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Princess Kaelin

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a euphoric experience characterized by a tingling sensation on the skin, precipitating relaxation. This feeling is caused by ear to ear whispering and gentle sounds causing what some call a brain-gasm. It triggers intense feelings of relaxation combined with spine tingling sensations. The idea of combining ASMR with femdom is relatively new and something we have been exploring here on HumiliationPOV as we believe it will cause you to enter deep states of subspace. This is an audio/visual asmr clip which contains some visuals which you can actually ‘feel’.

You’re here to experience something that you’ve never experienced before. Today, I’m going to use ASMR to fuck you up. There’s something so intimate about whispering in your ears. And as you feel the warmth in your ears, I’m going to tell you how to jerk that cock exactly as I say. So start jerking. Good boy. Stroke it, good boy, just like that. Now take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. It feels so good, it helps you relax. This will be some relaxing intimate time with me, and just me. So relax and enjoy this time alone with me. Each breath makes your more relaxed and takes you deeper. Exhale all that stress away. Let it go.

This time is about you becoming weaker for me, weaker in the mind. It’s about using your cock against you. I will use hyp n0 s!s, ASMR, and my hot body to make you weaker than you have ever been. Stare deeply into my beautiful eyes, finding them irresistibly mesmerizing. Falling deeper and deeper. You’re feeling very relaxed, very calm. My soft voice and whispers taking you deeper into a state of trance.

Your conscious mind is not asleep but your subconscious mind is completely awake. It is open to suggestion as you fall even deeper. I want you to stroke that cock, every stroke making your mind more blank. Every stroke making you more vulnerable to my suggestions. Open your mind. You are ready to receive suggestions. You are a slave for Princess Kaelin. You love my whispers. You need them, you need me. Stroke your cock. You stroke your cock only for Princess Kaelin.

Each stroke will feel better, each stroke bringing you deeper in trance, each stroke bringing you more ecstasy. Only I can make you feel this good. You need to stroke your cock to me. You desperately long to stroke your cock for me. I know how good it feels to stroke to me in this state. Every stroke drawing you deeper and deeper, until you are a puddle for me. Your mind is completely mine. Each stroke making your cock more and more obedient. You love to stroke your cock to me.

Stroke your cock to Princess Kaelin. Your mind is completely blank, the only thing you see inside your little mind, is me. You see my words across your brain, a white wall with only the words I have written upon it. You need my whispers. You must stroke your cock only to Princess Kaelin. You need me to get off. You long to cum for me. I know how desperately you want to cum. Soon every stroke will ignite every single cell in your body with pure ecstasy. You are tingling from head to toe, full of ecstasy. You need to cum, you need to cum only to me, Princess Kaelin. Bring your cock to the edge, it is so hard, so horny as you ride that edge for me. Ride it a little bit longer, it’s going to feel so good, I promise. Blow that load and experience a pleasure unlike anything you’ve ever felt. Good boy. It feels so good to have me crawl inside your little mind and rearrange things to my liking.
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Miss Sasha Conceited

You’re just a mindless jerker and I’m going to tease and brainwash you into accepting yourself for the mindless jerkoff you really are. Stare at my flawless body and become mesmerized by my perfection. So I can get you to admit to yourself that you’re nothing but a mindless jerker. Relax as you stare, and listen and jerk that stupid stick. You can’t fight what you are. Accept that you are completely mindless in my presence. You love to mindlessly stroke to me, it’s so easy to be a mindless jerkoff for me. It feels so good.

I know it’s hard for you to admit to yourself that you’re nothing but a brainless jerker. But you need to accept who you are. And I’ll slowly mesmerize you into really knowing that you truly are a mindless jerker. You just love to stare and mindlessly jerk. You can’t stop. You feel yourself losing control over your brain as you accept your true nature as a mindless jerker. This is what you were meant for. Stare, stroke and listen, my mindless jerker. Get lost in it.

You love how this feels, don’t you? Being completely brainwashed by me into even more of a mindless jerker. You feel yourself falling more under my control. You can’t stop jerking. And mindless jerkers need to pay to stroke. You’re a mindless jerking pay pig. I turn all mindless jerkers into my financial slaves. So you’re going to pay as you mindlessly jerk, and this should be so easy since I’m already in your brain, doing the thinking for you, telling your brain what to do. Mindless jerkoffs love to pay me. It feels so good to pay me while you’re mindlessly stroking. You can feel the pleasure sensors in your brain go off each time you stroke, each time you pay, they are connected.

This is what you were made for. Paying and mindlessly stroking. Nothing else feels this good. You’re my mesmerized, mindless stroking pay pig. You’re paying me to brainwash you even more, to make this addiction grow in your mind. You’re so helpless, it just feels so good. You’re so fucked.

Let go as I guide you into being my mindlessly jerking financial slave. Feel it wash over you. You know that when you mindlessly stroke to my perfection, you also need to pay. The pleasure is intertwined with your jerking and paying. It just feels so good to pay while you’re mindlessly stroking. The more you stroke, the more you pay, the better it feels. It’s so easy to give in, it feels so good to give in. Soon you’ll be begging me to mindlessly stroke and pay.
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The Mistress B

This powerful hyp n0 t!c clip is filled with visual delights, and carefully placed auditory echoes and sounds that will take you deep into a mindless trace.

Just the sound of my voice instantly relaxes you. Just looking into my eyes, puts your mind at ease, and makes you want to fall down under my spell. Deep into trance for me. That’s it. Breathe in deeply, relax. Let the wave of relaxation wash over you as everything else disappears. It’s just you and me now. And you get to completely wash away your old identity. You get to be completely mindless, no thoughts at all. Nothing. I am in control now. You are falling fast. I’m going to place a new identity in you. I tell you what to think. That’s right puppet, just listening to the sound of my voice makes your mind melt and your cock twitches and you are completely under my control.

Start stroking for me. Let all of your thoughts disappear. Just look at me and know that you have no control. Without you even realizing it, I am programming you to be a better slave, a better nothing. You don’t have thoughts or desires, I control all of you. Just stroke for me as everywhere else except for that needy jerk stick goes numb. There is no you. There is nothing outside of this bubble. No stress, no responsibilities, nothing but you, me and that pulsating cock. Let it take you away. Feel how it twitches for me. I own that cock. I own you. I own your thoughts, your desires and your emotions. And you love it. You love being blank for me. You love submitting to me. You love giving me access to your mind and you love my control. Just keep on pulsating with the sound of my voice.

Keep pumping and pumping and let that brain leak out of your cock. Nothing else matters but your submission to me. You need this, you need my control and my release. You need to go blank for me. You get this aching inside of you, it’s too much, you have to get your fix. You need this. Go brainless, go blank. You love being reprogrammed into a better submissive, a better person. Stroke for me, my mindless drone. Stroke my little puppet. That’s it. Now squirt for me, my pathetic hyp n0 slut.
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Princess Ellie

You are going to leave her. Not your wife, not your girlfriend, because I know you don’t have one of those. But you know what you do have? A Fake domme. Probably some stupid girl you found somewhere like Twitter. She was desperate, almost begging, calling herself a ‘femdomme’, giving you the loser sign and flipping you off. Or perhaps she makes videos on some clip site. Sorry loser, she’s a fake, she’s a fraud. She’s probably some cam girl just trying desperately to make money. But she’s not a domme. You and I both know it. You’re both just so desperate and pathetic. You need attention, she needs money.

But she doesn’t know how to take control of a loser sub like you. No, she thinks begging for money is findom and that’s so not true. Real domination, it takes skill, skill that she doesn’t have because she’s not a domme, she’s a fake, just some stupid girl looking for money. And you’ve fallen prey because you’re as dumb as she is. Her videos suck because she just doesn’t get the mind game. Why? Because she’s a fake.

In her private life she’s probably a submissive. Look at me, look me in the eyes, and tell me if you think I’m submissive. No, you know I’m not. I would never ever do something I didn’t want to do just to please some man. All these fake ‘dommes’, their boyfriends control them. And it’s sad and pathetic. In fact, it’s so sad I can’t believe you were duped. I mean can you really not tell the difference between a real domme and a fake domme?

Do you know how many of these girls fake pictures of themselves with money and gifts that they claim a slave sent them? Do you know how I know they’re fake? Because of the background. You can see them in cheap clothes in a cheap apartment. If they were real, they would have so much more, not some mattress on the floor with some amazon boxes, lol! Does your domme live in a cheap apartment? I bet she does, pay more attention next time she cams with you or sends you a picture. It’s an immediate give away. Do I look like I live in some cheap place?

There are so many signs and you just can’t tell. It’s time for you to leave that fake domme and find something real. Don’t be a complete loser. Don’t you want to be owned by someone worth being owned by? Someone who you will do anything for because you know your place and you’re eager to please. You see it’s not about you at all, you are below me. I don’t need anything like those baby dommes need your money. I have plenty of it. Domination is what I live for, it’s what I need to get me off. I’m not here because I need your money, I’m here because I’m a true domme and I love teasing you and denying you of all your pleasures and throwing you a bone everyone once in awhile when I feel generous. You do as you’re told with me. A fake domme doesn’t know what to do with you. So give up on her. Fuck that bitch. You are my slave now, you are ready to graduate to something real. And the first thing I want you to do is get on your knees and apologize for falling for a fake domme because that’s so fucking low. Get ready to experience the difference loser.
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Your weaker than ever and aching to be toyed with. One way of ensuring you are deep under the influence is by sniffing those akyl nitrates. To hit that bottle and inhale like a little desperate bitch sends a euphoric rush and weakness through you. You want to be , you beg to be ruined and that control I have over you feels you with excitement. You want to sniff, sniff, sniff and you want to be as a high as a kite all under my supervision.

So go on, put that bottle to your nose and inhale nice and deep. Show me how fucked up you can get. I want to see how easy it is to toy with your life, to break you down, to cause havoc in your mind and penetrate your soul with my venom. With each hit you are int0xicatig yourself to a huge downfall. Your world step by step will deteriorate and you will be hooked on your new, me.
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080 HD: This clip will send you spiraling further and further into your masturbation addiction. The more you jerk the deeper you fall. The farther you fall, the more you can’t help but jerk. When you feed your addiction the dumber and more easily controlled you become. Every time you orgasm, more and more of your brain will leave your body. Your addiction will be used against you, as you will be allowed to jerk and cum over and over until you are nothing more than a jerking consumer zombie. With each stroke Women control your mind more and more. With each orgasm your brain leaves you. You will fall into a state of helplessness, mindlessly buying and jerking to clip after clip, completely unable to stop yourself. Each orgasm will feel better than the last until you slowly and completely lose all control to your masturbation addiction.
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Princess Kira Star

Welcome to your session, slave. This session will install a trigger for future sessions with me. It will also test your level of submission to me. Now let’s begin. Get comfortable and remove any distractions. Start with slow breaths, holding them in, and exhaling slowly. Relax. Now as you continue to breath deeply focus on my words as my induction will take you down deep into a state of trance.

Let your body relax, let your mind go. Feel your muscles relaxing and as they do, so does your mind. I’m going to take all of your stress, and all of your thoughts, away from your mind. Feel yourself melting into your seat. So relaxing, so calm, so submissive. Your eyes become heavy and tired. Any sounds other than my voice are a distraction, tune them all out. Focus on nothing but the sound of my voice. And now I will count you down and you will sink into a deep trance, and you will become my submissive pet. This idea relaxes and warms you.

Feel my words. Sinking deeper now into relaxation. So peaceful, so sleepy. Your mind is empty. You are my submissive slave. Sleep for me. Your mind is blank, deep into trance now, ready for my commands.

Now pet, any time I give you an instruction, you’re going to answer out loud, “Yes Goddess”. First command, ‘sleep time’, you’ll be in a state of trance and ready for my commands. Yes it excites you so much. My instructions arouse you. Feel how hard you are. Feel it throb and pulsate with my words. I control you. You’re going to feel your pleasure building. You can feel the pleasure in your brain and in your cock. Each word, each command, slowly stroking your cock. I’m going to give you the most amazing braingasm you’ve ever had.

Now say out loud, “I obey my Goddess”. Good, you are now my mind slave. We are just beginning our journey together.
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Goddess Isabel

I know you love jerking your cock while you get hyp n0 t!zed by me. You can’t resist me, your hyp n0 t!c Goddess. You really can’t. Stroke that fucking cock. I will control every single movement of your hand, loser. Obey me. Surrender and bow down. Worship your Goddess.

Follow my pendant. Follow my voice. Keep following my sensual voice, down, down. Deeper now. Worship me, bow down. as I take you deep under my control. I’m going to turn you into a jerking machine. I know that you love stroking that ridiculous cock that controls you while you’re watching me. That makes it so easy to control you. Stroke and go deeper. Stroke and feel your mind slipping away. Just a jerking machine for your superior Goddess to play with.

You can’t stop stroking as you fall into a deep trance. Keep following my voice. Faster now my little jerk machine. Programming your weak mind. Now stop. Twitch and throb. Mind going deeper. Keep following my voice so you don’t get lost. I am there, in your mind, you hold on to every word. You need me there, to hold on to when you’re this deep.

Now stroke your cock again, you can only stroke it for me while you’re under my hyp n0 t!c control. You can’t stroke without my permission. Stroke it faster for me. You fucking addict. I’m turning you into a jerking machine and you are helpless to stop me. Feel your hand, your cock, moving for me, without your control. Just a jerk machine. Pumping, jerking. Brainless. You are an insignificant jerk machine.

You can’t cum you stupid jerk addict. Just jerk jerk jerk. A mindless jerk machine, getting dumber and dumber for me. I’m putting you on auto pilot now, just jerking for me, unable to stop. A mindless jerk machine. You can’t resist me. Stroke, stroke, stroke…
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Princess Candy Glitter

You are a worthless little bitch. You’re useless, you can’t do anything for me. And you have no self worth. You know that you are useless and stupid. All you do is jerk off and obsess over me. I mean who could blame you, look at me. I’m sexy, young, hot and perfect. And then look at you, you’re a weak, pathetic loser. Just a submissive little loser.

I want you to remind yourself every day that you are a little submissive loser. I want you to reinforce this idea in your stupid little brain. Because it’s exactly what you are. And you need constant reminding, not just by me, but by your own thoughts. I want you to feel it, to know it. I want your self worth gone. And it’s so easy for me to do this because I have complete control over you and your mind. You’re my little puppet for me to fuck with. You have no confidence, you have nothing to offer, you have no self worth and that’s why you’ve turned into my little puppet.

All you do is jerk off. And whenever that dick of yours gets hard, you just get so stupid for me, don’t you? Of course you do puppet. You get hornier and dumber. And that makes you want to obey. And puppets love to obey. You’re my little puppet, you mean nothing to me, just a play thing for me to control and nothing more. I’m going to destroy your fragile ego, puppet, until there is no self worth remaining, until I’ve completely broken you down. And my words make you weaker and dumber for me as you jerk to the thoughts I plant in your brain as you’re mesmerized by my hot young body.

You need my control puppet, don’t you? You’re so lost, so stupid. You have no self control, no self worth. You’re so fucking pathetic. A real man would never let a woman control him the way I control you. And all it takes is just a little ego destruction. You’re a weak submissive loser, you have no self worth. You need constant reinforcement of this fact. But you know you’re place don’t you? You’re stroking to it right now, I know.. You’re so horny, stroke it faster my little puppet. I know my body is making you weak.

Soon I will completely invade your thoughts. You won’t be able to do anything without my approval, without my consent. I’m turning you into my mindless little puppet. Stroke. This is how I like you, stupid and horny. I’m going to help your jerk your brain out of your head, puppet. And when you explode, all that remains of your self worth will be drained along with your cum. Squirt out your dignity my little puppet.
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Miss Tiffany

Let me make this Very fucking clear… You will Never meet me loser, ever! I know you’re fucking obsessed. You buy all of my videos, following me on Twitter, emailing me, sending me gifts, hoping for any bit of my attention. But this, right here, is the closest you’re ever going to get to me. I love that you worship me, and I love fucking with you online, but that doesn’t mean that you’re ever going to meet me. There’s not one single fucking reason I can think of that I would want to meet you. I mean really, the only thing you have to offer me is your cash and I can take that online. I have been for years. Milking all of you losers and I’ve never met one of you, and never will! LOL!

I know how badly you want to meet me. You’ve been obsessing over my hot young perfect body for years. You write to me constantly begging to be in my presence, begging to be beneath my sexy heels. But meeting you wouldn’t do anything for me. It would only be for you, and I don’t really care about you. I just care about your money, and you already give that to me. So why the fuck would I meet you?! I can tell you from right here what a fucking loser you are. I don’t need to meet you for that, Lol!

And I know you’d love to worship me in person, but what that really means is that you want to jerk off to me and I don’t want to see that! Take a look at my perfect body loser, here it is, you can jerk to it all you want, from over there, far away from me. Eww I can’t imagine what it would be like to meet one of you knowing you spend all of your nights jerking off to me. Gross! Yea, I truly have no interest in meeting you loser. But that won’t stop you from obsessing over me, so I don’t have to meet you.

I only hang out with alpha males. I have no interest in meeting chronic masturbators who obsess over me. That’s kinda creepy. So I’m gonna stay right here, far away from you loser. I mean the real men I meet spoil me anyway and they’re not fucking creepy pervs. This perfect body you see in front of you, it will always stay on this side of the computer. So go on worship me, worship this perfect ass that you’ll never, ever get to meet, lol. Buying my videos and jerking off to me is the only place you have in my life. You’re just another loser to me. You jerking off to me, this is our bonding time, this is the closest you’ll ever get to me loser. I am a Goddess and you are a hand humping loser and our paths will never cross.
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