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Humiliation POV Priestess Katherine: Big Cock Brainwashing And Mind Rinsing For Faggots

Priestess Katherine

Permanent Big Cock Brainwashing For Reluctant Faggots

This is simply the most intense big cock brainwashing clip I have ever produced. The gif above barely does justice to all the video fuckery in this clip. You’re in for an mind consuming experience that will forever imprint itself in your brain. Play it on repeat, you will not be able to stop watching. Your eyes will go wide, your mouth will gape open, as you find yourself lost, edging for hours to this powerful clip. Images of cock will flash in your brain forever as you will not be able to stop your brain from thinking about cocks after watching this clip.

In addition to the video stimulation your brain will receive, this clip is also filled with layers of binaural tones, hyp n0 t!c music, voices, and whispers. There are so many layers to this clip. Priestess Katherine will lead you down, deep into this hyp n0 t!c brainwashing clip with her silky voice. And in the background you will hear whispers egging you to look at the cocks, to worship the cocks, to crave them. It is set to both confuse and program you simultaneously.

‘Look at the cocks, no you shouldn’t do that. What will happen if you do? You want to, you need to, you can’t really take your eyes off of them anyway, can you? Of course you can, you can quit, you can totally look away if you wanted to enough. But you don’t, do you? You need to look at every single inch of those cocks. No, you don’t want to, you don’t like this, this isn’t for you. Except that maybe you do because you’re so hard right now. But wait, this doesn’t turn you on. This is all happening without your control, it must be some brainwashing trick, this isn’t you. You don’t get hard to big cocks, but wait, you do. Feel how hard you are. You can’t take your eyes off of them. They are brainwashing you and all you want to do is stroke and further embed these images in your brain. You wanna close your eyes, you don’t want to take this any further. But you will and you are. You have to, you need this. And besides your mind has already begun imprint big cocks permanently in your brain. You want to stop this, you’re not a filthy little cock sucking whore, you’re not a nasty little faggot getting off looking at cocks. Except that you are. You love this. Your mind is just letting it happen. It’s taking over. You don’t want to stop. You just want to put your hands and your mouth all over those big cocks. Going deeper and deeper as you stare. Your mind so empty ready to be filled up with these images and words that are now becoming an overwhelming sensation of pleasure for you. Let your mind go so empty and blank.’

‘This is who you are, this is what you are. You can’t stop this. You can’t help yourself. You just want to look at those cocks, worshiping them. And once that image is in your mind it just proves to hard to get out. You can’t stop thinking about this, you can’t stop wanting it. Your mind tries to fight it, but it can’t, as you give in to your true desires. You’re spiraling out of control, you don’t want this, look away. But you can’t, you can’t change who are deep down. What you need, what you want. Your cock is throbbing, you want big cocks. You’re growing more desperate for them. Stare at the cocks. You’re falling deeper and deeper as you stare. There’s no denying the power these cocks have over you. If you cum thinking about cocks you’ll never be able to go back, you’ll never be able to undo this.’
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