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Brutal hardcore ballbusting as he sticks out his hard on and pointing at her. But the cruel Dominatrix is merciless. she kicks him harder and harder in the balls. She jerks his cock and in the next moment she kicks him in the balls with all her might. After more and more beatings, it’s no wonder that his genitals look black and blue… Then in the end after being dominated and teased by the muscular woman he is not able to hold it back anymore and shoot his load without her permission. Cumming without permission is punished by the Mistress by even more beating of his cock and his unusual, big swollen testicles.
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1080 HD: Pretty girls don’t usually get close to slaves. Unless, of course, it’s to torment them. Charlotte has a slave restrained in the bondage chair, legs splayed. Charlotte toys with the idea of allowing the slave to cum while edging him. The slave has no idea if he will receive an orgasm today, or if he will be edged and denied, or something even worse. Charlotte decides that she wants the slave to have a passive orgasm. For a male to experience a forced orgasm really cements his sexual submissiveness. No fucking, no thrusting, no control, just true sexual submission. Charlotte keeps the slave right on edge until she’s ready to force its release. The slave tries to close its legs and fight being forced to cum. Charlotte keeps stimulating the cock so that it cums for her anyway. Just as the forced orgasm starts, Charlotte removes her hand, ruining it. Forced and ruined. If you didn’t understand before why a slave would fight orgasm, now you see why this slave actually dreads a milking from Charlotte.
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1080 HD: Welcome to the edging salon, Princesses! This is a tutorial on how to edge your slave. Cali and Kenzie have a male specimen on the table for the demonstration. Observe, the male has been restrained. Always be sure to restrain your male while practicing your ruined orgasm techniques at home. Before starting any sexual stimulation, be sure that your male has been kept in chastity a very long time. This will ensure that he will be very eager to please and more willing to accept whatever you do to him. The slave in this demo has been kept in chastity for over two months. Next, put some lube on his little beta “manhood.” Even though your male has probably never been allowed inside your pussy, he will still respond positively to the feeling of wetness, even if he can’t remember why it feels good to him. You probably won’t need to encourage an erection, if your slave has been kept in chastity long enough one will happen automatically once the chastity has been removed. But, if your slave is scared or nervous about what you might do to it, you may need to force an erection. To force an erection, start your grip at the base of the penis and pull the upwards. It is a pinch and pull motion. Soon, the will be forced into the male’s cock and it will have no choice but to accept whatever you choose to do with it sexually. It’s always good to edge your slave before ruining its orgasm. Edging is about bringing the male to the height of its sexual pleasure, but not allowing it to go “over the edge” into the sexual release of orgasm. You can observe the breathing of the male to gauge how near the edge it is. The heavier the breathing, the nearer to orgasm it is. You want to keep it’s breathing heavy, but if you observe a change in your slave’s breathing, this might indicate that it is too near a sexual climax. Try stopping for a few seconds so that he doesn’t go “over the edge.” Males have a concentration of nerve endings in the tip of the penis. Be sure that you are giving the head enough stimulation. It is a proven fact that you can control the entirety of a male with just the tip of its penis. If you see your male getting too near orgasm, observable by rapid breathing often accompanied by a slight body shaking, pull your hand away immediately. You never want to allow your male to get what it wants. If it’s body is shows signs of desiring immediate sexual release, be sure that you are denying it fully so that you can keep it right at that edge. Other indicators that the male is nearing orgasm are an increase in the size or thickness of the penis as the starts to rush and cause swelling. Also the testicles, if they are not bound, will start to pull back up into the male’s body. If you notice a change in the thickness of the penis, or observe the testicles moving back up into the male’s body, hands off! Don’t let it go over that edge yet! If you can find a friend to assist you in edging your slave, it’s even better. This will insure that your slave never gets a break from the sexual frustration you want it to feel, and also you have someone to pass it off to when your hand gets tired. When you are ready to allow your slave to cum, be sure to ruin its orgasm. An orgasm is ruined when you remove sexual stimulation just as the male starts to cum. Cali and Kenzie demonstrate a perfect ruin. This clip shows a lot of great examples, but also have fun developing your own edging and ruined orgasm techniques with your slaves at home!
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Forced masturbation in the bathroom. But before cumming he must stop for a ruthless ball t*rture. She punches and kicks the balls, after that she starts the cruel game all over again. Then all of a sudden after a hard ball slap the slave can not hold it anymore and squirts his sperm on the floor while she laughs at him and punch his ball sack with her hand…
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Princess Candy Glitter

You’re such a little horny pervert, aren’t you? Your cock is probably already throbbing and you just want to stroke yourself so bad. You’re a fucking addict, you love to stroke, it’s the only thing you’re good at. And you love worshiping my hot, young body. You’re just a fucking helpless loser. I know you’d love some jerk off encouragement from me. If I told you exactly how to stroke your cock. Well I don’t think you’re worthy of that, not without some punishment. What the fuck makes you think that you should be allowed to jerk your cock for me? You’re disgusting, you’re a fucking loser who can’t stop jerking off. You’re obsessed with my tits, you’re a mindless jerking zombie.

Well you’re in luck, I’m going to allow you to jerk your fucking pathetic cock, but… there’s a little twist, a bit of punishment at the end, because that’s what you deserve, right? You don’t deserve to enjoy your orgasms. So loser, that’s why you’re going to ruin it for me. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Don’t you want to ruin your orgasm just for me? I know you do, you want to do anything I say. It’s so easy to manipulate you when I talk in my sweet voice, twirl my hair, bat my eyes at you. I know I’m seducing you loser. I make you fall for me, and then you live to please me. The only thing you’re good for is following instructions like a mindless fucking idiot, and jerking. You have no other worth.

I know the effect my voice has on you, I know you’re already hard and throbbing, so go on, stroke it loser. You’re going to ruin it, just because I’m telling you to do so, and you live to please me, you need it. It’s the only thing that gives you purpose. Jerk it loser, jerk it to my hot, young body as I mindfuck you. You’re so fucking pathetic. You know you could never have me, but at least I tease you and let you stroke to me. You’re just a loser pervert who is so lucky I’m even allowing you to ruin your orgasm for me.

Jerk your cock, focus on my tits, and think about ruining your orgasm, because that’s exactly what you’re going to do for me. Once you start to cum, you’re going to let go with your hand and you’re going to spurt all over yourself like the pathetic, sad, worthless loser you are. I know you’re close, look at my hot, young ass, I know that will push you over the edge. Are you ready to ruin it for me like the worthless bitch that you are? I know you’re feeling weak and powerless right now, ready to obey and ruin. I have all the power and you’re not allowed to enjoy your orgasms. Ruined orgasms are your fucking fate loser. Ruined orgasms are exactly what you deserve. But I know you love it, you love ruining your orgasms for me. You’re not worthy of a full orgasm.
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1080 HD: Cali and Lola get a slave into the Edging Salon that looks really backed up. They pull up its file and find that it hasnt had a milking in 364 days. This is going to be amazing, I bet we get a bunch out of him! Cali says with excitement. Cali edges the backed up slave while it is immersed in a virtual world and confined in tight restraints. Lola controls its virtual programming via laptop. She also has a direct audio feed, which is the only thing the slave can hear through its noise canceling headphones. Even though the slave is extremely eager to cum, it kept right on edge. They ruin the slave four times, all of its cum for the whole year, and collect it in a clear glass. Lola commands the slave to open its mouth, and Cali spoons the huge load right in. The slave does not like the taste of its thick, backed up cum, but it does a good job under voice control and swallows it all as commanded.
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She force him to keep stroking his cock harder and harder but the answer to his begging for relief is no! Then he couldn’t hold it anymore and squirt his full load right on her naked body. He stains her legs with his cum and she slaps him many times hard in the face for this misbehavior. She let him lick his own cum off from her legs, then from the floor while she put her high heels on his neck, kicking him and posing her bare, muscular body.
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Mandy Flores And Princess Allison have an amazing red light/green light game for you to play. Allison is green light and Mandy is red light and you will also see red and green hues added to the video to assist you braindead fucktards!/em>

It’s time to play a game, and my favorite game is Red light, Green light. But this time it’s going to have a little twist. Green light, you get to stroke to your heart’s desire. But you’re not allowed to cum until we give you permission. And when the Red light comes on, you have to let go of that cock, no more stroking. But that’s not all, during the Red light, I’m going to dish out some naughty cock and ball torture instructions on you. This is going to be so much fun. I know you’re already hard with anticipation. Are you ready? Are you going to get a satisfying orgasm or will you be left with blue balls in agonizing pain?

Green light, go ahead and stroke it however you want, fast or slow. Enjoy it while you can. Do you enjoy looking at us while you get to stroke? We know you do… Red light! I can’t wait to punish you. I want you to slap your dick five times. Oh did that hurt? I’ll bet it did. And Green light.. get that dick hard again even if it hurts. Jerk it for us loser.

Red light, I love red light. This time I want you to make a fist and punch your balls ten times. Ouch! Hold your dick and punch your balls loser. And Green light, jerk it again, if you can after all that pain. Stroke it to two beautiful Goddesses who are controlling your orgasm right now. Hurry up and enjoy Green light. Red light! Stop jerking!

Now put some ice on your balls and hold it, freeze your balls. It must be so cold, it’s going to be so numb. And Green light. Jerk it with your numb balls. Red light! I want you to take a wooden spoon and I want you to slap your dick and balls as hard as you can five times. Green light. Do you think you can cum now? Are you even hard now? Jerk it and cum right now. Because if you can’t… Red light! Awww did we ruin it for you? Was it too hard to cum in time? Fucking loser, we think you bought this clip because you get off on pain and denial.
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Brat Princess 2: Charlotte - Automation Allows for Cock Control of Two Males at Once (1080 HD)

1080 HD: The automation at the edging salon has enabled teaser, Charlotte, to control the cocks of two males at once. One male she manually milks, the other is locked into an automated virtual reality system. The male in the virtual reality system is continuously edged, while the manually stimulated one is given a ruined orgasm. Both males are secured in bondage while the simultaneous procedures are administered. A picture in picture displays what the male in virtual reality is seeing and hearing. The picture is displayed throughout about half of the clip. The pre cum of the machine edged male is collected, as it is constantly kept right on the verge of orgasm. This pre cum is worth money, as it is used in a variety of applications. While he is edged, he is made to watch a recording of Charlotte dancing sexily in shiny spandex leggings. The audio is an entrancing binary beat. The manually milked cow is in the process of being trained. He was dropped off at the edging salon for his routine release. The slave doesnt know that his release today will be a ruined orgasm. It is very disappointed to have its induced orgasm thoroughly ruined by bratty Charlotte. The efficiency of the automated system at The Edging Salon is truly remarkable. Males can be milked, edged, drained, trained, harvested and ruined simultaneously, allowing for women to profit off of them in every possible way.
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