Princess Ellie

You know your itty bitty dick is completely useless. I mean you can use it to jerk off, but when it comes to the pleasure of a woman, the thing is beyond useless. There’s no point in having a dick if you can’t fuck. That’s what it’s for after all, right? It’s sad and pathetic and you can’t use it to its full potential. So instead you get to jerk off, and that’s all you get. You know that a dick that small can’t please a woman, that thing could never please any woman. The only person you can please with that little dick is yourself. And that’s pathetic. I mean what else can you do with something that’s less than six inches?

You can wank it, you can jerk that little pecker off. Is that what you want to do? It’s all you can do. Because you don’t get to fuck, you’ll never feel my pussy, or any pussy. You’re just a sad pathetic man, with a sad, pathetic cock. Completely useless in every way. But I can make fun of you and tell you to jerk that little dick of yours. And you’ll do it, and you’ll love it. You’ll do anything I say. I have so much power over men with little cocks.

That little dick of yours is so horny, and so completely unfuckable. It’s funny how it’s so small yet it controls you so much. Your dick is so tiny, it’s ridiculously disproportionate to your body. It’s too thin, too short, it would fall out of any woman’s pussy if you tried to fuck her. You probably know this already, I’m sure you’ve tried, lol.

So you’re stuck tugging on your little worm, and you are tugging it right now, to my words, because you know they’re the truth. And that turns you on so much. Your dick won’t please anyone except yourself. So why don’t you make yourself feel better by jerking that dick off. You’re just a little dick bitch. Your life is going to be spent watching these humiliation clips, jerking yourself stupid. Fucking isn’t your life. You’ll always be a little dick loser with no sex life, forever. I want you to think about that as you spurt your load. Cum from your tiny cock, cum for me as I continue to make fun of you.
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After Presley Carter has her feet properly worshiped, she needs to make sure that her subby hubby’s chastity device is still in place. Presley then teases his pathetic small cock by licking his chastity device and blowing air through it. Presley then allows her subby to watch her use a vibrator and lick her wetness off of it.
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Lady Fyre

Hey what are you doing in my room, you know you’re supposed to knock. C’mon we talked about this, mom even talked to you about it. I’m not being a brat, you walked into my room. Oh you have something serious you want to talk about? Well ok. Are you asking me how to masturbate? You don’t know how to do that yet? I thought boys started much earlier. Oh I see, you know, but you need some instructions on how to do it better. You’re not sure you’re doing it right. You know it’s really weird that you’re asking me this, right? So why are you asking me? Well I guess it would be embarrassing to ask your friends.

Ok well I’ll try to tell you but you’re gonna have to take your pants off. You’re gonna owe me big for this. You’re gonna do my chores for a month. Ugh this is so gross. Take your underwear off too freak. Ewww this is so creeping me out. Oh my god, is it hard? LOL! Ummm yea, that thing is really fucking small! Now I know why you came to me. Do you know how tiny it is? Yea it’s small, you can’t tell? I mean I’m sure you’ve watched porn. Your penis is really, really small.

I guess it’s a good thing you came to be because you’re not gonna get laid with a dick that small so you’re really going to need to learn how to jerk off. I hate to be the one to break this news to you, but girls don’t want a penis that tiny. Lol, I’m sorry I keep laughing, I just can’t help it.

Ok first of all you should try using only two fingers, that should work better. Try it. Yea that’s better. Try your whole hand up and down. Hmmm that doesn’t work. Maybe you should try humping something, like your mattress or your pillow. Try it. LOL that looks so funny. But it feels good, doesn’t it? Keep humping.

Wow bro you are doomed to a life of solitude. No wonder you’re such an asshole. It’s gonna be really hard not to tell my friends about this, I know they’d have a really big laugh. Oh you don’t want me to tell them? Well how about two months worth of chores. Keep humping, you look like you’re getting close. Ewwwww gross! You came all over! You better clean that up! Well now at least we learned how to make you cum. You can practice humping other objects as well. That’s how you’ll masturbate from now on, by humping. And you better learn how to make yourself cum good because you’re not going to be getting laid with that tiny penis. And do not tell anybody I helped you masturbate or I will tell the whole school about your tiny penis. Now get out of my room, micro dick.
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decides to see for herself. She begins to flirt with him, knowing her pathetic boyfriend is nearby and will see. He comes over, upset about the situation but Harlow is quick to remind him of his place. She tells him that she is going to be pleasured by the big cock of the other man and there is nothing he can do about it.”Get into your pink collar and come-on, bitch!” Harlow yells at her boyfriend as she drags the pool man into her bedroom. Harlow compares the size of the big cock to her boyfriend’s tiny caged cock. “That’s pathetic, and that’s where it is going to stay” she says, pointing to the cage “and I never want to see it again.” Harlow takes that huge cock deep into her pussy and makes her pathetic boyfriend watch as she is pleasured by him. She really rubs it in his face how inadequate and small he is. Then she makes him worship her feet while she gets fucked for even more humiliation. Afterwards, she forces him to eat the cum off of her tits.
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Poor jock boy, on his knees, in a pink collar forced to watch the Dominant woman he lusts after get fucked by the teacher who has a much larger and better cock than he has. He is automatically forced into being a cuckold, as Presley makes him watch her get fucked by the teacher’s big cock. He is not allowed to take his eyes off of them, and Presley makes sure he has the perfect view. He wishes he could be the one fucking her and feels useless and humiliated. Presley tells him that he can join in…by worshiping her feet. She finally gives him the chance to taste her pussy….but she is covered with her teacher’s cum.
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Presley Carter has her teacher sitting in a desk, afraid but so turned on and weak, under Presley’s control. Presley’s loser jock classmate comes in and sees Presley standing on the desk and laughs. Presley orders him to sit down in the other empty desk next to the teacher, and he obeys. It is HER class now, and she makes the rules. He is naked and sitting down, wondering if he is going to get lucky. Presley comes down off of the desk and stalks back and forth, eyes at the men, intimidating them with her crop. She notices how small the Jock’s penis is and laughs, taking humiliating photos of it to share with her girlfriends later. Presley then puts a dildo gag on his face and makes him fuck her good and hard with it, right in front of the teacher.
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Mandy Flores

This is perhaps the most complete femdom/cuckold clip you will ever watch. It includes, cuckolding, ass worship, asshole worship, foot worship, small penis humiliation, verbal humiliation, spanking, forced bi, and cum eating instructions. AND you will actually hear your girlfriend getting fucked in the next room the whole time. This is an epic cuckold clip!

Awwww what’s wrong? You should be happy. I’ve been working so hard with your girlfriend to finally cuckold you. And it’s happening right now. Shhhh listen, you can hear them in the other room. Your gf is having a good time in there with my friend. You should be honored to share her with such a well endowed stud. Her pussy and all pussy is off limits to you from now on. Don’t worry, she’ll still have use for you. And you should be very grateful. Soon you’ll even be able to taste her lover’s cum. That would be an honor.

That guy with the thick dick that your gf is gagging on right now, he gets to fuck her hard until he cums inside of her pussy. And if you’re a good cuck to your gf, you might be lucky enough to worship a girl’s asshole. In fact, since you’re being such a good sport about what’s going on in the bedroom, you can start with mine. Go on, lick my asshole cuck. Get used to it, you’re a cuckold now and this is the best you could ever hope for. How does my ass taste? LOL, you are so pathetic! You were never a real man anyway. That’s why it was so easy to convince your gf to cuck you. She knew.

You’re a wimp and your extreme infatuation with my feet is also weak and pathetic. Your gf always hated that about you. LOL, we can still hear them fucking. I Know you never made her moan like that. You should be ashamed of yourself. You make sure to thank the man after he’s done for doing what you can’t. Cause I know you love your gf and you only want her happiness. And I’m here to help you be the best cuckold that you can be to her. Now pull down your pants and lay across my lap, ass up. I’m going to spank you like the bad husband you’ve been until you cry like a little bitch. You will learn to fluff a cock or lick up a cream pie. That would be a treat for you. Too many cuckolds chicken out because they haven’t had proper training. Just listen to them fucking as I spank you over and over again. Embrace the fact that you are no longer a man, just a desperate cuckold.

You will become a cock hungry cuckold. Now I have something to show you. Look at these big cocks on my phone. They’re so much bigger than yours. This is what your girlfriend needs. This is what she’s getting right now. His cock is huge, he’s stretching her tight pussy. She’ll never feel your thin, tiny cock after this. She told me about your pathetic attempts to fuck her with your wet noodle. You couldn’t get hard to fuck her! But between my feet in your face and these cock pics, you’re tiny little dick is hard as a rock. Go on, jerk it, jerk it to my feet, jerk it to your gf getting fucked!

Jerk that pencil dick. What a disappointment you are. You should be embarrassed. That little penis wouldn’t please anyone. The only way you’re going to please your gf ever again is learning from me how to be the best cuckold you can be.

I’m going to let you jerk off to my feet while you listen to your gf getting fucked, IF, you agree to cum into your hand and eat it. You need to learn to enjoy the taste of cum if you ever want to be a part of your gf’s sex life ever again. Fluffing cocks for her, watching her get fucked, cleaning out her pussy afterwards, this is sex for you now. Jerk it, jerk that skinny stick. I know you’re close. Now cum in your hand and lick it all up while you listen to your gf cum. Lap up your fucking cum, cuckold. Listen to her laughing in the next room, LOL! You just ate your cum, you know what that means? You’re not just a cuckold, you’re a faggot cuckold!
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Princess Candy Glitter

Hey loser, I know your dirty little secret. You have a fucking pin dick. And you like to stroke that pin dick, don’t you? You like to play with your little bitty dicklet, huh? Awww that’s so sad, and tiny. You can’t even fuck with that little thing. I know I wouldn’t even feel it. That’s fucking pathetic, you are pathetic. And because your cock is so itty bitty, you’ll never get with a girl like me. You’ll never touch my hot fucking body because I don’t like pin dick losers. I like real men with big fat cocks.

Real men stroke their cocks with nice long strokes. You just go up and down in mini strokes, stroking away furiously at the little dick. It’s disgusting, you’re probably stroking right now. Your little micro dick is probably so hard from listening to me humiliate it. You’re below average. And I don’t even fuck guys with average cocks, I need at least nine inches and you’re no where near that. You’re just a pathetic little bitch. Your dick is pathetic and you love stroking it.

I know you’re stroking your pin dick, your itty bitty cock. Look at my amazing body while you stroke it loser. Stare at my hot body that you’ll never have cause your dick is so tiny and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t make your dick bigger. Your dick size will forever limit you. Your dick size will get in the way of you getting laid because who wants to fuck somebody with an itty bitty dicklet? Nobody! No one wants to fuck a loser with a little penis.

Losers with dicklets just jerk off. You can just jerk off like a little bitch forever. Because like I said you’ll never be able to change the size of that little tic tac. It will always be so little and small and completely worthless. You can’t make anybody cum with that. Never, you’ll never be able to make a girl feel pleasure. You’ll spend your whole life alone stroking that itty bitty dick. And that is what you deserve, you deserve to stroking your little dick by yourself. You’ll just be at home forever stroking your little tiny cock while real men are fucking me. You’re just a fucking loser and you enjoy stroking your itty bitty dick. You fucking love it!
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You are not and never will be worthy enough to have your filthy tongue or hands on the skin of Queen Qandisa and Goddess Amadahy. Instead you will be on your knees like the pathetic small dicked loser that you are, stroking your tiny dick and following every humiliating, demeaning instruction that these women give to you.
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