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Hope Harper and Marsha May sure have changed a lot over the summer. They have not only become beautiful women but they are high with the power their new grown-up bodies give them. All summer long they have tormented boys they have met and gotten away with a lot of mischief including turning them into weak puddles of goo. Boys have been helpless against them. They know Toby is a weak and submissive boy in their school. They know he is home alone with his parents away.They sneak into his garage and wait for him to notice them. Toby is startled and is shocked to find what were once innocent young women to be smoking cigarettes and dressed in sexy attire. He asks them to leave but the girls are not leaving unless they get what they came here for….to completely seduce and take advantage of him. They lift up their school girl skirts revealing their smooth young pussies. Toby is ordered to smell them which immediately sends him spiraling down further and further into a state of submission. He must smell their pussies, lick their asses and finally he gets strap-on fucked good and hard by both women. Before he knows it, he ends up naked and in a cage, begging to be let out. The girls laugh as they know now that they truly are meant to be rulers of men and will continue to torment and get what they want.
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Your wife hired young Lizzy Lamb to catch you as a creep and a cheater. As far as you know, she is just some sexy 19 years old college girl who cleans you house. Every time she comes over to clean, she is wearing the shortest shorts and seems to find any excuse to wiggle her perfect bubble butt around.

Today Lizzy confronts you about staring at her while she works. “You are such a creep… but I will suck your cock if you promise to stop creeping me out and just let me do my job…”

You can’t believe this is happening. Lizzy crawls over to you, pulls your hard dick out of your pants and starts to play with it, then giggles and puts a ribbon with a slip knot around your cock and balls, and pulls it tight…

She explains, “Your wife hired me to keep an eye on you… she said if I make you cheat and tell her about it, she is going to cut off your balls and I can watch…”

You still have a few hours before your wife is home. You do everything Lizzy tells you to, in hopes that she might not tell your wife… She wants to kick you in the balls a lot…

Lizzy still has your cock and balls tied with a ribbon. She is holding the other end while she masturbates, naked in front of you, tugging on the string while she cums.

“The thought of watching your wife destroy your balls just made me so horny, I had to take care of that…”

She knees you hard in the nuts, and leaves you, then returns to tell you that your wife called, and is on the way to Nut you. In the meantime, she wants Lizzy to keep you rock hard, but not let you cum. Your wife wants your balls full and blue before you watch he remove them…
Lizzy lubes up your cock, slapping your balls while she strokes to make sure you don’t bust. Then she gets tired of stroking, so she grinds her ass in her tight yoga pants against you. She squeezes your throbbing, pre-cum oozing, cock with her thighs, but doesn’t let you cum. Your wife will be there soon to Nut you…
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All 5 parts of “A Cuck for Pressley and Sabrina” for one low price! Small penis humiliation, strap-on, cuckolding, tease and denial, foot worship and more!
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Week 3 of my Chastity Challenge. The teasing and torment continues with fervor. I have a whole new set of instructions for you now as you watch in agony. By this time you’re wondering if your cock can even get hard.. And I show you that it will get hard in your chastity cage with only a whispered command. You will continue for another week with these new instructions, then you are allowed release in a very.. *special*.. way.
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1080 HD: Bratty Sasha wants to play an edging game with her pathetic slave. There are some rules to the game. Rule number 1 is that the game is timed. Sasha goes over the rest of the directions after she starts the timer. The slave has ten minutes. Sasha explains that the game is called red light green light. When Princess says green light, then loser can stroke. But when Princess says, red light, then the loser has to stop touching itself immediately. If it takes too long, Sasha will not hesitate to lock it back up in chastity and deny it completely. When Sasha says, green light the loser is so eager to touch its dick. It starts stroking fast, but Sasha tells it to go slow. She wants it to edge itself for the full ten minutes and not cum. The loser begs to cum, but Sasha tells it that it will only be edged today. It should be grateful just to have the opportunity to touch its worthless penis. Sasha makes the slave beg for her for permission to stroke. The slave begs. Sasha gives it a green light. The slave is right on edge the whole time. Sasha reminds the slave that it is pathetic and a loser while it edges itself. She puts the chastity in front of the slave during the final minute. The slave is extremely close to orgasm during the last few seconds of the game. Sasha makes him lock himself back into chastity with a raging erection. This proves to be very painful and difficult for the slave. Sasha does not care. Hurry up, she says and stomps her foot, hurry up or Ill never let you out! The slave struggles to stuff its huge erection into the tiny chastity cage. Sasha threatens to add another week in chastity for every second it takes. The slave manages to get into chastity and Sasha smiles as she closes the lock. That was a fun game, now take me shopping.
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1080 HD: Lindseys slave has spent enough money on her, so today it will get a chance to touch its pathetic penis. The slave is allowed to get out of chastity and touch itself for a few minutes, but it did not spend enough to actually cum. Lindsey teases the slave with her beautiful body as it strokes. She tells the slave when it is allowed to stroke and when it must stop touching itself. The slave is right on edge, it thrusts the air and begs its Princess to cum. The slave gets denied. Lindsey commands the slave to put itself back into chastity as it is right on the brink of an orgasm. The slave tries to resist and keep stroking, but Lindsey does not tolerate its disobedience. Once the chastity is on, Lindsey closes the lock. As soon as the chastity is on tight, Lindsey teases the slave with her gorgeous ass. She pushes herself right up against the chastity. The slave is so frustrated. Lindsey runs her finger along the chastity and fiddles with the lock. She tells the slave that it will be in it for a long, long time.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy - The Domestic Cuckold Saga (Part 3) (1080 HD)

1080 HD: If youve seen PART 1 and PART 2 you know by now that Amadahy is extremely emotionally and physically cruel to her domestic cuckold. In Part 3 of The Domestic Cuckold Saga, Amadahy uses her cuck as an outfit tester. Amadahy wants to see which lingerie set will drive her boyfriend most wild when he arrives, so she uses the cuck in chastity as a gauge. Amadahy tries on several different lingerie sets with the cucks assistance. The key to the cucks chastity hangs right above Amadahys pussy every time she changes panties. It is a cruel tease. As always when dealing with her stupid cuck, Amadahy keeps her paddle at the ready for the constant corrections it always seems to need to keep its simple mind on task. As Amadahy tries on lingerie she asks the cuck, Do you think a man would like this? The lingerie sets seem to be working because the cuck keeps complaining that its chastity hurts. Perfect! Amadahys boyfriend is sure to get super hard for her when he comes over.
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1080 HD: Amadahy returns in her bikini and Mia leaves to change into hers. Amadahy takes a photo of the cows testicles with her phone, so it can see how blue and swollen they have become. Amadahy wants the new cow to try and cum while looking at the photo of itself, so that it can finally accept reality. She tells the cow that she is going to actually let it cum. Its all part of the tease and denial, or course. The cow will never get to actually get to climax. Mia reemerges in a cute bikini. The cow is so turned on. Amadahy decides to run the end of shift protocol and erection removal, just to be cruel to the incredibly aroused cow. She brings out a tiny chastity and tells the cow that they are about to remove its raging erection and fit it into the small device. Amadahy hold the chastity in front of the cows face while its erection is removed by a series of increasingly severe shocks. As the shocks increase in intensity, Amadahy and Mia stand back, unsympathetic to its suffering. Mia remarks that this one is going to make a great cum cow, she sees its potential. Amadahy gazes on with indifference and snaps a bubble with her gum. This section features bikinis as the main look.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Mia - Rewire Fresh Male into Milking Livestock (Part2) (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Now the day can really begin and they can tease the motivated cow more thoroughly. A typical day in the pre cum collection facility involves the teasers changing outfits multiple times over the course of the long shifts. Theyve found that this helps keep the cows interested and more receptive. Mia teases the cow with her perfect butt while Amadahy is changing. Amadahy returns in some really cute leggings and a cheerful crop top. Mia leaves to change her outfit and Amadahy takes over the teasing. This is basically how a typical two teaser shift runs. While Mia is away Amadahy smothers the male with her breasts and teaches it to moo in place of words with a high voltage shock. This is the rest of your life, she tells it, being used and abused for profit. Mia returns, wearing bright red spandex leggings. The cow begins to worship her spandex as Amadahy leaves to change into her pink scrunch butt bikini. The cow gets worked up and calls Mia a bitch, again. Mia shocks the cow. The cow begs to be freed. Mia laughs. She examines the state of the cows testicles. Blue and swollen, perfect. It keeps trying to talk to her, so Mia shocks the cow until it becomes compliant again. This section features spandex leggings as the main look.
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