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She let him worship her muscular legs in transparent black pantyhose and muscular butt before she use her strong legs to kick him in the balls. The tiny man – compared to her – get totally degraded and humiliated not only by action but also by talking him and his manhood down! Careless about his pain he get also full swing hits in the face, mocking and laughing about his small dick, grabbing, squeezing and punching his genitals before he get finished off.
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You have always tip toed around the subject. Constantly fantasising about delving deep into blackmail but every time you pussied out. Well I have found a way that will ensure you fall deep within blackmail and you won’t have to press that dreaded ‘send’ button.

I’ve surfed the web and came across a pretty interesting piece of online software. Its basicly an email timer and if used in a blackmail clip this would mean that the you do not need to press send, it will automatically send all your information to me. So basically you are forced into blackmail. You will follow my demands but firstly making an email with all the information I list. Then set receiver and your own email, take a humiliating picture, set the timer and pull the video up in fullscreen. You will then unplug his mouse or disable the touchpad. The rest is history. You will need this:
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1080 HD: Gwen makes her cuck take off her pumps and smell them before smelling her feet. She is wearing pantyhose and the pantyhose are damp with sweat. The cuck inhales the smell of Gwen’s sweat deeply. After the cuck has been intoxicated by the smell of her Goddess sweat, Gwen has the cuck remove her pantyhose. She commands the cuck to worship her perfect feet. The cuck sucks on Gwen’s toes and kisses all along her high arches. When Gwen is satisfied with the worship, she has the cuck lay on the floor. She smothers the cuck with her feet until it starts to get sleepy. Gwen tells the cuck to crawl under her bed. She’s going to have a real man come to the house to fuck her soon, and she wants the cuck to stay under her bed so it can listen to her get fucked. The cuck will be locked in chastity and forced to listen to its Goddess pleased by a superior male.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Kyaa: Pantyhose Cock Control

Sheer black pantyhose, so simple, so elegant. Secretaries around the world wear these pantyhose, but they become something special when I put them on my long shapely sexy legs. Soon my bare legs will be wrapped in these silky pantyhose. Does that make your horny dick twitch? To watch me put on these pantyhose? Well that’s why you bought this video, isn’t it?

You may watch, but no stroking until I’m finished putting them on. I just want to tease you. Watch as I place my perfectly arched feet inside of them one by one. Watch the sexy way I gently pull them up to my thighs. I know that your cock is bouncing between your legs by now. But still no touching. I’m in control of your cock. Now watch me pull them up across my thighs, and then up over my sexy little ass as your cock throbs for me. Don’t stroke it yet…

Just keep staring and wait until my pantyhose are all the way on before I’ll allow you to stroke. Now my pantyhose are on, now you can stroke. Go on, I know how desperate you are after sitting there and watching me put on my pantyhose. You must be so horny by now. Jerk it. My sexy soft pantyhose make you so weak and stupid. It’s that easy.

I’m going to go out dancing tonight in these pantyhose. You are going to sit in front of your computer and obsess over my pantyhose legs. You can’t get enough. Don’t you just love my perfect, cock teasing pantyhose legs? You can’t look away, mindlessly jerking to them. I control your cock with my pantyhose legs and feet. I control your orgasms. And I will decide if you are worthy enough to cum. You stroke when I say, you cum when I say, but only if you’re a good boy.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Latex Rubber - MP4

I have my toyboi down on the floor where it belongs in the perfect position to use as my little latex rubber. In this case I rub my latex smothered butt all over its slippery second skin. It must be so frustrating for it to feel all that sensation on its swollen thing and not be able to do a thing about it. Its purpose to pleasure me, after all! It feels so good to keep it aroused, horny and hard without release. That way I can take my time and garner the greatest amount of amusement from what is mine!
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Humiliation POV Princess Ellie: Cum In Your Pantyhose And Wear Them In Public

Princess Ellie

I have a task for you. Take a look at my pantyhose, they feel so nice against my skin. Your task is to get a pair of pantyhose just like mine. Then you are going to watch this video three times. And youre gonna cum in your pantyhose. And every time you watch this video, youre going to add a cum load to those pantyhose until you have three big loads of cum right on the crotch. How humiliating to have to wear those crusty, black pantyhose. But thats not where this assignment ends..

You are gonna wear them in public, all day, wherever you go. I dont care if its hot out and you have to wear them under your shorts. Youre going to look and feel ridiculous. But thats all part of the fun, part of the humiliation. And you know you get pleasure out of it, dont you? Your sick, perverted mind gets you to do all kinds of fucked up things. Youre always looking for some new way to embarrass yourself. And all it takes is a beautiful woman like me to egg you on and turn you into a complete fool.

So to make you cum Im going to allow you to jerk it to my hot body in these pantyhose while you jerk your cock in your pantyhose. Look how these sheer black pantyhose hug my ass and legs. Im not wearing any panties, can you see through them? Can you get a peek? Jerk your dick loser. Jerk it thinking about how its going to feel when you wear your pantyhose in public.

I wonder if anyone will see a piece of nylons peeking out? Jerk it, it doesnt fucking matter. Because you want to do it for me, you dont want to think of the consequences, you just want to cum in your pantyhose and wear them in public. Youre just a pervert. Im going to tease that cum out of you loser. Cum for me in my pantyhose. Cmon pervert, youre such a humiliation junkie, you need my assignments and you need to cum for me. Then watch this video again and add more cum to your crusty pantyhose before you wear them out in public, my little nylon wearing freak!
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Humiliation POV Goddess Kyaa: Exquisite Cock Tease In Garters Teases And Denies You

Goddess Kyaa

I was getting dressed and I realized it was a perfect opportunity to tease your cock. I know how sexy I look in my lingerie and it wouldnt be complete without my stockings for my garters. And of course I know how weak its going to make you as you watch me attach my garters to my lace top stockings. But youre not allowed to touch yourself. Youre just a beta male who belongs in chastity, and if youre not in chastity you should be in panties, but youre still not allowed to touch it.

So you just sit right there with your hard dick and watch me put on all my garters, its going to take awhile. Im going to end up teasing your horny dick a lot. But you love it, you could watch me play with my nylons for hours. You get so horny and so stupid watching me put on my thigh high pantyhose. All you can do bitch is bow down and worship as I attach garter after garter. No stroking, no jerking off slave. Just watching, mindless obedience. Youre only allowed to be teased and tormented because thats what you deserve. You deserve to suffer for me.

Just suffer while I tease your cock with my nylon legs and feet. This makes your horny cock so stiff but you cant touch it. And dont you just love how my ass looks accentuated by my thigh highs? Its so easy to tease your horny little dicklette. Im sure your dick is throbbing by now, but still no jerking off. You must suffer in denial while you watch me put on my stockings. Suffer in denial as I tease you.

Denial is the only way for you to earn such an exquisite cock tease from such a perfect temptress. But you love this kind of treatment. It gets you off, getting teased while I deny you. This is good for you, you need to learn control. Its good for pathetic slaves to live in denial for their goddess.
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Princess Mika

Hi loser, pink is going to be your new favorite color. Do you know why? Because I look amazing in all pink. I make everything look so good, dont I? Just look at this. Its kinda ridiculous isnt it? And Ive only begun to tease you in what Im wearing. My pink bra, pink panties, pink stockings, pink panties and I even have on pink heels. I am a vision in pink. Are you staring? Are you worshiping? Ill bet you are, youre taking it all in.

Look at my tits in this pink bra, look at my long legs in these pink stockings, look at my perfect ass. I know you cant stop staring and jerking. Im so adorable yet so devious, arent I loser? Look at me in this picture perfect position. Ill bet you could just stare at me for hours. You grasp onto every glimpse that I allow you, that I give to you. Its so fucking easy to manipulate you. I barely have to do anything. Stare at my long pink princess legs as they go down, all the way to my pink heels. You cant look away, I have you completely mesmerized.

You love when I tease you like this. Youre staring, drooling, gawking with your mouth open. Im not even telling you what to do, Im just allowing you to worship and take me all in. Just admire as you gaze at my perfect pink curves. You cant resist, you knew you were fucked from the moment you saw the preview for this clip.

Look how stupid youre getting. Im so perfect. Im just wrapping you around my little finger, just by teasing you. Just relax, dont think, just allow your brain to take it all in, slowly. Enjoy what Im giving you. Worship every last curve of my body, from my heels all the way to my perfect pretty princess face. Now go reflect on the perfection you just saw.
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I am your Goddess, your beautiful pink Princess. I am so powerful and I look so amazing and you look so disgusting loser. Don’t you just love my pink shiny dress? See how it hugs all of my perfect curves. I know you can’t stop staring and thinking about my perfection there on your screen in front of you. You’re growing so weak. Feel your knees grow weak before me and bow down. Doesn’t it feel good to be on your knees before me?

Now look up at my perfect ass. It looks so sexy in this tight little dress. I love teasing you and taking control of you. You get so horny and easy to manipulate. You’re so fucked loser. I’m going to invade your mind in this tight, pink shiny dress. Now I want you to look up at me. Look at my long legs in my pantyhose. Look at my cute, pink high heels. I am a vision in pink. I can see you’re jerking and growing even weaker by the second. I’m going to destroy that brain of yours with my heels.

Next I want you to worship my adorable pantyhose feet. Look at my long, perfect legs. Fall under my spell loser. Get weak for my nylons. I know what makes you tick, pantyhose and feet. And I’m going to tease you with them relentlessly, making you my helpless little puppet. Worship the feet of a Goddess. You love being at my feet. Lick my feet with your disgusting tongue loser. You can no longer resist, you are so weak. You can’t stop jerking to my pantyhose feet. I’m seducing you into the perfect foot slave.
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Soft silky nylons encasing our sleek and fit legs. You’re incredibly jealous of us touching each other! You want to get close to us. You want to touch us, taste us, smell us. Don’t be hasty though. We need to tease your cock. Let us bend over and show you what you really want….these asses. Ass, pussy. You love what’s between these legs, what’s attached to them. You’re an ass lover! Pantyhose makes it even better. Toilet talk, humiliation…’ll go so far. You’re an ass freak!! Sniff us. Get in our asses, and look at these assholes!
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