Custom vid for Ryan, his name is used throughout. This is an interactive scene! I tell you exactly what you would be put through if you were ever lucky enough to be me slave. I would kick you in the balls, fuck you with a strap on and lock you in chastity. I would make you suck cock for me, even if you didn’t want to. You’re instructed to SMACK yourself in the balls every time I (randomly) say the word “smack!” I order you to get toothpaste or hot sauce & masturbate with it on your dick. In pain & humiliated I eventually order you to cum but you must lick it all up! (Props to have for this vid: your girlfriends flip flops or something to smack yourself in the balls with, you’ll cum on that item & lick your cum off of it. Toothpaste or hot sauce.)
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I know how much you want me and I love teasing you just how much you can’t have me.

You are so desperate to stroke to my hot body you will endure the teasing, the tormenting and the mental corruption I throw your way in hope that you may be allowed to cum. Inflicting constant agony on your balls you just become weaker and weaker with every guided stroke. A weak, stroking zombie is the title you experience today.

We both know I control your cock. Every single stroke is directed by me and that is exactly what is happening today. Teasing, edging and controlling your cock to sheer frustration.I make you weak and you instantly become a stroking robot for me. Waiting eagerly for your next stroke. I love pushing you further, making you so desperate to touch that worthless thing. I am going to test your obedience, your endurance and your true submission today. How bad do you want to cum? Will you? Well that is up to me. I will mentor your every move. Blue balled, and mind-fucked weaker than ever before you WILL follow my demands and stroke on my command. want to see you struggle to contain yourself as I torture you with my hot, tight body. Tormenting you further with what you ache for.
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1080 HD: In the first part of this clip, Amadahy has her slave in a metal ball stretcher. She reads a magazine and whenever she feels like it, she gives the device a few turns. The slave’s cock is already battered and extremely bruised from when she took a hammer to it earlier. The turns of the stretcher are very painful on its tender skin. Any amount of touching causes the slave pain. Amadahy orders the slave to touch itself. This is the one chance the slave will get to cum before going back into chastity. The slave does as its ordered and begins to masturbate, even though it is very painful. Amadahy will keep tightening the screws and stretching its balls while it tries to cum. If it can’t climax through the pain, too bad. It’s going right back into chastity with no orgasm. It probably can’t cum through the pain, but it continues to masturbate anyway, as he has been ordered to. Amadahy turns the stretcher until the slave’s skin opens up. In order to continue filming, we changed to a second device, one that crushes instead of stretches. After confirming the slave had been stretched to its maximum limit, we moved it into the crusher. The second part of the clip shows Amadahy tightening the screws on this CBT device. There is no way out of this thing without the tiny little Allen wrench it came with. Amadahy gets it securely in the steel crusher, then goes back to her magazine while it masturbates. She checks in to make sure it’s stroking all of its bruises, especially a huge black spot on the tip of its cock. The slave has been avoiding this tender spot where the hammer made impact, but it does as its told and touches the most damaged part. Once the slave is thoroughly stroking all the painful spots he was avoiding, Amadahy rewards him by tightening the crusher. Tightening the crusher is actually a reward, because it means the slave can continue masturbating. Here is the challenge: every ten seconds from this point on, Amadahy will tighten the screws three turns. She makes the slave stroke through the pain. The slave is very confused. It doesn’t want the device to be turned because it’s painful. It doesn’t want to be out of the device, though, because that means chastity. It wants to cum, but cumming means taking more pain. See, this is a very effective way of conditioning a chastity slave into becoming a masochist. Amadahy makes a tourniquet out of rope so that the slave cannot lose its erection from the pain. She takes away the lube and makes the slave pay for the gift of her spit with three additional turns of the screw. Gradually, Amadahy tightens the crusher as tight as it can possibly go. When she’s reached what feels like the end, she tries giving it three more good turns until there is absolutely no room left. Then, Amadahy gives the slave a cum countdown. The cruel Princess counts down very fast, leaving the slave no real opportunity to cum. Even after all the pain it has endured, it is completely denied. No reward, no release, just more pain and chastity.
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Princess Mika

Hey loser, we’re going to play a card game called War. Don’t worry, it’s really simple to understand, even someone as stupid as you can understand it. If I get the higher card, I’m going to give you a task to do, and if you do, I will tease you and drive you crazy with my perfect body. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

I wonder what you’re going to enjoy more, my humiliation assignments or my sexy body? I mean I know you love staring at me mindlessly while you jerk, but you also love humiliating yourself, especially when it’s to obey me. Either way, you’re going to love this game. And luckily for you, I’m not going to cheat. You’ll get to see me shuffle and pick out the cards at random, so even I don’t know what’s going to happen.

I’m not going to reveal too much, I want it to be a surprise for you as much as it was for me. You’re just going to enjoy the attention I give you, whether it be a tease or an assignment. I just love playing games with you and toying with you. The truth is I win either way. If I give you an assignment, it’s going to benefit me or entertain me, and if I have to tease you, my body will mindfuck you into more of an addict for me. It will be a reminder of why you worship me.
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Do as I say, edge and spit on your dick to edge more. You’ll follow along like a good boy as I tease you a lot with my hot tight body. I know why you are here little man. You need me, you need to obey me. You must get naked when I demand it. Keep spitting on your dick for me. Beat your meat you hand humper. That’s what you are. I’ll give you a countdown. Tease you more. Stop and going, never knowing which countdown will make you cum!
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Mandy Flores And Princess Allison have an amazing red light/green light game for you to play. Allison is green light and Mandy is red light and you will also see red and green hues added to the video to assist you braindead fucktards!/em>

It’s time to play a game, and my favorite game is Red light, Green light. But this time it’s going to have a little twist. Green light, you get to stroke to your heart’s desire. But you’re not allowed to cum until we give you permission. And when the Red light comes on, you have to let go of that cock, no more stroking. But that’s not all, during the Red light, I’m going to dish out some naughty cock and ball torture instructions on you. This is going to be so much fun. I know you’re already hard with anticipation. Are you ready? Are you going to get a satisfying orgasm or will you be left with blue balls in agonizing pain?

Green light, go ahead and stroke it however you want, fast or slow. Enjoy it while you can. Do you enjoy looking at us while you get to stroke? We know you do… Red light! I can’t wait to punish you. I want you to slap your dick five times. Oh did that hurt? I’ll bet it did. And Green light.. get that dick hard again even if it hurts. Jerk it for us loser.

Red light, I love red light. This time I want you to make a fist and punch your balls ten times. Ouch! Hold your dick and punch your balls loser. And Green light, jerk it again, if you can after all that pain. Stroke it to two beautiful Goddesses who are controlling your orgasm right now. Hurry up and enjoy Green light. Red light! Stop jerking!

Now put some ice on your balls and hold it, freeze your balls. It must be so cold, it’s going to be so numb. And Green light. Jerk it with your numb balls. Red light! I want you to take a wooden spoon and I want you to slap your dick and balls as hard as you can five times. Green light. Do you think you can cum now? Are you even hard now? Jerk it and cum right now. Because if you can’t… Red light! Awww did we ruin it for you? Was it too hard to cum in time? Fucking loser, we think you bought this clip because you get off on pain and denial.
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Let’s play a Bunny Game! How fun does that sound? You have to follow my rules, and jerk your cock when I say. The rules are not up to you. They are up to me. I’m going to have lots of fun with this one. Are you ready to play ? Remember that I have full control of your cock!
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Custom vid, no name mentioned. Jerk off instruction featuring mouth/lips/lipstick fetish, boot fetish & ass fetish. Cum countdown. Punishments for ejaculating before the end of the vid.
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