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Kelle Martina

Hey there perv. I thought I’d come visit you in your office. You work so hard, don’t you? I’ve seen you perving on the young girls that walk in here. They’re looking for interviews or even worse, they’re visiting their daddies, lol! And I can see that you just can’t keep your eyes off of my body and my cute, little pigtails. One look a my perky, young cleavage and I’ve got your drooling. I just giggle and laugh and play with my hair and I could get you do anything, buy me anything. You’re such a perv for young girls.

But I actually know what a perv you are. And I know the power that gives me. These other girls have no idea what they could make you do, if only they knew the right buttons to push. I bet you really wanna jerk for me. Admit it. I know you’re staring up my short little skirt. You perv! You can’t take your eyes off of my curves as I gently tease you. Such a little perv. And if you want to jerk for me, you have to admit what a nasty pervert you are. Admit how you jerk on your knees to young girls like a pathetic masturbation addict. Don’t pretend like you don’t jerk off at your desk after a cute, young thing comes walking by. I know you do.

If you really want to stroke for me, then get on your knees and jerk, jerk, jerk. Stroke your pervert cock and I want you to stare at my little panties and repeat after me, ‘I know it’s wrong to lust after young girls’. Say it. Now say, ‘But I do it anyway, because I’m a nasty pervert.’ Say it and jerk.

You’re going to cum on your carpet and hope the next person that comes into your office doesn’t notice the stains. Someone needs to teach you a lesson for perving on hot young girls, and who better than a brat like me. LOL! You’re such a nasty little pervert. Keep stroking. You’re a sick pervert, I’ll bet you’d do anything to own these little panties, to sniff them while you stroke. You’re fucking pathetic. Admit what a nasty pervert you are out loud while you jerk. I’m not going to let you cum until I see that you mean what you say. I want you to be very repentant for me. You know what you’re doing is wrong but you do it anyway. So disgusting. You look so sad, but you know men are only sorry when they get caught. You’re so fucked. I hope you get caught, perv!
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Princess Alix Lynx

Hi, I hope you’re enjoying that drink I made you. I know you’re my new step dad and we haven’t had any quality time together yet. So I thought I’d make you a drink and we could get to know each other. I’m so happy to have a new step daddy. What’s the matter? Are you feeling a little bit weak? Just relax and go with it. Don’t think too hard. Just let your mind drift to where it wants to. I see that look in your eyes, daddy. So why don’t we cut to the chase, how long have you wanted to fuck me? You can’t deny it, I can see it on your face, daddy. You’ve wanted to fuck me since day one, haven’t you daddy? And I don’t blame you, I mean I’m barely legal and I know how hot I am. And I know my mom doesn’t compare to me, does she?

But I think there’s more to this daddy. Do you wanna know what I think? I think you have feelings for me too. You’re in love with me too, aren’t you? I’m not surprised, I mean what is there not to love about me? I’m not only your hot barely legal step daughter, but I’m also cute and sweet, it would be hard not to fall hard for me.

So since you’re feeling a bit woozy, you see I laced your drink, you’re going to do something for me. And if you don’t, I’m going to my mom and I’m going to tell her everything you just confessed to me. And I have proof. You see I’ve been recording this conversation on my phone. So take your clothes off daddy. That’s a good daddy. Completely naked. Now stand there while I take a few pictures, lol! You’re so stupid daddy, lol!

Now I want you to start jerking off to me. Do it or I’ll text these pictures to my mom. Your dick is already hard, you sicko! That’s it, give in and jerk it. I know you want to, you do it all the time anyway when I’m not around. And to make it worse you’re in love with me! I know I’m impossible to resist. And now I’m right in front of you so you might as well take advantage of the situation. Go on, jerk off to me, daddy.

So since I have these pictures and recordings, here’s what’s going to happen. I want a raise in my allowance. You’re gonna pay me every week. Keep jerking daddy. You’re gonna take me shopping and buy me everything I want. I mean you’re so lucky. How many other step daughters would let their step dads jerk off in front of them? You should be thanking me daddy.

Oh and one more thing daddy, you’re never allowed to fuck my mom again. You’re just going to jerk your dick off for me whenever I want. You need to save your cum for me because I know how stupid I make you. I know how bad you want me, how much you love me. You’re going to jerk off to me for the rest of your life and you’re never gonna fuck my mom again because if you do, I’m gonna tell her everything.

Jerk it harder and faster, I know how bad you want to cum for me daddy. But you’re not allowed until I say. I want you to see you’re under my control now, daddy. Now cum for me daddy, make a big mess for me.
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1080 HD Previously Unreleased! Daniella enjoys a delicious snack while her son, danni, eats mommy’s pussy. After a while danni complains to mommy that his tongue is getting tired. Daniella is trying to teach danni discipline! She doesn’t care if he’s experiencing discomfort, he is not allowed to stop until mommy tells him that its ok to. After a few more minutes, danni starts complaining again. Daniella has had it! She tells danni to get on his back. She’s going to teach him a lesson in perseverance by riding his face until she’s finished. “Do a good job and make mommy cum!” Daniella tells her son. “No!” Danni cries out from beneath her. Daniella tells him to shut up. She’s trying to climax and the whining from the little brat isn’t helpful. Daniella rides her son’s face, aggressively, until she has her orgasm. Little danni is, of course, locked up in chastity for his own good. When Daniella has finished, she wants a bit of relaxing ass worship. Daniella tells her son to lick her ass until she falls asleep. Danni does a good job pleasing her, and soon mommy is calm and sleepy. Daniella settles into her pillow, snack in hand, and starts to doze off as danni continues to be a good son. (8:38 long)
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Mickey Tyler and Kelly Paige are hanging out and teaching each other how to twerk. They are shaking their sexy young asses in their bras and panties while discussing how hot Mickey’s stepfather is. Little do they know, he is overhearing all of it and checking them out from the doorway, rubbing his huge hard cock. He comes outside and the women are startled as they are sunbathing topless. He tells the girls he is going to the gym, Later on, Mickey is masturbating with her lesbian girlfriend Kelly when Kelly sees that there could be someone watching in the closet. Sure enough, she opens the door and finds the horny man in there. He was watching the entire time. The girls decide to make him into their slave and force him to eat their ass or else they are going to tell everyone. They put a collar on him and take a photo as blackmail against him for safe measure and then get him to work eating their gorgeous asses, Mickey’s stepfather is completely under her spell and will do anything to get his stepdaughter’s pussy. Kelly has an idea. She decides to help Mickey place her pussy inches from her stepfather’s face and see just what he would do at the chance to be able to have it. The women humiliate him by strapping a chin-do to his face and forcing him to face-fuck his own stepdaughter. Mickey moans and gets off with that big dildo in and out of her pussy, Mickey and Kelly have Mickey’s stepfather right where they want him. He finally will be able to fuck his stepdaughter, something he has always wanted to do. However it comes at a price. He is not allowed to cum. He is only to be used as a human dildo. One false move and the girls will make him very sorry! In and out he thrusts his huge boner in and out of his stepdaughter. Kelly is so turned on watching him fuck her girlfriend, just a human dildo. A fuck-toy.
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Story Princess Marina Angel is having fun in her room dressed in her school uniform with her personal purple dildo before she is leaving to hang out with some friends of hers. As she is leaving she sees her stepfather and stepbrother cleaning the pool. Her stepfather is telling her she better go change, but she ignores him and walks off. When Princess Marina comes home she finds her stepbrother and father going through her room and smelling her dildo and red panties. “You two are so pathetic and now you’re going to do everything I say or I’m telling mom”. Princess Marina starts to play with her tight pink pussy with her dildo and making her daddy and brother lick and suck it clean between her moans. After she makes them put on her school uniform and puts them in their personal collars, Princess Marina makes these snooping pathetic father and son get down 0n their knees and lick her asshole till their tongues are about to fall off. “Now brother I want you to show me your dick sucking skills on daddy”. She forces her stepbrother to suck his own father’s cock, but sharing is caring and joins in with him. Princess is feeling so horny having her stepfather and brother on their knees that she forces daddy to fuck her and give her an orgasm while her brother is sucking on her feet and as soon as he ends up spilling his filth guess who gets to clean it up? That’s right her stepbrother. She makes him lick every drop of daddy’s cock. Now she gets to do the fucking but not before she makes these two pathetic snooping bitches deepthroat her 12” cock. “Then it’s over the bed stepbrother and let me see you suck your dad’s cock again while I pound your ass with mine, also remember if you don’t do what I say, mom is going to find out everything that is going on”.
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Who better to get you into line than your loving MILF! Your grades have been slipping in school & it’s likely because you can’t focus. You’re at the age where your hormones are running wild. So before school I’ll give you a hand to get rid of those distracting urges. I’ll use a series of rewards & punishments to get you back on track so you can make me proud.
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Lady Fyre

Hey what are you doing in my room, you know you’re supposed to knock. C’mon we talked about this, mom even talked to you about it. I’m not being a brat, you walked into my room. Oh you have something serious you want to talk about? Well ok. Are you asking me how to masturbate? You don’t know how to do that yet? I thought boys started much earlier. Oh I see, you know, but you need some instructions on how to do it better. You’re not sure you’re doing it right. You know it’s really weird that you’re asking me this, right? So why are you asking me? Well I guess it would be embarrassing to ask your friends.

Ok well I’ll try to tell you but you’re gonna have to take your pants off. You’re gonna owe me big for this. You’re gonna do my chores for a month. Ugh this is so gross. Take your underwear off too freak. Ewww this is so creeping me out. Oh my god, is it hard? LOL! Ummm yea, that thing is really fucking small! Now I know why you came to me. Do you know how tiny it is? Yea it’s small, you can’t tell? I mean I’m sure you’ve watched porn. Your penis is really, really small.

I guess it’s a good thing you came to be because you’re not gonna get laid with a dick that small so you’re really going to need to learn how to jerk off. I hate to be the one to break this news to you, but girls don’t want a penis that tiny. Lol, I’m sorry I keep laughing, I just can’t help it.

Ok first of all you should try using only two fingers, that should work better. Try it. Yea that’s better. Try your whole hand up and down. Hmmm that doesn’t work. Maybe you should try humping something, like your mattress or your pillow. Try it. LOL that looks so funny. But it feels good, doesn’t it? Keep humping.

Wow bro you are doomed to a life of solitude. No wonder you’re such an asshole. It’s gonna be really hard not to tell my friends about this, I know they’d have a really big laugh. Oh you don’t want me to tell them? Well how about two months worth of chores. Keep humping, you look like you’re getting close. Ewwwww gross! You came all over! You better clean that up! Well now at least we learned how to make you cum. You can practice humping other objects as well. That’s how you’ll masturbate from now on, by humping. And you better learn how to make yourself cum good because you’re not going to be getting laid with that tiny penis. And do not tell anybody I helped you masturbate or I will tell the whole school about your tiny penis. Now get out of my room, micro dick.
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Adam and his friend, Scorpio, both find his new stepmom to be incredibly hot. A European, she is very open about her sexuality and has no problem being nude in front of Adam and his friends. So when she catches Adam jacking off in her closet, watching her masturbate, she tells him that if he likes jerking off to her so much, do it right in front of her – if his little dick can even produce any cum, that is. When Adam actually manages to shoot his load, his stepmom orders him to eat it off his hand for her amusement while she takes pictures of what he has done. She then tells Adam the reason she took the pictures – she loves big black cock and she wants to fuck his friend Scorpio – and Adam is going to make it happen or she is going to show his father the pictures of him with cum all over his face! Adam explains the situation to Scorpio, who agrees to fuck the stepmom. But he is quite surprised to walk into the bedroom and find Adam, locked in chastity, sitting next to his stepmom, But he goes ahead and gives the stepmom a powerful fucking while Adam can only stare at how a real cock can fuck a woman. When Scorpio cums all over the stepmom’s chest, she orders Adam to lick it up – right in front of his friend! Grateful for the fucking, the stepmom gives Scorpio a blowjob – but not before comparing his cock to Adam’s, pointing out that Adam’s is not even as big as her thumb! When Scorpio cums in the stepmom’s mouth, she dribbles the cum right into Adam’s mouth – how humiliating! The stepmom continues Adam’s degradation by having him eat her ass. When she catches him on the phone instead of doing his cleaning chores, she puts him over her knee for a spanking, then orders him to prance around in his heels for her amusement, walking like a sissy should. But the stepmom is far from done as she tells him she loves big black cocks another way – when she is using them on sissy assholes! The stepmom pounds his ass but good, laughing as he strains to take more manhood from a strap on cock than he could ever possess. Of course, Adam is forced to take the cock straight from ass to mouth, cleaning all his ass juices from her cock as she laughs at how pathetic he truly is. When Adam’s Dad returns home, he is elated to see how well his new wife and son are getting along. If he only knew how well.
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There is a fair bit of farting in this vid but it was not meant to be a farting vid. It just happened. (So don’t request I do more of these because I won’t do it on-command.) My brother & I are play wrestling, scissoring leads to facesitting & when I start farting in his face he gets a hard on. I humiliate him for it & then think it would be funny to make him cum on his own face. It doesn’t quite work out that way but I scoop up his cum & smear it on his face anyway. Sisters can be SO mean, eh?
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This section of the clip contains shoe worship. See complete version for full description.
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