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The Mistress B

This powerful hyp n0 t!c clip is filled with visual delights, and carefully placed auditory echoes and sounds that will take you deep into a mindless trace.

Just the sound of my voice instantly relaxes you. Just looking into my eyes, puts your mind at ease, and makes you want to fall down under my spell. Deep into trance for me. That’s it. Breathe in deeply, relax. Let the wave of relaxation wash over you as everything else disappears. It’s just you and me now. And you get to completely wash away your old identity. You get to be completely mindless, no thoughts at all. Nothing. I am in control now. You are falling fast. I’m going to place a new identity in you. I tell you what to think. That’s right puppet, just listening to the sound of my voice makes your mind melt and your cock twitches and you are completely under my control.

Start stroking for me. Let all of your thoughts disappear. Just look at me and know that you have no control. Without you even realizing it, I am programming you to be a better slave, a better nothing. You don’t have thoughts or desires, I control all of you. Just stroke for me as everywhere else except for that needy jerk stick goes numb. There is no you. There is nothing outside of this bubble. No stress, no responsibilities, nothing but you, me and that pulsating cock. Let it take you away. Feel how it twitches for me. I own that cock. I own you. I own your thoughts, your desires and your emotions. And you love it. You love being blank for me. You love submitting to me. You love giving me access to your mind and you love my control. Just keep on pulsating with the sound of my voice.

Keep pumping and pumping and let that brain leak out of your cock. Nothing else matters but your submission to me. You need this, you need my control and my release. You need to go blank for me. You get this aching inside of you, it’s too much, you have to get your fix. You need this. Go brainless, go blank. You love being reprogrammed into a better submissive, a better person. Stroke for me, my mindless drone. Stroke my little puppet. That’s it. Now squirt for me, my pathetic hyp n0 slut.
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Princess Mika

You’re such a big fucking loser for me and you’re going to learn how to be an even bigger fucking loser for me. We both know that your only use to me is your cash. You can’t be useful to me unless you’re sending me your money, isn’t that right loser? Yea it is true. I mean look at me, can you really say no? I wore this sexy fucking lingerie to insure I’d have your full fucking attention. I know you can’t take your eyes off of me and I need you focused because what I have to say to you is really important. You need to be reminded of your place and how you can be of use to me.

Well we need to talk about your spending habits because you can’t be amusing to me unless you’re spending on me. Do you think you’re spoiling me enough? Can you honestly say that you’re doing everything you can for me? So I’m going to give you some advice on how you can make yourself even more useful to me. And what a gift that is, what a gift my time and my words are. Thank me. Thank me for existing. Thank me for taking the time to give you this advice.

Every time you spend a dollar from now on, I want you to think to yourself, ‘Do I really need this? Or can I go without so I have more to spend on Princess Mika?’ And if you answer is, ‘No, I don’t really need this.’ Then you should be sending that money to me, right? Because I deserve it and you don’t. It’s really that simple. You need to cut back your spending for me. You need to spend more on me. Do you know why? Because it makes your cock so hard. I make you feel so much better than anything you could buy for yourself. You don’t need anything but me, and to keep me, you need to pay more.

Do you really think you deserve anything anyway? No, you don’t. You’re fucking worthless. You don’t need anything but a hard cock and an empty wallet that I drained. That feels so good. I know it does. Your cash is the only way you can be useful to me dumbass. So you need to spend more on me and less on you. From now on I want you thinking before every purchase, I want you thinking about me, and how you don’t even need whatever it is you were about to buy. You need to go without, you need to have less. I want you to think of all the ways you can cut back your spending so you can send more to me as your cock throbs.

You need to send me all of your money because I deserve it and you don’t, do you? No, you’re a pathetic fucking loser. You don’t deserve anything except to go fucking bankrupt for me because it feels so fucking good and you can’t stop yourself. This isn’t just some fantasy you jerk to, this is your life. You need to live this, you need to live for me, you need to limit your spending to please me, because that’s what makes you feel good. Just look at me loser, you can’t say no, you want to be as useful as possible to me, of course you want to send me as much money as possible. Because I’m the only hot girl who will pay any attention to you. And you need that so badly. You’re a fucking loser and you know it. And do you know how I know? Becau
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Mistress - T: Taking Your Virginity - Virtual Fuck

Custom vid, the name “Brian” used throughout. We’re coworkers & I ask you to come to my place after work to drop off some files. I tell you that I overheard the guys at the office teasing you about being a virgin. I seduce you into making out, then sex…telling you that I’m going to train you to be my fuck toy, I’ll teach you how to please me, how to be a good lover…I tell you that it excites me to take your virginity…that I like knowing for the rest of your life the story of the first time you had sex will be about me.
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Mandy Flores

This is an long, amazing trance clip, done to perfection by Mandy Flores. It was a customer’s request, and she nailed it! This clip is something to behold…

You are a chauvinist sexist pig who is married to my older sister. You treat her badly and bully her so I decide to put a stop to it. You am not aware that I am a hyp n0 t!c dominatrix. I come over to meet you wearing a sexy leather dress with my cleavage popping out. You are stunned by my vision. I come on to you, offering to sit next to you to ‘talk’. I stare into you eyes seducing you and gazing into them while I whisper softly to relax. And then I hold your gaze, telling you to enjoy the moment as I look deeper into your eyes. You see their color and gaze into them and see how sexy they look. Then I tell you to go even deeper into them, let them mesmerize and enchant you. You start to feel week and say you are getting dizzy so I say. ‘Yes that’s it get dizzy feel weak and helpless. I want you under my spell.’ I snap my fingers telling you to sleep. Then I tie you up and place you on the floor while I stand on top of you, making you look into my eyes and cleavage. I tell you that I will hyp n0 t!ze you and make you into a slave to me and my sister. I start to gyrate back and forth telling you the movement will make you weak and obedient. I tell you that women are superior and must be worshiped by having their pussies and asses licked on command. I lower myself to your face, telling you to inhale my essence and become more and enslaved. I tell you when you wake up you will remember nothing except the need to gaze into my eyes. Then I sit on your face sending you into a deep hyp n0 t!c sleep while inhaling my scent.
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Get a toy ready! It’s time for some anal training. Gaping that asshole wipe and taking it deep. Follow my slutty orders! I love when you are the sluttiest for me and training you is just one step closer to being a good whore for me. Getting you ready for nice juicy big dick. Ready to ease it in that tight butthole of yours? haha
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