychological damage. Youre not just a loser jerkaholic, youre a desperate, fucked up, brainwashed addict. Youre a drug addict and femdom brats are your drug. You just have to get a deeper, harder hit each and every time now, dont you?

You need verbal humiliation, you need to be flipped off, you need know how much I hate you, but yet that still doesnt really cut it anymore. It might make your dick twitch a bit but you really need something that is going to ruin that brain of yours. So youre not cumming to this today, this mindfuckery is only the foreplay. After you watch this, I want you to find the most extreme clip on this site and cum to that. The most fucked up thing you can find, the thing you never imagined yourself cumming to. But now, that youre such a junkie, you need it. Your psyche is going to be left in ruins today.

Jerk to my perfect body, I know it turns you on but even my hot body doesnt quite cut it for you anymore. You need to be completely mindfucked, brainwashed and humiliated. What the fuck happened to you? Now you find yourself seeking out the most twisted of things, just to reach that high. What was once extreme to you is no longer extreme. You need to find new lows. You need to keep falling deeper, spiraling out of control. You wanna jerk off to something that is twisted enough to fuck you up for good, something from where you will never get over the degradation of it.

You want to be ruined dont you? Jerk it faster as I get deeper in your head. You want to be ruined because you have no life. This is your life. You have nothing else but this. This is your excitement, your life is so boring that you seek out humiliation. And you do it because the most extreme humiliation makes you cum the hardest. Youre consumed.

Im conditioning you to need more and more extreme things to jerk off to. You crave more humiliation. You long to be used my little puppet, dont you? Its true and you know it. So what are you going to watch? How naughty, how taboo, how degrading, how risky are you going to get? I dont want you to ever recover from the complete degradation youre going to go through tonight.
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Humiliation POV London Lix: You've Ruined Your Sex Life With This Addiction

Princess London Lix

Admit it loser, HumiliationPOV really has ruined your sex life!

Youre a complete fucking loser. How do I know that? Its quite simple, if you werent a loser, you wouldnt be here watching this right now. Youd be fucking your wife, your gf or some girl you just picked up. But we both know thats not an option for you, didnt you? You fucking jerkaholic. So instead of fucking, you came to this website, pulled out your credit card, and started jerking that loser dick of yours.

And you might think, Whats the big deal, so I like to jerk to this stuff once in awhile, its a hobby. Well thats fine until that hobby starts to take over your life, until the lines between fantasy and reality become blurred, until you render your normal sex life completely fucking useless.

So sit back and stroke for me loser as I tell you exactly how you fucked yourself up. You have literally screwed yourself over with this addiction. Youve become an expert stroker instead of a great lover. How long have you been a little jerk junkie? Days, months, years, over a decade? LOL! Youve gotten so accustomed to jerking that its the only way you can get off now.

You could have done something useful with yourself in all those countless hours spent jerking, but you just cant stop jerking, which makes you completely useless for real life sex. Youve conditioned yourself by jerking years of your life away. You wouldnt even know what to do with a woman, you probably couldnt even get hard for real sex. You cant even talk to a woman let alone pick one up and fuck her. No you spend your time behind a computer screen so you dont have to do such a thing. And not just women, youve alienate everyone you little social fucking reject.

Youve ruined your sex life. And you might try and break free of this addiction, but its too late. Youve conditioned yourself, brainwashed yourself through years of lonely jerking. Bratty girls have fucked your mind and your sex life. So go on and stroke, theres really nothing else for you to do. Jerk your life away loser. You made yourself this way, its not my fault, is it now? Youre just a jerking little pay pig. Or a jerking clip addict. Youre a little jerk junkie, and youre a little wallet. Youve also conditioned yourself that you need to pay for a hot girls attention. This is your pathetic life cycle, you work to pay us for this abuse, and then you jerk and jerk, and then you do it all over again. Youre a pathetic jerk junkie whos completely ruined his sex life.
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Have your pop.pers bottle ready. London Lix and I have teamed up for a super hot jerk off instruction that will blow your mind! Every time we kiss, you’re going to inhale your pop.pers. Sounds easy enough right? The hard part is not coming before we allow you to!
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