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Miss Sasha Conceited

You’re just a mindless jerker and I’m going to tease and brainwash you into accepting yourself for the mindless jerkoff you really are. Stare at my flawless body and become mesmerized by my perfection. So I can get you to admit to yourself that you’re nothing but a mindless jerker. Relax as you stare, and listen and jerk that stupid stick. You can’t fight what you are. Accept that you are completely mindless in my presence. You love to mindlessly stroke to me, it’s so easy to be a mindless jerkoff for me. It feels so good.

I know it’s hard for you to admit to yourself that you’re nothing but a brainless jerker. But you need to accept who you are. And I’ll slowly mesmerize you into really knowing that you truly are a mindless jerker. You just love to stare and mindlessly jerk. You can’t stop. You feel yourself losing control over your brain as you accept your true nature as a mindless jerker. This is what you were meant for. Stare, stroke and listen, my mindless jerker. Get lost in it.

You love how this feels, don’t you? Being completely brainwashed by me into even more of a mindless jerker. You feel yourself falling more under my control. You can’t stop jerking. And mindless jerkers need to pay to stroke. You’re a mindless jerking pay pig. I turn all mindless jerkers into my financial slaves. So you’re going to pay as you mindlessly jerk, and this should be so easy since I’m already in your brain, doing the thinking for you, telling your brain what to do. Mindless jerkoffs love to pay me. It feels so good to pay me while you’re mindlessly stroking. You can feel the pleasure sensors in your brain go off each time you stroke, each time you pay, they are connected.

This is what you were made for. Paying and mindlessly stroking. Nothing else feels this good. You’re my mesmerized, mindless stroking pay pig. You’re paying me to brainwash you even more, to make this addiction grow in your mind. You’re so helpless, it just feels so good. You’re so fucked.

Let go as I guide you into being my mindlessly jerking financial slave. Feel it wash over you. You know that when you mindlessly stroke to my perfection, you also need to pay. The pleasure is intertwined with your jerking and paying. It just feels so good to pay while you’re mindlessly stroking. The more you stroke, the more you pay, the better it feels. It’s so easy to give in, it feels so good to give in. Soon you’ll be begging me to mindlessly stroke and pay.
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The Mistress B

This powerful hyp n0 t!c clip is filled with visual delights, and carefully placed auditory echoes and sounds that will take you deep into a mindless trace.

Just the sound of my voice instantly relaxes you. Just looking into my eyes, puts your mind at ease, and makes you want to fall down under my spell. Deep into trance for me. That’s it. Breathe in deeply, relax. Let the wave of relaxation wash over you as everything else disappears. It’s just you and me now. And you get to completely wash away your old identity. You get to be completely mindless, no thoughts at all. Nothing. I am in control now. You are falling fast. I’m going to place a new identity in you. I tell you what to think. That’s right puppet, just listening to the sound of my voice makes your mind melt and your cock twitches and you are completely under my control.

Start stroking for me. Let all of your thoughts disappear. Just look at me and know that you have no control. Without you even realizing it, I am programming you to be a better slave, a better nothing. You don’t have thoughts or desires, I control all of you. Just stroke for me as everywhere else except for that needy jerk stick goes numb. There is no you. There is nothing outside of this bubble. No stress, no responsibilities, nothing but you, me and that pulsating cock. Let it take you away. Feel how it twitches for me. I own that cock. I own you. I own your thoughts, your desires and your emotions. And you love it. You love being blank for me. You love submitting to me. You love giving me access to your mind and you love my control. Just keep on pulsating with the sound of my voice.

Keep pumping and pumping and let that brain leak out of your cock. Nothing else matters but your submission to me. You need this, you need my control and my release. You need to go blank for me. You get this aching inside of you, it’s too much, you have to get your fix. You need this. Go brainless, go blank. You love being reprogrammed into a better submissive, a better person. Stroke for me, my mindless drone. Stroke my little puppet. That’s it. Now squirt for me, my pathetic hyp n0 slut.
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1080 HD: Andy was left at the edging salon a while ago. His Princess didn’t want him anymore, so she just never came back to get him after his usual edging session. He’s basically like an unmatched glove in a lost and found. Nobody has any use for andy, so Edyn and Lola decide to use him for a brainwash experiment. Today, Edyn and Lola will attempt to sexually rewire andy to crave big black cocks. Edyn and Lola don’t know if this conversion will work, but it’s worth a try. Abandoned with no keyholder, andy’s been in chastity kind of indefinitely. Sexually frustrated and wholly unwanted by anyone, he’s the perfect candidate for experimentation. Andy won’t like what’s about to happen to him at all, but if successful his sexual conversion will really be what’s for the best. Andy is attracted to girls; pretty girls. He doesn’t seem to realize that girls will never like him; that he shouldn’t even try to talk to the girls he finds attractive. He’s just annoying to them. That’s probably why his Princess dumped him off and never came back. Edyn and Lola strap andy to a chair and place him into virtual reality headset. Edyn removes andy’s chastity and edges him to a series of images. Lola places andy under voice control and selects images for his video feed. At first, andy is shown pretty girls. Andy responds very well to the sight of the pretty girls. He gets very hard. Andy’s not going to be allowed to cum during the session, just edged. He’s going to be conditioned to associate the height of his sexual arousal with cocks instead of pretty girls. Lola wants to confuse andy’s reality and make him believe he is seeing a pretty girl every time he is in fact shown an image of a big black cock. Gradually andy falls deeper and deeper under the mind control. Andy is successfully reprogrammed to believe he is seeing a pretty girl when he is in fact looking at a big black cock, but the results are inconsistent. Also, despite suggestion that andy likes big black cock, he keeps verbally insisting that he likes girls. Lola thinks it will take at least one brainwash session a day for several months before a full conversion is complete. The girls fuck andy’s mind until they decide to knock off work and go home for the day. Forcing andy’s huge erection into his tiny chastity for the night proves somewhat challenging. His body betrays him; he truly must be aroused by images of big black cocks to have an erection so persistent. This clip has a picture in picture that shows the brainwash images andy is perceiving in virtual reality. The picture in picture is present throughout most of the clip. At the very end, there are a few minutes of the brainwash loop by itself.
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080 HD: This clip will send you spiraling further and further into your masturbation addiction. The more you jerk the deeper you fall. The farther you fall, the more you can’t help but jerk. When you feed your addiction the dumber and more easily controlled you become. Every time you orgasm, more and more of your brain will leave your body. Your addiction will be used against you, as you will be allowed to jerk and cum over and over until you are nothing more than a jerking consumer zombie. With each stroke Women control your mind more and more. With each orgasm your brain leaves you. You will fall into a state of helplessness, mindlessly buying and jerking to clip after clip, completely unable to stop yourself. Each orgasm will feel better than the last until you slowly and completely lose all control to your masturbation addiction.
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Princess Kira Star

Welcome to your session, slave. This session will install a trigger for future sessions with me. It will also test your level of submission to me. Now let’s begin. Get comfortable and remove any distractions. Start with slow breaths, holding them in, and exhaling slowly. Relax. Now as you continue to breath deeply focus on my words as my induction will take you down deep into a state of trance.

Let your body relax, let your mind go. Feel your muscles relaxing and as they do, so does your mind. I’m going to take all of your stress, and all of your thoughts, away from your mind. Feel yourself melting into your seat. So relaxing, so calm, so submissive. Your eyes become heavy and tired. Any sounds other than my voice are a distraction, tune them all out. Focus on nothing but the sound of my voice. And now I will count you down and you will sink into a deep trance, and you will become my submissive pet. This idea relaxes and warms you.

Feel my words. Sinking deeper now into relaxation. So peaceful, so sleepy. Your mind is empty. You are my submissive slave. Sleep for me. Your mind is blank, deep into trance now, ready for my commands.

Now pet, any time I give you an instruction, you’re going to answer out loud, “Yes Goddess”. First command, ‘sleep time’, you’ll be in a state of trance and ready for my commands. Yes it excites you so much. My instructions arouse you. Feel how hard you are. Feel it throb and pulsate with my words. I control you. You’re going to feel your pleasure building. You can feel the pleasure in your brain and in your cock. Each word, each command, slowly stroking your cock. I’m going to give you the most amazing braingasm you’ve ever had.

Now say out loud, “I obey my Goddess”. Good, you are now my mind slave. We are just beginning our journey together.
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As a therapist who treats sexual dysfunction (in your case premature ejaculation) I use a technique to quickly put you into a dream-like state. In that relaxed place we explore orgasm control & edging together. You are gradually & sensually brought to a release in a controlled way. Note that unlike some other vids in this genre there is not a long relaxation segment. The transition to a deeper state is less than a minute. Most of the vid is in dreamy slow motion action with a voice-over (my voice).
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Goddess Isabel

I know you love jerking your cock while you get hyp n0 t!zed by me. You can’t resist me, your hyp n0 t!c Goddess. You really can’t. Stroke that fucking cock. I will control every single movement of your hand, loser. Obey me. Surrender and bow down. Worship your Goddess.

Follow my pendant. Follow my voice. Keep following my sensual voice, down, down. Deeper now. Worship me, bow down. as I take you deep under my control. I’m going to turn you into a jerking machine. I know that you love stroking that ridiculous cock that controls you while you’re watching me. That makes it so easy to control you. Stroke and go deeper. Stroke and feel your mind slipping away. Just a jerking machine for your superior Goddess to play with.

You can’t stop stroking as you fall into a deep trance. Keep following my voice. Faster now my little jerk machine. Programming your weak mind. Now stop. Twitch and throb. Mind going deeper. Keep following my voice so you don’t get lost. I am there, in your mind, you hold on to every word. You need me there, to hold on to when you’re this deep.

Now stroke your cock again, you can only stroke it for me while you’re under my hyp n0 t!c control. You can’t stroke without my permission. Stroke it faster for me. You fucking addict. I’m turning you into a jerking machine and you are helpless to stop me. Feel your hand, your cock, moving for me, without your control. Just a jerk machine. Pumping, jerking. Brainless. You are an insignificant jerk machine.

You can’t cum you stupid jerk addict. Just jerk jerk jerk. A mindless jerk machine, getting dumber and dumber for me. I’m putting you on auto pilot now, just jerking for me, unable to stop. A mindless jerk machine. You can’t resist me. Stroke, stroke, stroke…
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Princess Mika

Just look at me, stare into my almond shaped eyes. Fall into them as you listen to my silky voice. It makes you so weak, so dumb. It leaves no doubt why you serve someone so perfect. It’s like you were born for this. You love it, you live for this, just give in, let go, give in and let your mind go deep into subspace. You crave this. This is the best part of your loser existence. Getting completely relaxed as you worship me, as you feel your mind begin to drift. Feel my words, my power as you sink even deeper into loser subspace. It’s what you live for. You love being a loser and you love the subspace, just in how much of a loser you are is bliss for you.

Worshiping me, stroking to me, obsessing over every single word that flows from my lips. Memorizing my beautiful face. Listening to my sexy voice. You never stood a chance. You never wanted to. And here we are, in your subspace. And what do we have here? Who are you at the core? We both know that you’re just a loser. And you love hearing that as you float and drift deeper. You’re so fucking dumb here. You love being dumb, it feels so good. And this subspace that we’re in make you even dumber. It’s who you are at the core. Just some dumb loser. And you love feeling it, you love being it, every single second. Feel it. Feel it more.

You really were born to be a loser. You can’t help it. It’s what you are. It’s who you are. Deep down. You already knew it, you just love to hear it over and over and over. You love hearing how dumb you are, how this is all you amount to. And in this dumb state, this sub space that we’re in, it makes you even dumber. You would do anything for me in this mind state. You’re too dumb not to, you can’t resist. Feel it.

You love to serve me, you love to be of use to me, you love to pay me. It’s the only pleasure you get out of your entire life. And here we are at the core of your loser head, this subspace, and what do we find? Just a dumb loser that loves to be used. This is all you amount to, being dumb, being a loser, desperately trying to be of use to me. You love feeling this, don’t you? You live for this. You have no choice but to keep watching, to keep obeying, to keep paying. You’re nothing but a dumb pay pig loser. You never stood a chance, it is your place in life. It is your role and you love every second of it.
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This is the most intense big cock gay faggot brainwash clip we’ve ever produced. Images of the biggest, most beautiful cocks will fill the screen and your brain. It’s filled with huge cocks shooting their loads, men at glory holes, with subliminal messages flashing across the screen, permanently etching themselves on your empty brain. It will be impossible to get these images and these words out of your brain once you have experienced this brainwashing video that will completely rewire your brain, turning you into the big cock sucking faggot you know you are.

The audio is filled with layers upon layers of voices, urging you on, coaxing you, whispering in your ear, encouraging your gay tendencies. Wear stereo head phones and you will hear the different voices in different ears simultaneously, overwhelming your brain and your senses, making it impossible for you to think straight. Once you are deep, the voices will feel as if they’re speaking to you from inside your own head. It is during this time that the reprogramming will begin, and once it starts, there is no turning back.

So put this video on full screen, put your headphones, turn out the lights, feel your cock throb, and know that you’ll never be the same again faggot. You’ll be nothing but a reprogrammed, brainwashed, cock hungry faggot.
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