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Ricarda has an slave who loves her feets. He was in the past a good slave and so he gets this day her lovely session with the goddesses feets from his mistress.
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A Sadists Dream Come True

It has been over a year since the divine beauty and stunning body of Lily LaBeau has been worked over and tormented at the hands of our sinister devices. No matter if her body is bent forward, backwards, or spread wide open, Lily surrenders completely to each brutal moment. Each time a different part of her body is tormented she cums harder and harder. Nipple torture, foot torture, and ass spanking only warms her up until she climaxes and squirts all over The Popes giant hands while being choked out. She is a sadists dream!
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CUSTOM REQUEST – I would love to see you do a foot worship/Cuckold video:You are with your muscular boyfriend and two male chastity foot slaves, both with handcuffs, in your studio. Both beg to worship your feet, so you give them the following contest: Nipple clamps will be attached to their nipples and chained to each other, so each left nipple clamp of one slave will be connected to the left nipple clamp of the other slave and the same for the right. They will have to try to pull of the clamps of the other slave by pulling with their own nipple.The rules will be that the winner will be allowed to worship your feet and get a foot job as a reward. The loser will have to lick the cum from your feet, will keep in chastity and can just watch as the winner worships your feet. Additionally, he must worship the feet of your boyfriend.Ideally, both are in chastity for some weeks so they will be desperate to get the foot job.Then the contest will be held as described while you laugh at the slaves and tease them with your feet, so they will put a lot of effort. Additionally, you may play with the nipple chains with your feet to encrease the pain of the slaves. I would appreciate if it were really strong nipple clamps so they won’t get off too easily. Finally, one slaves wins while the other loses, so you allow the winner to worship your feet and give him a foot job with the other foot. The loser has to watch and in the end lick off all the cum from your feet.As you are the one true Goddess, you may change the rules (for example that the winner and/or the loser has to keep the nipple clamps after the contest as long as you wish).It would be nice if your boyfriend is in there, but it is not neccessary, you could also just do the game without boyfriend just with the both slaves.What I would really love to see is also that you play with the nipple clamps with your feet, so it would be more painful for the slave and laugh at them.Thank you very much!In deep adoration,your foot worshipper
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young-femdom: Cumshot if i say now !

Tommy meets a young femdom girl in a apartment in city berlin. He like it to obey young, slim, blond haired girls. So he have a great evening with Marina and his fun.
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