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London is not only the talent coordinator for a highly regarded BDSM company; she is also a woman with talent of her own. So we put on a talent show so she can show us her abilities. Of course, Dr. Mercies twists her talents into cruel trials that challenge the anal masochist in her. In this anal therapy session, London spends a lot of time crawling on her knees through a weird sex maze, taking it up her ass, tonguing the doctor’s ass, and getting roughly speared in her ass and mouth by a unicorn. London is anally orgasmic, but Dr. Mercies just gives her ass-to-mouth to ruin her orgasms. As for the cumshot, it’s crazy. Check the trailer for a hint of what I mean.
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This is our most extreme case file to date, folks. It’s based on “Wreck my Trash Ass” but with 50% more footage that was previously censored. Dr. Mercies initially held back on this content because it seemed too extreme to publish. But Charlotte told him she thought it was a work of art, and so here it is. You will see the hugest, craziest strapon cock we could find plowing deep into Charlotte’s poor little rectum and gaping her asshole wide open. You will also see an incredibly beautiful girl crying, screaming, and being anally degraded as she challenges herself to produce a masterpiece of submission. This isn’t your typical fake, factory-made porn. This is the 0.001% – a genuine gem.
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