Ahh the sweet taste of controlling you, even down to your breathing. You think you can take popp$rs in huge abundances. You’ve sniffed a lot, have all my clips stored lustfully in your computer. Sometimes you need a harder hit. You will take a harder hit today, a harder mind fucking, a harder, more intense mental meltdown.

Now listen up, follow all my instructions, as I turn you into a total zombie. Be prepared to hit that bottle harder than ever!
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Your weaker than ever and aching to be toyed with. One way of ensuring you are deep under the influence is by sniffing those akyl nitrates. To hit that bottle and inhale like a little desperate bitch sends a euphoric rush and weakness through you. You want to be , you beg to be ruined and that control I have over you feels you with excitement. You want to sniff, sniff, sniff and you want to be as a high as a kite all under my supervision.

So go on, put that bottle to your nose and inhale nice and deep. Show me how fucked up you can get. I want to see how easy it is to toy with your life, to break you down, to cause havoc in your mind and penetrate your soul with my venom. With each hit you are int0xicatig yourself to a huge downfall. Your world step by step will deteriorate and you will be hooked on your new, me.
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It feels you with fear but it also turns you on like nothing else. When your high on horniness you can’t help but steer your mind to blackmail, it’s what you ache for and that feeling you crave. To totally lose control, to play with fire and to really put your life on the line.

You know its dangerous grounds, you know its something you shouldn’t tempt but you always want what you can’t/shouldn’t have, right?

Your dick throbs at the thought of finally losing control to me, to feel powerless and constantly anxious but yet horny. You have wanted to feel this feeling for so long, to have your fate in my hands. Family life, work life. none of it comes in consideration when you have your eyes transfixed on my seductive curves. They lure you into a deep trap and there is no way out. I want to see you suffer, I want to leave you feeling constantly anxious. Knowing that your priority is my happiness from now on, you must keep up with my demands or face the very scary consequences of losing it ALL.
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This is no denying you undoubtedly have huge gay tendencies. The word ‘dick’ makes your eyes light up and vast amounts of bloo.d rush to your groin area. It makes you horny and totally submissive and you don’t know why but you like it. You’re so easy to encourage, just that word sends shivers of horny excitement down your spine but when I lure you in deeper, encourage to stroke and tease you with hot, meaty cocks you are shouting from the roof top just what you are, just what you ache and just what you want and thats cock right now.

Admit it, tell everyone and submit yourself to cock like you ache for so much. Cock rules you, it makes you feel completely inferior and you want any meaty load possible right now.You will be my little gay boy even if I have to force you. I know deep down this is really what you want, isn’t it. Open wide, suck it, show me how much you love it. Cum for me, cum for cock and submit to your addiction gay boy.
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My HOT sweat seduces you, makes you feel weak and vulnerable. A sweat addicted loser who would give anything for one whiff of my post gym body. To taste…
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This addiction has really got a hold of you. It rules your life. Every single thing is centered around your huge addiction to Femdom clips. It has completely overtaken normal living. It affects your work, social life and even your family. You are desperate to cure this crippling obsession. If you don’t you are incapable of leading a normal every day life. You book a session to see Therapist Miss Morgan to discuss this dis-functional behaviour, hoping she can help.

On arriving you are totally taken back by your beautiful therapist. You are advised that Hypnotherapy is the best course of action and you happily agree.

Once under you are taken full advantage, you are turns into a drooling, addicted pay pet and your addiction to Femdom clips is strongly encouraged. You will want to serve your therapist, to be owned by such a beautiful superior women is your aim. You are completely under her spell now, there is no running away. Doing everything she demands and wanting to push the boundaries to make sure your Therapist gets all that she deserves.

Now 3, 2, 1, wake up….
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Go on, try your hardest not to touch. I thought so, you can’t hold back in stroking to cock can you. You try your hardest to keep your little secret at bay but there is no denying that big, meaty cock makes your dick throb with excitement. Dick is what gets you off, it makes you horny and it makes you weak. Stroking to cock gives you such a satisfying feeling It makes you horny at one glance and the orgasm you feel is euphoric. I want you to show me just how much you love cock today. I want you to stroke like the little slut you are.

I want to encourage your fantasy of sucking cock, I want to make it reality. I want to get deep inside your sub world and toy with your emotions. I want you on your knees, sucking the thickest superior cock and becoming one of my cock sucking workerbees. You want that meaty load bad don’t you? You want to be treated like a little pathetic bitch? and you want to become my cock sucking whore. So stroke to cocks, show me how much of a loser and an addict you are to cocks.
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Your obsession with the superior cock is no longer a secret. You fantasise about ebony dick, your worthless, non-existent dick is no comparison to the length, girth and thickness of dark meat. Black cock makes you feel inferior, less of a man but also makes you feel very horny. You are nothing more than a slut for ebony cock, it’s the ONLY thing that gets you off now. Your daily thoughts turn to big, juicy black dick thoughts. You are unable to control your urge to worship black dick. I want you to worship black cock today, I want you to embrace your inner slut and stroke yourself stupid in submission to superior cock. You will be left aching for black, desperate to have your lips wrapped around a huge, big meaty black load. Worship as I demand.

Cum to black cock loser!
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You have been designed to serve and spend. You know it is your duty to spend on me, to ensure my life is of high class luxury only funded by you. You deserve nothing in return but feel great privilege with every tribute you send my way. I want to ensure that you see your cash drain away right before your eyes.

It’s so easy to take your cash. Cash makes me hot and spending on me makes you even hotter. I push you to spend more and more each time, acting to hit that new high. Without me your world would be nothing. So you must secure this in way of cash in abundance.

How much will you spend today? How many times will you hit that tribute and what kind of financial trouble will your horny ways land you in today? Let’s play, time to spend, spend and spend.
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I think you deserve some BLUE BALLS today! Go ahead and stroke, I’ll be HEAVILY TEASING YOU! Bite your hands in the mean time…. buy this clip to figure out what I mean by that. Stop and go jerking is a fun game isn’t it?!
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