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Miss Cherie wants only well-trained livestock as living toilet use, the slave in the studio has therefore nothing to laugh. No matter how much effort he takes, she directs him with strictness, shits and pisses him in the mouth, paying careful attention to the fact that he swallows everything. Even the last remnants of the wipes are administered to him by squeezing them over his open mouth. The slave has no choice but to submit, he swallows every drop of piss and every piece of shit of his mistress.
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Chimeny wants to surprise her girlfriend Nicole so, she makes a special gift to Nicole for this christmas. Chimeny gave to NIcole a gift box stuffed of scat, Nicole can’t received a better gift so, the two girls start to play with scat. Nicole decided to give Chimeny her delicious kaviar and the two make love with the both scat.
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Maid have a lot of house work to do and she dosent have permission to take a break, she needs so bad to go to bathroom, she can’t hold it anymore, so she shit in her panties, a big poo, mmm she feels so good right now, but she become horny too, she start fingering her asshole and smearing the shit all over her ass and pussy, mmm this is so hot, but she did a big mess and boss is back home! upsss
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Multi Media Verlag: Latextrem - Die Gummi Klinik

In der Gummi-Klinik von Lady Stella und Lady Carmen bleibt dem demütigen Latex-Sklaven keine Qual und Demütigung vorenthalten. Transen-Sklavin Ivonne wird in der Kunst der analen Einläufe unterrichtet und schafft es mit zugekniffenen Arschbacken gerade noch auf Klo, wo sich die tosenden Sturzbäche plätschernd in die Keramik ergießen. Gummi-Objekt Walter darf es sich auf dem Gynäkologenstuhl bequem machen und erhält eine Eier-Behandlung der allerersten Güte. Pissorgien, Brustwarzen-Folter, Elektrobehandlungen, Katheder-Exzesse und sadistische Demütigungen in beeindruckender Location mit bester Ausstattung.
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Mandy Flores: 10 humiliating tasks...

Custom request. I really want for you to humiliate me, specific tasks that i have to do to myself just because you said so. I’ve paid for a lot of clips from a lot of girls and been humiliated so many times, but i think you have the imagination to take it to a whole new level. Please give me extremely degrading, dehumanizing tasks, simple tasks don’t do the trick for me anymore..i need something disgusting. I want you to make me a human toilet, control me, make me hurt myself, i especially enjoy playing with my human waste, spit and p33 when instructed to do so, that’s really degrading. If you could make the clip around the 20 minute mark and do a good 10 or so tasks that would be amazing. You have a gorgeous face, so if you could bring your face in close when instructing me that would be great and you’re beautiful body too. i have no limits on things i won’t do so feel free to be as devious and creative as you like, the dirtier the better.
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