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Custom request. ‘Chris’ used throughout. “I just received my bottle of “inhalents” and I would like for you to mesmurize me into becoming a complete gay, faggot slut whore for you. Encouraging me to get incredibly fucked up and using the name Chris over and over. Brainwashing me to crave anonymous cock and cum plus anything else you want to brainwash me to do for you as I love not knowing what is going to happen to me. Turns on are encouraged bi, cock sucking, water sports, forced ass eating, gang bang, cum bukkake, glory holes, public sex.”
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The Mistress B

Do you wanna know why it’s so fun to blackmail you? Well first, because it’s so easy. All I have to do is twirl my hair and lick my lips, and your dick starts twitching. And you can’t help it, it’s just automatic. And then you start pumping, and all therushes from your brain to your dick and then you’re so easy to manipulate. I just squeeze my tits together and make a little pouty face and just like that, you’re willing to hand over all of your information.

You’re going to spill all kinds of information. It’s so fun to work you over. But that’s not the only reason I enjoy blackmailing you. There’s the money of course. I can extort you over and over again. Just with a little bit of information and I can use that to extract more information. Just stroke right now puppet, you don’t need to think about that right now. But that is another reason why blackmail is so much fun, it’s never ending. Once I get inside of your head and find out every detail of your life, once I get you to crack, it all comes pouring out. Stroke puppet, the more you stroke the easier it will spill out.

You see once I have just a little bit of information, I can use that to blackmail you out of more information. It just keeps building and building. You lose all control. You’re so fucked. And I’m not going to stop extracting information and money. I’m going to continue to extort you until there’s nothing left. This is your life now. And the only way you can enjoy it, is by getting off on it. You’re no longer in control of your finances, you’re no longer in control of anything, because once the money runs out, I’m going to make you pay in other ways. This never ends. I have taken over your life and all because of that weak, needy dick. If you had been able to resist me, than I wouldn’t have been able to manipulate you out of your information. If you had more will power, if you weren’t such a lonely, pathetic little jerkoff loser, well, you wouldn’t be in this little predicament. But since you are, you can blame it that cock in between your legs.

Stroke for me thinking about how I own you, and about how this will go on forever. You will always be my blackmail bitch. Now cum for me idiot. I own you.
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This shemale brainwashing clip will make you so aroused and horny. There are so many hot shemales featured in this clip. Shemales fucking, shemales being fucked, shemales sucking, shemales being sucked. You just fucking love shemales. The combination of a woman with a huge cock makes your cock throb. That’s what you want. Perhaps you feel less gay that way. Perhaps it’s all confusing to you. But no worries, this clip will forever make you crave shemales.

You want to worship sexy girls with big cocks. From now on you will always jerk off to girl cock. You want to be an obedient girl cock pleasure slave. It makes you so aroused and horny.

There are mantras in this clip for you to repeat over and over again as you stare at shemale cock after cock. There are binaural tones and whisper tracks sure to keep your head confused. By the time you’re done you won’t be able to think about anything else but girl cock. It’s what you crave, it’s what you want anyway. If you’re not ready to admit that yet, you will be by the time you’ve finished watching this intense brainwashing clip.
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Princess Lexie

Look at how pathetic your life has become. I’m sure at some point you were somewhat normal. But now you’ve become this pathetic loser who’s totally addicted to virtual girls on your screen. You’ve lost all your friends, there’s no chance of you ever having a girlfriend because you’ve lost all of your social skills. You’re not fucking anyone, just your hand. LOL! And hot bitchy, bratty girls just like me, have taken over your life. We’re everything now, we’ve become your obsession, your addiction, and there’s no escape for you.

You’re chronically masturbating to us, chronically buying our clips, watching us tease you on your screen. It’s the only way you get hard anymore because you’re so fucking addicted, aren’t you? Yea, say it out loud, “I’m addicted to virtual girls.” And now that you’ve admitted it, you’re totally trapped in my web. And you love every second of it. You don’t want any friends, you don’t want a girlfriend. You just want to sit at home alone, with your dick in your hand, jerking it for me. You have a virtual girl addiction. And you can’t stop, you don’t want to stop.

You’ve become a fucking freak, a freak for virtual, dominant, bratty girls. Isn’t that right, loser? Yea, I know it is. There’s no hope for you. You can’t resist this, you can’t resist me. Your dick just twitches every time I fucking insult you, every time I remind you of your addiction. You just get a little harder, a little weaker, a little deeper into this addiction.

And I’m not going to stop. I’m not going to stop making these clips and fucking with your head. I’m going to further your addiction every chance I get. Because I know how to mess with the mind of an addict. If it doesn’t already, your whole day will soon revolve around me. I’m like a fucking drug. You will wake up needing me. You will go to work to buy my clips. You will come home just to jerk to me. And then you’ll go to bed and the cycle will begin all over again.

So get your dick in your hand and jerk it for me. I want you so stupid, so horny that you can’t think. You don’t need to think idiot. Just let me, your virtual bratty domme take over your life, take over your mind. I’m fucking with you right now. I’m inside your head.

And you’re lucky that I support this habit of yours, aren’t you? Your life is better now. What would you do without me? I bring you some fucking excitement to that boring existence of yours. It’s better now that you’re trapped, it’s better now that you’re addicted. I’m like the needle in your fucking arm, you can’t stop. You don’t want to stop. You’re an addict. It’s not over, I’m just getting started.
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Ahh the sweet taste of controlling you, even down to your breathing. You think you can take popp$rs in huge abundances. You’ve sniffed a lot, have all my clips stored lustfully in your computer. Sometimes you need a harder hit. You will take a harder hit today, a harder mind fucking, a harder, more intense mental meltdown.

Now listen up, follow all my instructions, as I turn you into a total zombie. Be prepared to hit that bottle harder than ever!
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London Lix

You’re a complete fuck up, a waste of life. I’m going to drum that into your head for today’s little wank session. Because that’s exactly what you’re doing to do, aren’t you? You’re going to wank off to my verbal abuse. How fucked up is that? But it’s true, and I need to be really fucking verbally abusive if I’m going to get your dick throbbing. You just crave my verbal fucking beatdowns. You’re just aching for me to flip you off and tell you to fuck off! Are you feeling degraded yet? This is nothing. Sure you’re going to endure some verbal abuse today, but it’s going to be verbal abuse that’s going to scar you for life!

I’ll bet just hearing that made your loser cock throb. You’re really messed up in the head. Sure I’m going to tease you with my hot little body, but you need verbal abuse that wrecks your fucking mind, don’t you? I’m going to bully you into submission, I’m going to get right up in your face and tell you that I hate you! LOL! You’re a complete fucked up jerkoff reject, and I know your cock is getting harder the meaner I get. The more I drum into your skull that you’re a pathetic loser, the more your cock just throbs for me. It’s so sad, so pathetic. Guys like you make me sick, and not just me, but every other woman out there. I mean it’s why you’re at home jerking off alone right now, paying for a woman to give you attention, paying for me to spit fucking insults at you loser! You’re here because every other woman you meet finds you disgusting and repulsive. It’s true, I mean if that weren’t the case, you wouldn’t be here, you’d be out like a normal person, but instead you’re locked away in your little jerk cave.

Everyone hates you, just let that sink in as you jerk off. You can’t even stop, can you? You can’t stop tugging your cock for one second. You want my words to hurt, you need it to hurt, because you have nothing else in your life but to sit and home and jerk to my verbal abuse. You’re going to fall asleep tonight with my insults embedded in your brain you piece of $.h.!.t.., you fucktard, you chronic masturbator. My words just spinning around that empty broken brain of yours.

And it’s all true, that’s what really gets to you. You’re a jerkaholic loser who can’t get a real woman, who spends his nights alone paying bratty girls to humiliate him. It’s really fucking sad loser. And it’s all so true. This is what your life is. What would your family or friends think if they knew how many hours you spend edging away to this $.h.!.t..? Oh wait, you don’t have any friends because you’ve isolated yourself by masturbating years of your life away. You’re sick, it’s like an illness, wanking away all the time. You spend all of your time and all of your money touching your dick to bratty girls. This is what your life is and that is why you’re pathetic. You have no life beyond this, do you? This is going to scar you forever. I’m going to fuck you up, my words will linger in your ears for the rest of your life. I’m deep inside your head loser and you’ll never be able to get me out. What the fuck is wrong with you that brought you to this point?

I want you to milk a load out to this, do you know why? Because it will cement this deeper in that brain of yours making sure this fucks you up for life loser!
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Miss Sasha Conceited

You are well aware of just how dangerous I can be. I may look innocent but I can easily sabotage your cock. You probably just came here for a little tease, but by the time I’m done with you, your cock will be under my control. All I have to do is tease you as you stroke to me, and your cock will begin to take on my commands. Your cock will make you submit to my will. It’s so easy to lure desperate horny men into my trap. I mean look at you, here you are, jerking for me, your cock quickly becoming sabotaged by me.

You feel yourself becoming weaker as I take over the functioning of your brain. You may have come here to get your fix, to stroke and get off, but you’ll leave with your cock completely controlled by me. Soon you will need my control as I slowly sabotage your cock. It won’t take much to have you drooling over me with a blank look in your eyes. I’m slowly manipulating your cock to be under my control.

You very well knew the dangers of watching this clip and stroking to me, yet here you are like a little fool, almost begging me to sabotage your cock. In fact, soon you will be begging me to take over all control and by controlling your cock, you become my mindless puppet, dancing on my strings. I almost feel bad taking advantage of someone so vulnerable, but you knew the risks. Soon your cock will be so badly sabotaged by me that you won’t be able to cum unless you’re stroking to me because I have that much of a strong effect on you. As I mercilessly tease you, you start losing all control over your own impulses. But that’s what I want, I’m taking over all control. You love having your cock sabotaged by me as you stroke furiously to my sexy body. You love stroking to me.

You’ll be so addicted, that you’ll keep coming back and stroking to me over and over again. You won’t be able to control it. It feels so good being under my control, having your cock completely sabotaged by me. You feel so weak and vulnerable, you love the feeling of having no control. You love having someone as gorgeous as me controlling your every move. It’s becoming harder and harder to resist my cock sabotage. The more I sabotage it, the more you want it. Allow your cock to completely give in to me. You’re losing all control and mental functioning. Just a mindless jerker for me. You need this.
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Princess Kaelin

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a euphoric experience characterized by a tingling sensation on the skin, precipitating relaxation. This feeling is caused by ear to ear whispering and gentle sounds causing what some call a brain-gasm. It triggers intense feelings of relaxation combined with spine tingling sensations. The idea of combining ASMR with femdom is relatively new and something we have been exploring here on HumiliationPOV as we believe it will cause you to enter deep states of subspace. This is an audio/visual asmr clip which contains some visuals which you can actually ‘feel’.

You’re here to experience something that you’ve never experienced before. Today, I’m going to use ASMR to fuck you up. There’s something so intimate about whispering in your ears. And as you feel the warmth in your ears, I’m going to tell you how to jerk that cock exactly as I say. So start jerking. Good boy. Stroke it, good boy, just like that. Now take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. It feels so good, it helps you relax. This will be some relaxing intimate time with me, and just me. So relax and enjoy this time alone with me. Each breath makes your more relaxed and takes you deeper. Exhale all that stress away. Let it go.

This time is about you becoming weaker for me, weaker in the mind. It’s about using your cock against you. I will use hyp n0 s!s, ASMR, and my hot body to make you weaker than you have ever been. Stare deeply into my beautiful eyes, finding them irresistibly mesmerizing. Falling deeper and deeper. You’re feeling very relaxed, very calm. My soft voice and whispers taking you deeper into a state of trance.

Your conscious mind is not asleep but your subconscious mind is completely awake. It is open to suggestion as you fall even deeper. I want you to stroke that cock, every stroke making your mind more blank. Every stroke making you more vulnerable to my suggestions. Open your mind. You are ready to receive suggestions. You are a slave for Princess Kaelin. You love my whispers. You need them, you need me. Stroke your cock. You stroke your cock only for Princess Kaelin.

Each stroke will feel better, each stroke bringing you deeper in trance, each stroke bringing you more ecstasy. Only I can make you feel this good. You need to stroke your cock to me. You desperately long to stroke your cock for me. I know how good it feels to stroke to me in this state. Every stroke drawing you deeper and deeper, until you are a puddle for me. Your mind is completely mine. Each stroke making your cock more and more obedient. You love to stroke your cock to me.

Stroke your cock to Princess Kaelin. Your mind is completely blank, the only thing you see inside your little mind, is me. You see my words across your brain, a white wall with only the words I have written upon it. You need my whispers. You must stroke your cock only to Princess Kaelin. You need me to get off. You long to cum for me. I know how desperately you want to cum. Soon every stroke will ignite every single cell in your body with pure ecstasy. You are tingling from head to toe, full of ecstasy. You need to cum, you need to cum only to me, Princess Kaelin. Bring your cock to the edge, it is so hard, so horny as you ride that edge for me. Ride it a little bit longer, it’s going to feel so good, I promise. Blow that load and experience a pleasure unlike anything you’ve ever felt. Good boy. It feels so good to have me crawl inside your little mind and rearrange things to my liking.
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Coworker D.r.u.g.s.. And Manipulates You Out Of Your Promotion

Hellen Roxx

Thanks for inviting me over for a drink after work. Are you nervous about who’s going to get the promotion? Rumor is around the office that it’s going to be you. I heard you wrote an amazing proposal. Let me read it on your computer. What’s the password? I wanna see why you’re going to get the promotion and not me. If you give me the password, I’ll be incredibly grateful. I’ve seen the way you look at me at the office, I’m sure we can work something out. Let me see the report, I can make some creative adjustments. You see we both know that I deserve that promotion more than you do. There must be some way I can convince you?

I really would like that password, I mean I deserve to see it, don’t I? I know there must be something I can do. Keep drinking that drink I gave you as I slip out of my clothes so you can see the sexy lingerie I’m wearing. I know you love staring at my body, you do it enough at work. Now you get to see how perfect it really looks. You know that I deserve that promotion, so I know you’re going to give me that password, aren’t you?

I’ll be really nice to you. I know you’re hard. Why don’t you take your cock out and stroke it to my body? It’s ok, I know you’ve wanted to. Jerk it and let me tease you. Keep drinking. I know you’re getting weaker, you’re going to give me that password.

I have a confession, that drink you just had wasn’t just alcohol, I d.r.u.g.g.e.d.. you. You’ll be much easier to manipulate now, especially when you’re horny. Now give me that password so I can edit your promotion proposal, then I’m going to send it. I won’t fuck it up too bad, lol. Then I’ll get the promotion and you’ll get passed over. Keep stroking that cock. I know you can’t resist me.

That d.r.u.g.. must be kicking in now. You’re so weak. Stare at my hot body. You can’t hold out any longer, give me the password. I’m going to fuck up your promotion and there’s nothing you can do about it. Soon I’ll be your boss.
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1080 HD: A male is restrained to a chair and placed into a virtual reality headset. The chastity has been removed. Its balls are tied off. The only thing the male can see and hear are carefully selected images. Edyn pulls on the rope and giggles. Even just the sensation of being out of chastity has made the male erect. How pathetic. Edyn teases the head of the cock with her finger tips. She’s very amused by its eagerness. The male would probably be less eager to cum if it were at all aware of what is about to happen to it today. While completely immersed in virtual reality, this slave will be brought to the height of sexual pleasure, then ruined just before release. It will experience no pleasure from the orgasm. Then, it’s mess will be collected into a syringe. The male will be force fed its emission; the syringe will aid in ensuring a complete collection. Every bit of the male’s own ejaculate will reenter its body. The male will be kept unaware in virtual reality the whole time. Later, we will tell it of what it was forced to do while experiencing virtual reality, and it will certainly be disgusted with itself. This male has a huge cum eating aversion, but it is in training to become a good slave. Cum swallowing is a necessary skill for all good slaves. This type of training bypasses the heterosexual male’s natural repulsion and forces him to just do what we want him to anyway, as he is completely unaware of what is really happening while in the virtual gear. If it tries to complain about being disgusted by eating its own cum or the cum of other males, now we can make the logical argument: But cum swallowing is something you have done for us before. Edyn edges the slave for a while before ruining its orgasm. Edging is not something specifically part of this training, but it is something that Edyn loves to do. She likes toying with eager males, and she’s so good at it. This male appears to be especially enjoying the images we have selected for it to view. It maintains arousal for quite a long time before its ruin. It even starts begging “please.†Although, I’m not entirely sure if the intended meaning of “please†is “please stop and untie me†or “please let me cum.†Either meaning is interesting, yet regarded by both of us with utter indifference. Slaves do not tell us what to do. Edyn and I had a lot of fun making this video. We documented this slave’s training session, as per the request of its Mistress. Her goal is to have this slave (Her husband) swallowing the cum of her younger male lover with no resistance or complaining within a period of three months. This is a pretty typical example of the type of work we do here at the edging salon. The equipment we have really shortens the training process, so that the behavior of the slave (or husband, as the case may be) can be adjusted to Your specific desires with greater efficiency.
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