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I leave my little rubber slug alone for a minute and it’s humping my latex bed when I return. I guess the click of my tall stiletto high heel shiny boots made it wiggle with anticipation. Well, I don’t recall giving it permission to get excited so it deserves a long sharp cane across that ass skin I own. I just love how much it hates pain, but begs me for more since it knows how much it pleases me. I think I’ll start caning that ass every day from now on!
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Latex Rubber - MP4

I have my toyboi down on the floor where it belongs in the perfect position to use as my little latex rubber. In this case I rub my latex smothered butt all over its slippery second skin. It must be so frustrating for it to feel all that sensation on its swollen thing and not be able to do a thing about it. Its purpose to pleasure me, after all! It feels so good to keep it aroused, horny and hard without release. That way I can take my time and garner the greatest amount of amusement from what is mine!
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Club Dom: Over-Powered by Femdom Cock

This slave was given the slave number 019 by the women at the Order Of Indomitus. The women of the Order have brought him here to be loaned out and of use to the Clubdom Mistresses. He gets overly excited but, the women must teach this slave a lesson in humility….with their superior Femdom cocks! Lydia Supremacy, slave 019’s owner goes first, making him deep-throat her dick while verbally degrading him. Next he is bent over the bench and fucked deep and hard while Lydia rides his ass, shoving his mouth on Jean’s cock while Lynn strokes hers and smiles, hoping she will get a turn. The slave is over-powered and weak, and must take cock in both holes to remind him of his place, at their feet, with these women in charge, always.
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