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Bella works the help a little too hard! After hours of hard slave labor in the sun, Miguel hasn’t eaten or drank anything. Now he is dizzy and weak and has to beg mistress for food. With the scent of a fresh meal lingering in the air and a table full of hot food, Miguel is offered a choice. “You can eat or you can lick my ass” Bella says. Miguel is released from chastity and eats Bella’s ass before she ties him up and rides his cock. But mistress doesn’t want his cum in her so she empties the condom on Miguel’s face! “Here’s your protein for today Miguel..” That’s all he gets for dinner. … Now get back to fucking work.
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Subby Subby: Maid to Order: Dance Off/Maid To Order (Pt 3 Dance Off)

The Maids have totally taken control over these pathetic young Sissy Sluts and now have the Boys crossdressed and wearing bright pink lipstick and then challenge them to see who has the better moves Mc toby breaks out some of his sissy boy dance moves and then Cameron feels he can do better and dies a few moves of his own then the sissy’s have a dance off as the Maids continue to laugh at how sad and pathetic these losers really are after about 5 min of this the sexy maids tell them it’s a tie and that they both have won a double headed dildo shoved right up their man pussy’s So Bend over! (Pt 3 of 7)
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